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My inbox welcomes n00dz. Just saying.

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Nice shirt, BTW……

Free advertising!  Sell comics with boobs!  I’ll shimmy for comics!

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Boobs are rad, like double rainbows.

That Piccolo gif makes even more sense now!  >:D

So, 2014 was kind of the worst year of my adult life. Furgason proved that being black in America is a shootable offense. And it happened to A LOT of people. Music continued to be pretty mediocre. Death Grips “broke up”. Republicans took over Congress. Bill Cosby probablly raped women. Gamergate was a thing that people took seriously. And more that I can’t remember because I tried to forget. It sucks and 2014 can go fuck itself.

The following is the first part of how it felt all last year. The record is called “The Misery Olympics”. You can pre-order it here: https://jfx316.bandcamp.com/album/the-misery-olympics It’s the pre-show to the full length called “Pissed Off for No Reason” later this year. Shows will happen. Telepathik starts March 4th. Support independent artists and venues. Fuck the Grammys. Fuck millionares “keeping it real”. Fuck publicity stunts. Reality isn’t real.

God, take your hand off the wheel and keep driving.



A year ago, I put out the “Illuminati” album. It’s still my favorite record I’ve done. It’s ugly and hard and airy and weird and whole bunch of other adjectives I can’t think of because I worked all day. It turned out almost exactly the way I wanted it to and I don’t hate it now, which is better than I can say for some things I’ve done. Natas is THE BEST show opener/closer ever. EVER! Possibly the best song I’ve ever done.

Anyway, to celebrate, the “Illuminati” LP will be FREE on my birthday, March 4th. You can pay if you want, but if you don’t, that’s cool too. I just want my record to be #1 on the Bandcamp charts again for my birthday. As superficial as that is, it’s meaningless milestones like that that makes the world go around. Share this and let people know that they can get a free album on Tuesday.

Thanks for caring………

Listen/purchase: Illuminati by JFX316

Oh, hey. By the way, I have shows next month. And here you were thinking that all I used this for was posting Lana Del Rey gifs. Yeah, I’m leaving the house and playing two shows. One, I’m DJing at New York Comic Con for the second year in a row. Last year was cool. I played to 130K+ people, I met DMC (From Run DMC) and Norman Reedus and saw a DJing spinning in the Sunglass Hut in Times Square at 1am. It was hot. I’ll be at the Chevrolet booth outside the main floor most likely. If you’re going to NYCC this year an/or just live in NY, you should see me bum out people by playing Burial and Das Racist for hours at a time. Go to www.newyorkcomiccon.com/ for more info on all the cool stuff going on.

The next week, I’m doing a set at the Yellow Springs Zombie Walk This is always a fun time. Hundreds of people dressed as zombies for charity and people in town getting the shit scared out of them because they don’t know what’s going on. I’ll be playing 6:15pm - 7pm and playing new stuff that I haven’t recorded yet because fuck my old songs. It’s an in-town show, so afterward I’ll be in my warm bed soon after the show. Also, if you care, my other music project is also playing. So make it a day and come see me. No CDs or merch because people are broke out here. Take a picture and tag me in it with the Twitter handle or the website. That’s good enough.

Vote for JFX316 on AfroPunk's Battle of the Bands via Offerpop on Facebook

AfroPunk is a throwing their annual Battle of the Band event for a spot on their AfroPunkFest show later this year. If you like me, (and you do. Why else would you be seeing this if you didn’t) Hit the link and find my page and vote for JFX316. The idea of me playing in front of a large crowd of like-minded people is kind of a good thing.

Thanks for you time. This won’t be the last time you hear about this.


“Darkstalkers” video is up. Nothing fancy, but still trippy. See you in Chicago this week.



God, take your hand off the wheel and keep driving…..


JFX316 - “Illuminati” - live 10.11.2k12 (by jfx316)

Live video from the show I did last Oct. Because I forgot I taped it. It’s like the beginning of that Drake song people keep talking about. Shout out to Jeremy Melson for jamming on piano and playing a cool opening set.

More show hopefully soon with better sound.