jfc would you stop!

Every time I see people sending embarrasing messages and over personal questions to celebrities a little part of me dies for second-handed mortification.

iarinthel  asked:

Out of curiousity, do you have anything written about how her advisors/companions would react to Krem and Meliha dating? Or hell, maybe some random Inquisition scouts gossiping about the Inquisitor dating the Lieutenant of the Chargers. Banter, either out on the field or on the war council, scenes at the tavern, anything of that sort? I'd love to see what your take on that for these two would be.

The whispers start as soon as there’s anything beyond flirtation to talk about.

One courier sees the Inquisitor’s pinkie curled shyly around the Chargers’ lieutenant’s, and the rumor mill explodes. Every shy glance sparks another rumor, every smile three more. It doesn’t help that Iron Bull is like a proud parent, bragging noisily about his little “Krem Puff” stealing the Lady Inquisitor’s heart at every opportunity.

Vivienne brings it up first, of course, always at the forefront of any and every scandal before it even really starts. She’s concerned, of course, about the Inquisitor’s image. The Chargers are such a rough-and-tumble band of misfits, their reputation often precedes them, and Messere Aclassi is of Tevinter. Meliha soothes her worries as she is so good at doing, but also firmly puts down any protests she may have with a soft, earnest, “I will not be swayed in this, my friend. I will not put my heart on a leash for the sake of appearances.”

Word gets out about that conversation quickly enough, and then everyone feels they should offer advice. Josephine nudges them towards fancy vacation villas with not-so-subtle leaflets left on the Inquisitor’s, and Leliana offers little more than sly smiles and subtly inappropriate advice. Cullen offers only gentle smiles and congratulations.

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