The Signs As Youtube Comments
  • Aries: like if you're listening in 2015!!!
  • Taurus: did he die?
  • Gemini: most of these views are me
  • Cancer: FIRST!!!
  • Leo: thumbs up if glee sent you here
  • Virgo: >_< no one cares if you were the first comment
  • Libra: i guess 3,438 people missed the like button
  • Scorpio: I switched to porn when my mom came into the room cause it was easier to explain than this
  • Sagittarius: hey guys if you liked this video check out my channel and subscribe!!!
  • Capricorn: i had to punch a hole through the wall to feel manly again
  • Aquarius: I'm on the weird side of youtube again
  • Pisces: i'm 12 and i love nirvana