This is a book I’ve been working on and will continue to work on for as long as there is a want.

This is the book I use for Love Yourself For Art. First I make the pages. And then I cut 2 ½ x 3 ½ inch pieces of art to mail out to the people who complete the month. 

So far it’s created a pretty interesting looking book. And I really like the symbolism of it. Giving out pieces of my book. Everyone being a part of something greater. 

There’s one last little hole - and I’m sure with this round of cards being cut that it will finally be blocked off. Too bad. 


I’ve been playing around with the idea of making my art into something you wear. 

The first ones are photos I took of a stained glass window. (I’m still working on getting the resin just right.) 

The second two are a sewn heart and a scratched photo. 

And the third idea sprung from those terrariums… more of those to come I’m sure. 

I’ve been having trouble working on Black Butterflies. It’s so close to finished. And the binding is completely shot. Every page has something on it, but there are still  so many that I consider unfinished. You know… those pages that you just have to let go and move on because they will only slow you down. 

So I started working from the back on the book inward finishing just a few… 

I’ve started something new. 

It’s taken me a while. 

But I’m liking where it’s headed. It’s been so long since I’ve oil painted. And the weather here is so perfect for it. I’ve been loving life with this weather.