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blastr(.)com/2017-4-18/sexuality-sells-hollywood-capitalizing-lgbtq-characters-better-or-worse I love t100 getting dragged a year & 6 weeks later.

Bless this entire fucking article. This isn’t really about The 1OO, this is about the problem with media rep that I’ve been talking about for YEARS now and how y’all keep falling for the crumbs of rep every damn fucking time. 

…This, in and of itself, is not an issue. In fact, it’s a very good thing that creators are taking the opportunity to update older stories to fit a more modern view of the world.

The problem is that the sexuality of these characters is being used for marketing and not much else.

When a TV show or a movie introduces a gay character, two things happen without fail: there is a lot of press, and there is a core audience who will tune in, no matter what. LGBTQ+ audiences, generally, will see anything that shows even the slightest inkling of being a little bit gay.

There’s a particular way that LGBTQ+ audiences interact with media. It’s a kind of desperate need of representation akin to an abused animal. We want and need to feel like the media we consume cares about us and wants to represent us truthfully and compassionately. At the same time, we’re extremely well aware of the fact that that same media has mistreated us horribly in the past and continues to do so. If there’s a gay character on TV, you can bet that character has a legion of loyal fans simultaneously cheering them on and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will the character be evil? Die? Both?

It’s that deep need and deeper fear that makes LGBTQ+ viewers some of the most passionate: perfect to market to, and dangerous to cross….

and fucking this…

Characters who happen to be gay have become a brand new form of tokenism. They are not, themselves, token characters - their characterization exists outside of their gayness - but they are being used to appeal to a certain demographic. Rather than serving the role of traditional token characters, Trini and LeFou do not support tired stereotypes or to allow the creators an out for borderline jokes at their expense. But, much like their token predecessors, these characters also do not exist because said creators think representation is important or meaningful. They get butts in seats, they stir up controversy, but they are inoffensive. You cannot rightfully fear them because they don’t do or say anything scary. You cannot hate them because they don’t actually do any of the things you hate.

But at the same time, you can’t really champion them, because they aren’t really doing or saying anything at all.

Read this article, then read it again thirty more times or until you understand that they’re literally playing you and that thankfully I’m not the only one pointing it out anymore. Every studio, every network, every showrunner. They are using you for ratings, money, and publicity without doing the work and you keep giving it to them. Stop falling for it. 

this one…took a while. glaives got no chill when it comes to their uniforms. a surprise for @hyperionknight​ x p.s. this isn’t Luche my guys x) 
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player [lack of] support: an epic told in receipts

hello friends, man do i hate that i am actually typing this post BUT the people have spoken and also im fuckin annoyed

backstory: the choices app crashed last week and none of us could play the chapters or even open the app. once this was reported, PB compensated affected players with diamonds and keys (175 and 25, respectively)

ok so with that established, me (a bich with a crashing app) found out this was happening via tumblr and i was like oh hey! that’s so chill of PB to do since the glitch was annoying af especially when ur ~tumblr brand~ is built around being able to use this dum app

oh sweet, naive sarah of two days ago……. u really thought!!!!!

so, like everyone else, i sent in my report on the app. and i got this in reply (sorry i don’t have screens of my original message because i didn’t realize i would have to do a CALLOUT POST and they’re deleted now which i’ll get to later):

im skeptical because like…. how am i supposed to report ur app is crashing… on the app… while it’s crashing

um ok cool so i now know this, but the fact of the matter is not being addressed which is that others were able to report via the app after the fact, so i bring it back around to the point (i dont have the screen of the sent message but this is what i sent):

notice my ass had to send TWO (2) MESSAGES!!!!! and then lo and behold, when i open the app to check for a response next, i am only greeted with this:


bro!!! cy pls dude do u not know that i keep tabs on this shit!!!! wow

anyway so proof that it’s a LIE that they were only compensating players who reported during the crash and before the update (which was released on october 17):

note that all the time stamps are october 23 & 24, just like my conversation. the only difference is apparently i got the one player specialist who 1) doesn’t sign off with a friendly greeting and 2) did not operate consistently with prior policy

in conclusion: this was super fucking annoying, god forbid i ever have to contact player support again and get stuck with cy who i guess has it out for me??? and also the only True Homie is naomi our #1 girl who deserves a promotion (preferably above cy)



why does no one ever talk about this

I swear if anon hate starts up in the slbp fandom again I’m going to be pissed. I’m tired of this shit. Just enjoy the fucking game and stop hating on people who are kind enough to contribute to this fandom in any way they can. GET A DAMN LIFE AND STOP HIDING BEHIND AN ANONYMOUS COMPUTER SCREEN.

why is my friend lecturing me on how important it is to remember to not date seniors when they literally ship sh@nce…

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