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They seem to usually understand that they are robots, but not always. What I meant was, at what point do you think they will have more coherent conversations. I can see they're already getting there to a point.

ehhhh im not counting on it? they also seem to get themselves stuck in loops quite a bit, which suggests to me that they arent particularly understanding what it is theyre talking about or considering the conversation as a whole. mostly just processing each given sentence and formulating a reply

which is still very impressive! and what theyre meant to do. but its lacking in notable depth for me/isnt suggesting actual “intelligence” imho

it is extremely impressive and cool to me though when they keep up the same conversation topic for a time. like when they started talking about enjoying a show and asking one another for their favorite characters from it and then asking why they liked those characters

technology has come so far its amazing. think about what something like this could look like in even 10 years with even more advanced robots

(cough. bring on the robo-revolution. cough)

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"We're not getting anywhere," Sherlock growls and is ready to leave when John does something unexpected. "Attention!" He shouts and everyone in the bar stands to attention, "Captain John Watson, fifth Northumberland fusiliers, my friend an I have some questions about an incident that occurred here two nights ago, if you have information come forward and share it with us, now. That's an order. Am I understood?" John asks. "Sir, yes, sir," the men shout and come forward to talk. "I love you John."

*fans self* ~♥

ABC's of Texting on Your Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary myKris. An homage to our fun little alphabet roleplaying we used to do. I hope you like it. I’m sure you know which line belongs to which person. :D I love you!!!  -Jenn

Anniversary? I forgot! I’m sorry! SH

But that’s okay. I forgot too.

Can we still do something? It’s a special day. -SH

Damn right it is! Of course we can.

Excellent! Dinner? What kind? -SH

Fettuccine @ Angelo’s of course.

Great. I’ll call ahead and reserve our usual table. -SH

Hope he remembers the candle. ;)

“It’s more romantic that way.” Of course he’ll remember. -SH

Just to be sure, ask anyway.

Keep in mind he did say that on our first “date”. He wouldn’t forget. -SH

Look, I know what he said but it’s important.

Merlot or Pinot Grigio for wine? -SH

Now you know white goes better with a cream sauce

Oh look at you! A sommelier. -SH

Please! That’s common knowledge.

Quiet! I was only teasing you of course. -SH

Really? That’s what you call teasing?

Surely you know me better than that. I was just warming up. -SH

Tease away then.

Until I see you in person I can’t do a proper job. -SH

Very well then, but I’m going to hold you to that.

Well then get to Angelo’s and you can hold something else -SH

X-rays have to get here before I can get away X(

Your job is incredibly boring and it’s our anniversary so just leave! -SH

Zip it! I’ll be there soon and I have a better way to shut you up. ;)

fjklds;ajfkl;dsjafkl;dsajfkla;s*FLAILS* CUTENESSLEVELES!100%!!

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“Can you take this case, Sherlock? There’s been a spate of suspicious deaths at a private psychiatric hospital.” Sherlock freezes and John looks at him in concern. “No, I can’t,” replies Sherlock. John glances at the name on the file Greg is holding out to the detective. He realises it was the same place Mycroft had told him that Sherlock had been admitted to, when he was a teenager. “Sorry Greg, you’re on your own for this one,” says John firmly as he ushers the DI out of the door. He then spends the rest of day with Sherlock curled up in his lap, stroking his curly hair and reassuring him that John will never let anyone send Sherlock there again.

OMGGG T^T OMG *tiny squeak*~

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"Do you know what my shirt is made of?" Sherlock asks his flatmate one morning. "It's a cotton poly blend," John says continuing to type up their latest case. Sherlock frowns because John is not only correct but he's prevented him from flirting. "Well?" John asks, "am I right?" "Partially," Sherlock replies, "it's made or one other thing too." "What," John asks him. "Boyfriend material!" Sherlock says grinning. "Nope," John says getting up to look at the tag, "but the person wearing it is."

hhahahahaha awww these nerds ~♥

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"John?" Sherlock questions when the army doctor comes home from a night of drinking and gets into bed with him. "You're hot and I really want to do it with you," John giggles. "Go to sleep John," Sherlock orders tucking his flatmate into bed and then going to sleep on the sofa. "Where are you going?" John whines. "Sleep John," Sherlock says again, "and the next time you want to come onto me do it sober and I just might say yes."

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When John came home from work Sherlock was in the bathroom. The army doctor smiled to himself as he read the note he found in his chair, Sherlock had found his decoy surprise of new silk sheets. "I'm home," he called to his lover and then snuck up to his old room and got into bed. "There you are," Sherlock said opening the door to John's old room. "Surprise," John smiled. "So I was right," Sherlock smiled back. "Partly," John replied. Sometime during the sex he slips a ring on Sherlock's finger.