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Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT and JAMES TYNION IV—Art and cover by STEPHANIE HANS—Variant cover by J.G. JONES

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“THE MANY ARMS OF DEATH” epilogue! In this special one-off issue with art by Stephanie Hans (Angela), learn the truth of what went down between Kate and Safiyah, which led to the future Batwoman having to leave Coryana for what she was sure would be forever!

On sale JULY 19 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

JG Summary 1-5 XX

 XX. 1939

Disclaimer: 1. I assume people know what’s already in the anime. 2. The information is based on the Chinese novel, I do not claim credit for translation. 3. Everything is quoted, my comments are in parenthesis. 4. Please don’t post outside of tumblr. 5. Corrections are welcomed.

 Main character: Hiroyuki Tobisaki(弘行 飛崎)/ Odagiri (小田切)

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😊😇 Dari @riah_badriah - Saya jd merinding baca buku"Cinta Dalam Ikhlas"
Ini fakta tapi nyata loh yg saya alami skrg,,
Tuh kan!! Jd bapprrr,,mata jd berkaca"
Buku ini mengajrkn : - kt tdk bolh suuzhon kpd allah sang mahasutradara…& kt harus yakin rencana (sekrnario) allah pasti lebih indah.

- kt lebih berharap kepada pencipta-nya bkn kepada ciptaan-nya.

Hari pertama : Cikarang-gramed bekasi (kehabisan stock)
Hari kedua : cikarang-gramed karawang (blm tiba jg)
hari 3-5 …alhmdulillah dapat jg bukunya di kota padi( gramed karawang)

syukronn @kangabay_ trimakasih sudah menghadirkan buku “CDI” buku yg bisa momotivasi trutama saya pribadi :)

#cintadalamikhlas #cintapositif #testimonicdi #novelcdi

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1944 Noruega Gustavs over Sola-Stavanger - Barry Spicer

A rotte of Bf-109 Gustavs circle over Sola-Stavanger, in southern Norway, looking for a break in the late Winter ground fog.The lead aircraft is a Bf-109 G-14 flown by Ofw Heinz Halstrick of 16/JG-5 of IV Gruppe.Ofw Halstrick flew with IV JG-5 from the Summer of 1943 until the end of the war acquiring an impressive tally of 13 victory claims and the destruction of one ship. His Gustav carries his personal emblem comprising the greeting “Kolle alaaf “, the city emblem of Koln (Cologne) and the Jagerpfeil.


On 9 June 1944, the Soviets launched an attack on both sides of Lake Ladoga, one of the aims of which was to knock Finland out of the war. The attack, which tanks to wireless intercepts, did not take the Finns long to completely by surprise, was strongly supported by artillery and air power and the outgunned and outnumbered Finnish troops were soon forced to retreat. The formidable Mannerheim line was breached and with Soviet forces advancing on Viipuri, the Finns called for German assistance. As well as supplying the Finns with a number of BF 109s, the Germans organized a a Gefechtsverband, or Battle Groupe, at Petseri in Estonia comprising I./SG 3 with 32 JU 87 Ds, and 4. and 5./HG 54 plus I./SG 5 with a total of 23 FW 109s. Later, five reconnaissance BF 109s from NAG 1 arrived. The Battle Group, which was tasked with supporting Finish forces in their defensive battles, arrived with full technical support at Immola in Finland on 16 June. The fighters of 4. and 5./JG 54 immediately went into action against Soviet aircraft operating in support of their drive towards Viipuri which, however, fell on 20 June. Two days later, when the Soviets attacked again, strongly supported by artillery and aircraft, all formations of the battle group were in action and by the end of June their contribution in support of their Finnish allies succeeded in halting the Soviet Advance. Although most units were progressively withdrawn, with I./SG 3 flying its last mission on 17 July, the fighter-bomber Staffel I./SG 5 was reinforced on 12 August when they flew their last missions and returned to Estonia two days later. 
During their time in Finland, the JU 87s and FW 190s of Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey flew 1,242 sorties and released 577 tons of bombs, while the fighter pilots of II./JG 45 claimed 100 victories.
Plate01: Major Erich Rudorffer wearing the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, awarded 11 June 1944.
Plates 02,03 & 04: This FW 190 A-6 was flown by Major Erich Rudorffer, the Kommandeur of II./JG 54, before being passed on to II. Gruppe. Apart from the resprayed ares to either side of the fuselage Balkenkreuz, upon which was repainted a double chevron and a II. Gruppe bar, the machine remained the same as when flown by Horst Ademeit.