Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist/makeup artist/hairdresser is my favorite person in the world right now.  They so obviously hate her and publicly declare it by making her an even sloppier, messier, more hideous mess than she already is, and the heinous outside actually matches her heinous personality now, and on her biggest promo tour of the year and I just…

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You are my spirit animal.

foxwayladies  asked:

Journalism postgrad here. We're literally TOLD to use our phones. It's the most important tool a journalist has, and we're basically never off it. It has notifications, a camera, it's a research tool, it's everything we need. I guarantee he wasn't the only journo there on his phone, and jflaw should've known it was part of his job instead of insulting him. But I guess she knows that she could shit on the red carpet and people would still praise her for it.

ok i just want to post this cause u know more than i do so ^^^