A Very Short Fact: On this day in 1964, it was announced that the assassination of J. F. Kennedy was not a conspiracy and that gunman Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

“The Vietnam debacle shattered the broad national Cold War consensus about the need to contain Communism. As America became bogged down in Indochina, as liberals and Democrats soured on an anti-Communist intervention, many seemed to forget anti-Communism’s centrality to postwar liberalism. With each passing year, more and more Americans believed that had he lived, the great liberal martyr John F. Kennedy would have withdrawn from Vietnam—even though immediately after his assassination, when the Vietnam War remained popular, most insiders insisted Kennedy wanted to hang tough.”

[p. 89, The Reagan Revolution: A Very Short Introduction by Gil Troy]

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Image credit: The Kennedys and the Connallys in the presidential limousine moments before the assassination in Dallas. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


September 29, 1962

President John F. Kennedy nationalized the Mississippi National Guard to protect James Meredith, an African American student attempting to enroll at Ole Miss, after state officials refused to follow federal court orders to integrate. 500 U.S. Marshals and the Mississippi National Guard were sent to accompany Meredith once Mississippi Governor Barnett allowed Meredith to enroll at the university.

The next night, Meredith was staying in a dorm room in the university while waiting to register the next day when a full scale riot broke out on the campus. A crowd of 3000, mainly segregationist students, gathered on campus and began to attack state and federal officials and the hall where Meredith was staying. In the middle of the riot, Kennedy called in for federal reinforcements to fend off the crowd, but the new general was forced to crawl out of his burning car and retreat into the University under gunfire by the rioters. By the end of the night, 166 US Marshals and 40 soldiers/National Guardsmen were injured and two people were dead. The next day on October 1st, James Meredith became the first African American student to attend the University of Mississippi.

Sightless Pt. 2

Title: Sightless Pt. 2
Author: totalfanfreak
Rating: T
Prompt/Summary: Imagine making blindfolds fun again for Reid -http://imaginingcriminalminds.tumblr.com/post/148057278310/imaginingcriminalminds-imagine-making, Imagine going to a Con with Reid and he’s distracted by how tight your costume is -http://imaginingcriminalminds.tumblr.com/post/102898858853/please-do-not-reblog-to-another-imagine-blog 
Main Character(s): Spencer Reid/ Reader
Trigger Warning: Not that I can think of…
Word Count: 1400
Beta/Editor: Me
Multishot: Yep 2 of 3 [Part 1 is here]
Author’s Notes: Not really, though if there are questions I’ll gladly answer…
Morgan arc spoilers?: Nope

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