jfc what is wrong with you people

Leave it to the SU fandom to take an episode’s message as “love your racist family no matter what” and piss and rage about it instead of taking 5 seconds to realize the point was to “love your racist family and help them to change their outlook”.  Acceptance, broadening of horizons and understanding. Sometimes people lash out like assholes because they’re afraid of change, so you help them accept it. The way you’re all acting is just “fuck anyone who is negative. No one deserves another chance, even if they’d end up realizing they had been wrong.”

The cult of outrage is STRONG with you all tonight jfc.

@ whoever’s brilliant idea it was to start spreading my information around nazi blogs on this hellsite, I have literally held a gun up to the chest of a man who thought he could waltz into my home and murder me based on your shitty internet accusations before, and if I have to I will do it again.

But if you’ve reached a point where “someone disagrees with me” means “I better try to get them killed in earnest” you have completely lost the right to refer to yourself as being on the side of good.

I can’t wait for Neah to try and run from Link and Johnny. He would attempt getting away, but as soon as he’s out of distance, the shocker goes off. Neah is fucking livid, he tries to tear the bracelet off Johnny’s wrist but ends up getting shocked again, then he’d start screaming that wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?! aLLEN WHAT KIND OF SHADY GUYS YOU BEFRIENDED JFC

Let me spell it for you: there is nothing wrong with liking evil characters. Because that’s what they are, fictional characters with depth that intrigues people. Liking a character DOES NOT MEAN condoning or agreeing with their actions.
So the next time you see someone liking a character you despise and feel like sending hate, just close the internet and go outside thank you.

thegaysharks  asked:

Sorry to get involved but jfc what is wrong with that person who is trying to make you feel guilty for not answering their messages? Seeing those messages sent to you made me uncomfortable. Don't let them make you feel bad!

It’s fine, hun. The Anon was pretty nice about it. They could’ve been a lot meaner. People just tend for forget that I have a lot of asks and if you send it in anonymously and multiple times, it clutters the ask box. I don’t know what the anon’s question was, but I try my hardest and so do the people I asked to help me. The blog is a lot more active now. It’s okay if they left. I don’t want people to follow blogs who don’t make them happy.

But thank you for your support!


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ok but that anon was just giving you a tip about doing your eyebrows and you responded with "go fuck yourself" ???? why are you so rude jfc

I’m rude????? They then followed that up by saying they’d laugh if I posted a selfie. You guys don’t fucking get it. If you don’t get hate daily you don’t get an opinion. I have every right to defend myself and I will. No one gets to talk to me like that and if that makes me rude then so be it, but I refuse to let people talk to me like shit. I don’t deserve it, I haven’t done anything to be talked to like that.

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On the queen below: in the new chapter I think one of the twins mentions Narcissus being Apollo's lover... did you mean Hyacinth? I don't wanna be rude;;; because I love what you've been doing in the story, just a small correction maybe

That’s true. That’s what I get for working on my book at like 4 am every night lmao
so many myths, so little time, especially people turning into flowers (or other flora) in Greek mythology. I can’t believe I still mixed them up though jfc I hate being wrong
I’ll fix it when I get home. It would be an easy fix for Hades to say no instead of yes. Thanks for pointing it out.

If you don’t like Wincest, STAY OUT OF THE WINCEST TAG!



The secret [to success] is… are you capable of understanding what went wrong and why it went wrong. That’s the real key.
—  Some drunk asshole youtuber called Markiplier
Which UNKNOWN character should you fight
  • Zacharie: Considering how he is in the game he could probably kick your ass to space buddy, but you could maybe win, have fun trying
  • Ghost Batter: if you enjoy trying to fight people that are already dead go for it, youre probably gonna lose, but go for it
  • The Judge/Pablo: If he can kick the Batter's ass he sure as hell can kick yours
  • Charlotte: Why, why, no. Why would you fight her. what did she do wrong. Are you Seneca? please go calm yourself down
  • Bandit: If the man can carry a huge ass backpack around he could probably crush your wrist, and everything else
  • Louis: Don't fight a blind elsen the fuck is wrong with you
  • Seneca: honestly i would pay to watch someone try and fight that asshole fox
  • Zackry: Don't
The SBAR I wish I could write
  • Situation: literally everything that's wrong with this patient
  • Background: he's 99 years old what did you expect???
  • Assessment: DUDE OLD AF
  • Recommendation: let this poor man live the rest of his days and die in peace jfc

so without going into details, some people thought it would be really funny to yell at dan and phil during the show… ‘have sex’ and  ‘phan is real’.etc etc


never heard of RESPECT? or too stupid to understand what it means?

They are working so so hard on this for US and this is how you treat them? really? 

wow doing this is REALLY going to make them want to tour again.. JFC…

People are always going on about labels and how they’re such a bad thing but honestly???? Asexuals existed before we came up with a term for it. Demisexuals existed before we came up with a term for it. And so on. Giving it a name gives it a face, and that helps a lot of people understand themselves. I don’t see what’s so wrong about that. If you’d prefer to be label-less, great! More power to you. If you feel labels are constricting and are not necessary for you, cool. But don’t bash other people for finding comfort in labels and understanding. JFC.

So someone reblogged my recent “Markiplier Appreciation Week” post and added: “He’s a transmisogynist ableist asshole what is there to appreciate?”

I’m like wtf is wrong with you people? This kind of shit has been gone so long and they still care too much about it. He never said he’s transphobic jfc. You have no fucking evidence. If your proof is his make-up challenge, please grow the fuck up.

its okay to not think someone is attractive, nothing is wrong with that people have different tastes.

but dont go and tell someone they are ugly, because they dont deserve it.