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first kiss; or in which kaneki’s new book has a kissing scene and he’s curious about it.. or something.

Reasons to be Miserable

Prompt: Dan is suffering with depression that causes him to miss classes not rarely. Phil is the nice classmate that takes notes for him when he does.

Words: 2356

Genre: Angst, Hurt!Dan, Mental illness, AU, TW, Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Phan

Trigger warnings: Mentions of depression and suicide/self harm

A/N: Firstly, why did I write this? I started crying halfway seriously what am I doing. It’s not even that hurtful. Also why the hell do I suck at titles and endings so  so much jfc

Dan didn’t feel like getting up and going to his classes today. He was fully awake, lying on his bed and staring at the wall front of him, not thinking of anything else except for how much he hated this. Being okay all day, laughing, smiling, enjoying life. Well, thinking he was okay. Thinking this shit was finally over, he was finally doing fine. But he wasn’t. At 3 a.m he was turning and tossing in his bed, biting his lip until it started bleeding to hold back the sobs about to escape, thinking of every reason that brought him to this condition and trying not to reach for the blades on his drawer. He had managed to cry silently for hours, trying not to wake his roommate who was now gone. Dan had now all the time in the world to cry, scream on his pillow for all he wanted and just do nothing. It was concerning how classes he missed each week because of his depression that showed it’s face more often when the second year of uni started. He even thought of dropping out, but the thought of his parents’ disappointed faces when they would find out made him want to lay down on his bed with the thought of maybe if he fell asleep now, he wouldn’t wake up the next morning. Or ever.

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can you please do a taohun gif spam with your favorite taohun moments :') //puppy eyes

anon…. do you know what you have done… i’m in so much pain after looking for all these pictures….. just a warning: there will be a shit-ton of gifs. a lot of them. also you get my commentary on the side bc how could i share my fave moments without telling why they’re my favourites.

anyway, here we go!

star splash was amazing. not the part where tao cried after his family obviously (it was horrible i might’ve cried too) but everything else was great. (tao’s very flattering diving outfit also.)

  • okay so the first moment comes here: tao makes a successful jump and you can see how relieved sehun is. suho is there like “thumbs up son that went well i’m glad i paid the diving instructor a little extra“ meanwhile sehun looks like he’s going to collapse from relief.

  • then the iconic moment when suho thinks tao is going to hug him but sehun goes n o p e and pulls tao to himself.

  • here’s another angle (not a gif but i don’t discriminate based on image format)

oh man. moving on! the 13th music billboard annual festival was also absolutely terrible

  • look at this fucking sunshine dweeb waving please both of you focus on the things you’re supposed to be focusing on.

  • then there’s tao, smiling like a goddamn dumbo. please leave.

i’m going to put the rest under a read more~

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The Red Lady from Caribee

The first genuinely good episode of the season. The first when I didn’t think that I should be washing my hair right now. The monster of the week was interesting both in its appearance and its effect on its victims. The main storyline moved forward. The B-plot was compelling. Abbie got backstory.

If the show could do more like this, it would be back on solid ground again. All shipping aside, if they could just tell me good damn stories, I would be much happier. So let’s begin on a much less ranty (but still ranty because hi have you met me?) recap:

