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*Request* Chanyeol Scenario - ‘Sub reader’

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Author: Laymedown

“Hey jagi,” You heard Chanyeol announce himself as he came through the door to your guy’s apartment. With your fingers still flying away on the keyboard you mindlessly called back out to him.

“Welcome home!” Your eyes stayed trained on your computer as you still diligently worked. 

“Yah,” You heard your giant lug of a boyfriend stumble into your office. “No welcome home kiss from my lovely boyfriend?” You could hear the pout in his voice. 

“Jagiya, I’m almost done alright, there are leftovers in the fridge.” 

“Yeah yeah.” He mumbled as he walked away. You could hear the disappointment in his voice, but there was nothing you could do about it. Work was work and you had to get it done. Despite telling yourself that, you couldn’t help but tune in to all the ambient your boyfriend made. It would have been hard not to as he was being extra loud to make himself known. You ran your hand through your hair, taking a deep breath before pushing on. Eventually you were able to tune him out and god knows how much time passed before an angry Chanyeol came bursting through your office door. 

“Yah! What are you doing?” You exclaimed as he turned you around and threw you over his shoulder. You knew he was strong, but to be able lift you as if it were nothing surprised you. 

“Enough is enough.” His voice seemed to be filled with anger. He kicked open the bedroom door and threw you on to the bed. “How long are you going to ignore me?” You stared at his furrowed face in complete shock. You looked at the clock at the side of your bed and saw that it was nearing one in the morning.

“Chanyeol why are you still up, don’t you have to get up in three hours?”
“No, the question is why are you still working? You didn’t even give me a proper greeting.” He climbed on the bed and pinned you down beneath him. The look in his eyes were almost painful. “If I’m not working, then you are. I really hate it. We never spend anytime together anymore.” His hands held the sides of your face tightly before he kissed you. Your hands weaved through his hair, melting into his sweet lips. 

No longer did you care about your deadline. All you cared for was the man devouring you. You tried to follow him as he pulled away but he pushed you back down. He then stood at the edge of the bed and you watched sinfully as he began to take his shirt off. 

“My pants, take them off.” He demanded and you did almost too eagerly. As soon as you pulled them to the ground he grabbed you by your hair and forced you to look at him. He leaned down and nearly growled in your ear. “Suck it.” A shiver of excitement coursed through your body. 

You took him in not a second later. When Chanyeol got like this, it was best to do what he said. Otherwise he became even more controlling. You let him pop out of your mouth slowly as you watched his expression. 

“Did I tell you to stop?” You smiled brilliantly debating whether to continue or not. However, Chanyeol made your choice for you as he forced his way back into your mouth. You decided to give in as you continued what he told you to do. 

“Do you like sucking my dick jagi?” He moaned out as his hands gripped your hair tightly. You hummed in response and would’ve kept going but Chanyeol pulled your head away. “Take off your clothes. Now.” He commanded as he let go. You shedded your clothes real quick before Chanyeol crawled on top of you. His hand trailed delicately up your side, over your chest, until his hand held your chin with his lips a breath away from yours. The intensity of his eyes kept you silent, but it also caused your insides to boil. A small whimper left your lips as you tried to kiss him but he evaded it. 

“Do you like it when I ignore your advances?” 

“No,” Your hands weaved through his bright red hair, trying to close the final distance between the both of you. 

“I didn’t hear you.” He growled. 

“No, I don’t like it at all.” You said louder.   

“Hmm,” He kissed the side of your lips, careful not to kiss them directly. “Now how do you think I felt to be ignored jagi?”

“I’m sorry.” You whined, your breathing became heavier. “Forgive me Chanyeol.” Giving up on his lips, you gabbed his dick and began to stroke it. “Please.”

“I could never stay mad at you jagi.” He purred before kissing you. “But it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be punished.” A laugh escaped his lips as he flipped you over on all fours. “I hope you don’t plan on sitting all day tomorrow either.” He purred again softly in your ear.