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okay guys, hear me out……… sportarobbie the parent trap au

sportacus and robbie got married young and had their small gaggle of children (how?? irrelevant) but then their wildly clashing personalities + polar opposite parenting styles + immaturity led them to divorce and split their children. sportacus took stephanie and ziggy while robbie got pixel, stingy, and trixie

of course the kids all meet at summer camp and inevitably come to the realization that our dads used to be married???? we’re all kinda siblings??? and they know that their dads are lonely and now that they’re older they could totally work things out!! so of course they switch places with the goal of getting to know their other dad plus subtly trying to find ways to make sportacus and robbie a) interact again and b) fall in looove again

obviously both sporty and robbie feel very conflicted in this situation. sportacus tries to be neutral, even positive, in telling the kids that “your dad and i loved each other very much, but sometimes things just don’t work out” in that Wise, Life Lesson way of his, meanwhile robbie doesn’t trashtalk sporty directly but he reacts much more grumpily to the kids (especially peristent stephanie) constantly bringing it up, and he may be heard muttering about ‘sportaloon’ under his breath. but both sets of kids spy on their dads when they think the kids have gone to bed looking at old photos wistfully, maybe even talking to themselves a bit (’it’s too late, it’s done now!) and robbie definitely comfort-eats a whole cake. 

annoying new partner for one of them is definitely not necessary, which smooths the way for the eventual reunion. obviously they first very awkwardly meet up to deal with the logistics of switching children, but are convinced by the kids to stay in the same place for a little while because they’ve just met their new (old) siblings and want to get to know them better!! which of course leads to lots of sportacus and robbie discussing (arguing) about parenting methods (a big part of what broke them up originally) and really everything under the sun - but there’s no venom behind it, they’ve both mellowed out a lot and they’re more willing to negotiate rather than fight (which doesn’t mean anything, stephanie, your dad and i are not getting back together). there’s a moment when sportacus watches robbie theatrically entertain all five kids with a story, with costumes and silly voices for all the characters, and his heart definitely flutters but it’s nothing - and robbie walks in on sportacus working out shirtless and, okay, sportacus is definitely still in as good shape as he was ten years ago, and robbie is not at all horrifically distracted by those arms and those pecs that he forgets what he even came to say. all of those small moments are meaningless, really, because they’re just focusing on being better co-parents, only for the kids’ sake. if sportacus inquires about whether robbie’s insomnia is still bothering him, it’s just out of politeness, and if robbie dutifully makes a disgusting healthy sugar-free cake alongside his regular ones it’s just because he still has that old recipe lying around and it would be rude to exclude sportacus. really. 

meanwhile the kids have a lot of fun scheming to get sporty and robbie back in a romantic scenario that takes them back to when they first fell in love. or i dunno, maybe they orchestrate some sort of emergency situation which forces sportacus and robbie to work together to save the day. they get so so close to admitting their feelings when one of them (lbh, robbie) decides that this has been an interesting experiment but it’s time to get back to their own regular separate lives. the kids (and sporty) are devastated but eventually the two families part ways - except robbie immediately regrets it, because he’s only running because back in the day it was sportacus who initiated the breakup, not him and he’s terrified of being left again. robbie’s gang sees this and can tell being apart isn’t what robbie really wants, so they contact stephanie and ziggy and the five of them convince sportacus to chase after robbie and admit his feelings. cue the romcom declaration of love, possibly in the rain, with yelling and a little crying and at least one “because i love you, you idiot” and finally the dramatic reunion kiss with kids cheering from the sidelines. so of course they get back together properly, and all move into a big house as one happy family. and then they sing the bing bang song. the end. 


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

(Warning: messy writing ahead. I’m sorry)
“Woke up with kisses.”

He doesn’t really remember exactly what he was dreaming about but it was something good. Everyone who knew Taichi should know that waking him up in the morning is something even a fearless person would pass. He lets out a groan, trying to hint to the person that he is indeed awake but is not happy about it, and shifts to his side. Only that he isn’t able to move.


He blinks twice before successfully opens his eyes and stares in awe at the beauty in front of him. Mimi, sitting on top of him, is busy putting on some lipstick instead of giving him some attention. He pouts slightly at this and caresses her thighs, making her glance towards him and giggle slightly. How can she be so adorable and sexy at the same time? He gulps and tries to find his voice but is quickly shushed by her.

“Go back to sleep. You look more peaceful that way.”
“And that’s what turns you on?” He grins at her when she gives him a look and wraps his arms around her. 

