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Lefty (feat. Kanye West & Twista)
Title Fight
Lefty (feat. Kanye West & Twista)

(Ned on “Lefty”)

The working title for the song was ‘"Rap Song.“ Shane wrote that one, and it was another one where the lyrics came late, so we had the music for a long time. And the only thing I could think of while we were playing it was "Slow Jamz” with Kanye West and Twista. All I could think of was someone rapping really fast over it. When we were in the studio, we had the music recorded, and if we listened to Twista, it made so much sense. It almost upset me. It took me so long to get that picture out of my head.

And with that, I give you “Lefty” (feat. Kanye West & Twista)