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"Oh my god!" John Watson, captain of his uni rugby team, gasps when he finally gets the sexy ballet dancer he's been courting into bed and discovers he's covered in tattoos. "Is that a good thing?" Sherlock asks huskily. "They're gorgeous, you're gorgeous," John replies and Sherlock pulls him into bed. "You should get one," Sherlock teases as John removes his own shirt. "Just one?" John smiles and removes his trousers. "You have to start somewhere," Sherlock chuckles.




AND TO THANK YOU I WILL do a giveaway with shinies that remained in my black 2 game (that means I cannot nickname em for you guys sorry :’()


-Reblog as much as you want (be aware of your followers though!), but likes won’t really count

-No givaway blogs u cheaters

-You dont have to follow me (BE SUPER NICE IF YOU DID and it would be smart if you want to see updates of the givaway)

-Deadline will be July 2nd, 11 pm EST, which is bout a month from now

-There will be 3 winners! How i’ll pick the winners will be by a randomized number genorator.

1st place gets to pick 3 pokemon first

2nd place gets to pick 3 pokemon as well

3rd place gets the remaining  2 pokemon

-also you must have pokemon X and Y, a 3ds, and wifi, if you don’t want to be in the givaway and you just reblog for some reason, let me know in the tags or comments or something!


-Those who dont reply in ..bout a week, welp i’m moving on to a new winner 8’D sorry

and that’s bout it really NOW LETS LIST THE POKEMON

Groudon, Charizard, Lapras, Ninetails, Porygon2, Aggron, Walrein, and Gorebyss 

Click here for more details on the pokemon (didnt want this post to be super long jfkla;f)

So yea that’s bout it these guys need better homes, and if you guys have any questions feel free to ask em away 8’D This will end on July 2nd 11 EST (unless things change) and let’s see how this goes! Good luck everyone!

ABC's of Texting on Your Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary myKris. An homage to our fun little alphabet roleplaying we used to do. I hope you like it. I’m sure you know which line belongs to which person. :D I love you!!!  -Jenn

Anniversary? I forgot! I’m sorry! SH

But that’s okay. I forgot too.

Can we still do something? It’s a special day. -SH

Damn right it is! Of course we can.

Excellent! Dinner? What kind? -SH

Fettuccine @ Angelo’s of course.

Great. I’ll call ahead and reserve our usual table. -SH

Hope he remembers the candle. ;)

“It’s more romantic that way.” Of course he’ll remember. -SH

Just to be sure, ask anyway.

Keep in mind he did say that on our first “date”. He wouldn’t forget. -SH

Look, I know what he said but it’s important.

Merlot or Pinot Grigio for wine? -SH

Now you know white goes better with a cream sauce

Oh look at you! A sommelier. -SH

Please! That’s common knowledge.

Quiet! I was only teasing you of course. -SH

Really? That’s what you call teasing?

Surely you know me better than that. I was just warming up. -SH

Tease away then.

Until I see you in person I can’t do a proper job. -SH

Very well then, but I’m going to hold you to that.

Well then get to Angelo’s and you can hold something else -SH

X-rays have to get here before I can get away X(

Your job is incredibly boring and it’s our anniversary so just leave! -SH

Zip it! I’ll be there soon and I have a better way to shut you up. ;)

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Teenlock - Sherlock buys John porn for his birthday but when John is way too excited about it for Sherlock's liking and he immediately regrets his gift. John insists they watch the first disc together. Once Sherlock gets an erection John's attention switches from the porn to his boyfriend. The next thing Sherlock knows John's mouth is on his cock and he's coming down John's throat while he watches the orgy happening on the tv screen.


a little kiltlock bit for you because ..unf

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“What.” John paused and stuttered, “What the…Christ, Sherlock, what are you doing?”

Sherlock blew the smoke up towards the ceiling.


“You are smoking. In the flat. Wearing only a kilt.”

“I was working on a case. I got tired.”

“You are a menace.” John grabbed the cigarette out of Sherlock’s mouth, tossed it to the ashtray, then pulled the sporran out of the way, and straddled him. He let his thighs ruck the kilt up around Sherlock’s thighs, then, aligning their cocks, started grinding against him. Sherlock threw his head back and John bent to kiss the groans out of his mouth.

fuk yus!!!!!!!!! \o/~♥