Playlist-Live '13

I got to go to Playlist-Live this year and it was literally the best weekend of my entire life! I must say though, a lot of Youtubers may feel otherwise, especially the Europeans like Alfie, Marcus, Caspar, the twins, etc. and I know exactly why. These guys just wanted to have a a nice meet up with fans and get to meet everyone and sign autographs and have a good time, that might be pretty hard when they have MOBS OF HORMONAL FANGIRLS CHASING AFTER THEM EVERY MINUTE THEY STEP OUT OF THEIR HOTEL ROOMS (GIRLS WAITED RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR DOORS) AND HAD TO HAUL ASS AND JUMP OVER CHAIRS AND TABLES JUST TO GET AWAY AND MAKE IT TO MEET UPS! Now I can understand that the girls and some guys may have been a bit excited, but some Youtubers spent their day just sitting in their hotel rooms and on their laptops because they were too scared to face a crowd again! It’s called personal space and privacy, the fact that they waited outside their hotel rooms pisses me off because that’s just not right, you could tell by just looking at their faces that this was not what they were expecting and they were overwhelmed and I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. I’m a fangirl too and I don’t mean to sound bitchy or judgmental but keep your panties on and relax for a second, give them some room to breathe! They want to meet you as much as you want to meet them but that doesn’t mean hunt them down and give all us fangirls a bad name! I got to meet everyone I wanted to meet happily and easily, waiting in line and just walking around the convention center. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because it pissed me off and I just hope it’s better next year, but I know it won’t be because it’ll be 10 times the size of this years crowd, easy.