OKAY I’m finally home and can talk about today yay.

So as everyone probably knows Madness came out today and so Sleeping with Sirens was doing a ton of promotion and stuff. 

So today during first period at like 11 something I’m on my phone on twitter because we were watching a movie and one of my mutuals was like “Jack just called me” and I was like ????? whattt so I tweet Jack my number like “if you call me it will make my entire life” thinking nothing of it like obviously it’s not going to happen lol.

And then out of nowhere my phone starts ringing with an Orlando area code and I’m like oh my god so I quickly leave class and pick up and I’m like “hello?” and this voice says “hi is this Grace?”

AND IT WAS JACK FUCKING FOWLER HOLY SHIT. Okay so Jack (as you guys may know I’ve answered questions about it before) has always been my favorite member of SWS so I’m like freaking out.

We talked for like two minutes and he asked me about my favorite songs on the album and I said “probably fly and better off dead but I love them all” and he asked how my day was and I told him how I got both of his picks at the world tour and he was like “two that’s awesome how did you do that?” and he was just seriously so nice to me like SO nice and genuinely seemed interested in what I had to say and he was so appreciative and I seriously haven’t stopped shaking since.

And THEN Sandra got me a video of Kellin say hi to me and the SDCrew. 

I just can’t believe I got to have an actual conversation with Jack Fowler just wow.

I haven’t stopped smiling all day I am so ridiculously happy and grateful right now just wow today has been unreal!