  • Oh hey! Fake-out cold open! I missed you because they no longer use you every episode so I immediately know no one is in any danger. Well-shot and cute. Also Crane’s love of fruity drinks will never cease to delight me. Proof that gender norms change significantly over time since enjoy froo-froo drinks was de rigeur in his day.
  • Going to do Zoe all at once. I enjoyed the awkwardness of the scene. It really captured how awful first dates are and an especially awful one at that. I really, genuinely hoped that Crane was going to go on one date, then go “good God, no” and turn his eyes toward Abbie. That clearly is not happening. But she was better written this episode. I loved that she brought him flowers. That she seemed like a person. And if Abbie gets back together with Danny for real, then honestly I wouldn’t really give a crap because Ichabod Crane does not deserve Abbie Mills right now. The biggest problem is not the character, it’s the imbalance. Give Abbie a love life and Crane can be with whatever weirdo he wants.
  • Also I’m sorry but Crane trying to protect her from the hibachi flames was adorable. I’m only human.
  • Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Abbie Mills’ hair in this episode. And let’s all tell Crane to drag a damn comb through his.
  • We did get some solid movement on Danny and Abbie this week, but why are they going so slow? They spent time shacked up together in a literal shack! You know neither of them wore clothes that whole time! They have great chemistry! Just go for it! Every time they are together it’s sparky and nice.
  • OK, I love Pandora but can we all recognize that basically thus far she’s been a Power Rangers villain, unleashing henchmen on the world while she watches?
  • Maybe the reason Danny/Abbie is going so slowly is because of the “professional courtesy” Abbie mentioned. Which, I get it. Abbie is professional. It’s a core part of who she is. But if that’s what’s holding her back, say that. Use words. They keep saying Abbie has this rich interior life and certainly we see it through Nicole’s acting but unless it’s canonical it’s little more than creator-approved meta. Authorial intent is meaningless. Do better.
  • It could just be that the show has beaten me down on the shipping front to the point that I can no longer see clearly, but the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod does feel more platonic this season. Maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s acting, maybe it’s just hopelessness, but when Ichabod was asking what if Abbie was more than friends with Danny, it felt friendly. Not jealous, despite his earlier peacocking. There’s just something subtly different.
  • Why do I have a feeling Crane refers to everything as a harbinger of evil. “LOOK LIEUTENANT A HARBINGER OF EVIL.” “Crane that is a Dyson vacuum cleaner chill.”
  • Best exchange of the episode, by far: “George Washington, paranoid? No.” “Yessssss.” Abbie has had it with the Washington fellatio.
  • For one beautiful, shining moment, I dared hope that the show would be clever and make Grace Dixon Washington’s most trusted confidant during the war. But alas, Sleepy Hollow.
  • I am sure Nikki Reed is a lovely person who genuinely wants to save the rain forest or whatever she and Smoldy do together, but my God, did Onira ever showcase that she is way, way out of her depth here.
  • Current sexuality: Grace being like, “man, shut up, I am an actual witch” when Betsy tried to whitesplain the folk remedy.
  • You guys. Betsy Ross had winged eyeliner. On a battlefield. In 177whatever. Oh my God.
  • The queen bee taking out other leaders is really, really clever! The whole use of mythology here was, and you can tell that Shernold wrote out of both great love and great knowledge of the Trini culture. The whole bit with the double-speak riddle was so great. This is how all monsters of the week need to be. The world offers such a diverse array of fascinating monsters. If you write them with genuine affection and respect, it turns out great.

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I am, of course, considering the possibility that Will Graham is in love with Hannibal Lecter, but does not choose to run away with him.

But, I am also hoping like hell that they do run away together because I need a canon ship so bad and I am selfish and also… Hannigram is beautiful.

Face The Raven

aww, it’s a happy start :3

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‘Did you make this human?’

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The Doctor loves babies. The Doctor wants Clara to bear his young :’(

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that, err, corridor there looks strangely familiar, does it not? #oneset

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no, no, don’t investigate the thing

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Me is back!

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and there’s the ominous raven

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oh, shit, dictator!Me

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well…this is going to fucking hurt

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oh, no no no Clara don’t you fucking dare

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holy shit, start running Me…you’ll need a headstart

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oh no…my baby doctor T_T

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‘Save her or I will reign hell.’

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they were gonna, they were fucking gonna…

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jfc make out right now please…

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I. Am. A. Mess.

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‘What is the point of being the Doctor if I can’t cure you?’

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they love each other so much though. all this time…they were canon

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The Doctor watched Clara die. completely helpless…he couldn’t save her

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the Doctor and Clara’s goodbye…don’t touch me

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oh, the memorial…

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R.I.P Clara Oswald. we’ll miss you xx

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jfc man just read always wipe front to back and i gotta ask what the hell drugs are u on

at this point in life, i don’t do any drugs. i don’t even drink anymore. 

the idea that one needs drugs to create something unreal or surreal or just generally zany is one i’ve always hated. it’s a cop out. it’s callous. 

i am the drug. i don’t need anything to alter my consciousness. all this fucked up sits right at the surface. 

why are cis ppl so obsessed with the surgery anyway

the only people who are gonna be between my legs are the people im fucking and low and behold, if im into them enough that i want to fuck them im gonna tell them whats what. i dont need some 65 year old dude awkwardly trying to correct my genitals to be perceived as a male by society. my issue is with how other see me, not how i see me. i know who i am, i trust who i am, i can look in the mirror and see a man because thats what i am. 

like jfc why do i need to keep “f” on my drivers license until i have a penis. you think the traffic cop about to bust me for speeding gives a shit whats in my pants?????????????????? why????????????? go to hell

its the fucking rest of ya’ll who got a problem with it so yeah id like broader shoulders and a beard so its not an issue anymore 

stay outta my vagina fuck truck