“You know, I’ve made all sorts of plans for us today but maybe I could give you one of my presents now?” Mimi raises her eyebrows slightly and stares at his smirk innocently. Taichi loves to tease her. In fact he’s been doing it ever since they first met he never gets tired of it. If you must know, Taichi thinks the reason behind it must be her reactions. Sometimes he’s able to know exactly know how she will react and other times it’s the total opposite. He patiently waits for the cute pout of hers and comeback except it never came.

She leans over and kisses his neck, making him tense a bit - not out of embarrassment, mind you, but because he was taken aback a bit.

“Do you mind if I claim that present myself?” She whispers, making him shudder slightly. He quickly turns his head towards her and finds himself staring into a pair of lustful eyes. He opens and closes his mouth like a fish but doesn’t get anything out and Mimi doesn’t let him by moving down to his chest and leaves a kissing trail up to other side of his neck. Her hips starts to move a little, grinding on him, and Taichi’s mind is now completely blank. If this continues he WILL lose control. 

He grabs her waist to pull her down and matches her movement, earning him a small moan from her which leaves him smiling triumphantly. It is the White-Day after all, he should be the one pleasuring his woman all day. Mimi kisses his cheek and flashes her signature smile while sitting up. 

“Close your eyes.” Without thinking twice, Taichi obeys. For some reason he fels even more excited now and lets out a groan, digging his hands into her hips and smirks by just imagining where this would lead.

“Mi-.” The sound of a camera phone suddenly brings Taichi back to reality and he snaps open his eyes. Mimi quickly gets up and giggles at her phone, leaving Taichi speechless. 

“You’re such a natural, my friends will totally be jealous now!” She beams towards him but he still stares at her, clueless at what is going on. She gives him an apologetic smile and tilts her head.

“Sorry, booboo. I really needed this pic and it’s really nice! Here, let me show you,” she says and jumps onto the bed again. Now he really can’t believe her. Is she really going to leave him like THIS? Mimi almost shoves the phone into his face but he is still focusing on her. Sighing, she gives up and moves towards the bathroom and smiles to herself when an idea crosses her mind. She lets her silky morning robe slide down and hear a gasp coming from Taichi. She doesn’t need to turn around to see his reaction, she know it too well.

“Since you let me get myself a present from you it’s only fair that I give you a reward back, right?” She grins back at him and winks before disappearing into bathroom. In just a second, Taichi gets up and doesn’t even bother to close the bathroom door behind him. 

Happy White-Day to all (few) Michi fans out there! Hope you have a great day!

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I was going to post this tomorrow since it’s my birthday then but I had time now and I really couldn’t wait to post it. Sorry for the messy writing and art tho. I was just feeling the urge to be creative lmao. Don’t judge.


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Happy MidoTaka Day! [June 10th] ♥
↳ “This year, Shutoku acquired Midorima Shintarou, a member of the Generation of Miracles. Sure, he’s strong, but he’s also super sensitive and willful. I couldn’t stand him at first, either, but there’s not a guy on the team who doesn’t acknowledge his strength. I know he puts in more effort than anyone else. He’s a bit weird, but it’s somehow impossible to hate him.

Stronger Than You (Mega Drive WIP)
Stronger Than You (Mega Drive WIP)

Stronger Than You (Mega Drive WIP) - Jeff Liu + Rebecca Sugar + Estelle + Aivi & Surasshu

oh man this song’s such a jam but it’s 5 am I’ll finish this later


spicydice  asked:

Why are you so amazingly talented and perfect and adorable and funny and you seem like a great friend (not that I would know I'm too scared to text ppl on here bc I am known to ramble) and honestly such a blessing like I have notifications on for you and whenever you post stuff or reblog my ass zOOMS to your blog and I'll shut up now but damn love you

omfg i’m not even that perfect ilysm jfc <3

Married Life w/ Jimin

Chimx2 : Jagi, I need some advice.
You : Sure babe, what’s up?
Chimx2 : So there’s this one person I’m just crazy about. I love them and I don’t know how to say this to you but -
You : okayy… *grins*
Chimx2 : And they mean the world to me just jfc perfect in every way-
You : uhuuuh ~ *grin widens*
Chimx2 : And I just feel like they don’t notice me enough. Babe, am I hard to love?
You : AWW JIMIN, of course I notice you, I love you so much babe-
Chimx2 : wut?
You : huh?
Chimx2 : Babe, I was talking about Jungkook. So, do you think he’d notice if I changed up my hair??
You :
Chimx2 :
You :
Chimx2 :
You :
Chimx2 :
You : I want a divorce.