jfc what is this show doing to me

Me: Rey Kenobi would be cool I guess

Me: I mean… Kenobi taught Anakin.

Me: ….and Kenobi gave the light saber to Luke, so….

Me: OMG. So. If a Skywalker (named BEN) teaches a Kenobi (Rey) the ways of the Force and a Kenobi rightfully returns the saber back to the aforementioned Skywalker meant to inherit it ONLY WHEN HE IS READY TO TAKE UP THE CALL, what fucking beautiful TOUCHING poetry is that?

Me: like fuck, Anakin’s powers awakened and were realized when Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan showed up on his desert planet where he was a slave. Rey, essentially a slave, had her powers Awaken when she was prompted to leave because Kylo showed his extra ass up on her desert home.

Me: AND omg Obi-Wan loved Anakin like a brother can you imagine if their fucking grandchildren end up in love and starting a new Jedi Order together which is about balance —- I am going to cry


In my memories, my mother is always crying. “Your left side is unsightly,” my mother said as she poured boiling water on me.

Basically, I picked a fight with you to show him what I can do, without using my damn old man’s Quirk… No… I’ll reject him completely by winning first place without it!

anonymous asked:

Hi,can you tell us your opinions about artistic aspects of CMBYN? Especially directing&cinematography. I haven't watched the film, but as what I saw, it seems that Luca often keeps the shot quite long for the whole scene/action instead of using more cuts. It seems he prefers wide/medium shots to show (quite distantly :-S) the characters interact to each other & with surroundings. Close-up shots are less often? What do U think about lighting, camera movements, lens 35 & film s35 he&his DOP used?

Luca, the editors, and the DOP all understand that moviegoers these days have a trained eye when it comes to films. They don’t need to be guided through the story using editing. More frequent cuts/shots tells the viewer what’s important and what’s not, but it seems that Luca is content to let the story unfold in longer takes, allowing every movement, gesture, touch, look, etc. to contribute to our understanding of the film. More frequent cuts/shots also translates into a faster-paced film; the tone of the film is languid, therefore the editing is reflective of that. The longer shots not only slow the pace but they allow the viewers’ eye to roam, to take in the character’s surroundings. It’s important to note that their surrounding is also a character. As Dave Hood has said:

In creative nonfiction, the place or location where the event or experience took place is more than just about the name of the place. It is also the physical location of the place, the physical attributes, such as the urban setting of crowds, pollution, public transit, traffic jams or the rural setting of open spaces, fewer people, fields, farms, and small communities. In writing about travel, place is much more than the physical location. It is about the culture, language, values, morals, beliefs, customs, cuisine, traditions, and way of life.

Just something to think about. Now on to framing. There are a few close up shots of Elio and Oliver, but that’s only when they’re wrapped up in their own thoughts:

Close ups can create a sense of intimacy or constraint or even alienation (depending on the context). The wider shots definitely allow the viewer to see how the characters interact with each other and their surroundings, but also show the spatial relationship between the characters within that surrounding. For example, in this scene:

Elio and Oliver stand on the same plane, undivided. There’s no visual barrier between them (plants, a bike, a table, etc.) which means there is nothing keeping them from being with one another. They are allowed to get close to one another, literally. Whereas in this shot:

Elio is in the mid-ground while Marzia is in the foreground, suggesting that the two have grown apart in a way. In addition, there’s a wall of plants between them, meaning that they’re unable to cross over and become close again; they’re physically distant, implying that they’re emotionally distant as well. In terms of the general mise en scène, it’s very naturalistic; Luca is purely trying to recreate the 80s in a realistic way without over-exaggerating costumes, sets, etc. like many other contemporary films/tv shows set in the 80s do. I’ve only seen the film once and was so excited to be watching the film that I could hardly focus, but the next time I see it, I’ll definitely be doing a more semiotic analysis of the film. Overall, the film is so visually stunning in its sheer simplicity. It’s refreshing to see a more laid-back approach filmmaking. I hope this is what you were looking for!!

Seventeen reaction: crush accidentally sends naughty photo (performance unit)

I forgot the user of the person who requested this. so sorry


He’s in the practice room perfecting new choreography, when his phone notification goes off. He ignores it until he finishes, which gave you time to realize you messed up.


His heart breaks a little, thinking you’ve sent that to other guys.

Hoshi: How many guys have you sent that to…

You: What? None. I take the pictures so I can try and be more confident in myself.

Hoshi: Well, you look beautiful. No need to be self conscious. Wanna meet me at the practice room??

At the practice room he confessed he liked you when you questioned why he asked if you sent it to other guys.


(Oh jeez) He was alone at the dorm, most likely watching a movie and eating chips. All of a sudden he hears a notification and smiles that its from you. He opens the message and likes what he sees ;) But of course

Jun: *sends a naughty photo back*


Jun: you started it. Come to the dorms

Well you imagine this one going two ways. You come over and he confesses to you. Or You come over, he confesses then y'all finish what you started.


You guys were texting each other when you mentioned you got a new pet cat. He started fangirling and told you to send a pic ASAP


You: *Sends picture of legs spread by accident*

Minghao: Not the kind of pussy picture I expected…… not exactly cute. More like really hot. 


Minghao: Well I didn’t expect to do it this way, but Y/n I really like you. I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable so I can delete the picture. Im not a F-boy. 

You tell him to delete the picture (Or say he can keep it, either way is fine with him) and confess back. It’s awkward for about 5 seconds then you guys go back to talking about your PET cat


I feel really uncomfortable doing Dino. I know he’s of age and everything and I want to please you guys but I just can’t think of him in that way. My brain won’t process dirty thoughts of him.  So sorry…….. :((((((((


Go save someone, Spiderboy (Peter Parker x reader PT 1)

Requested : I don’t know if you’re taking requests (if not ignore me sorry) but if you are can you do a super angsty Peter Parker x fem Reader where the reader gets hurt by someone Peter if fighting because she followed him or something and it’s just super angsty? I LOVE your writing btw ( @emily-ily2 )

Warnings: swearing, kissing, angst!

Summary: While trying to find out Spider-Man’s identity, there are some unforeseen consequences.

Word Count: 2111 (whoops)

Dear Reader: probs not as angsty as u wanted bc idk how to write angst 😂. When I originally wrote this it turned out to be hella long so two parts yay! Here’s part 2 when ur finished reading this one (x)  thoughts are italicized   i also wrote this in a day les gooo

Originally posted by marvelheroes


“Do you think Spider-Man works out or he just gets muscles from fighting?” I mused, looking at the clock. Only 5 minutes left. Peter looked bored, focusing on anything but your question. I snapped my fingers in front of him, “Peter!” I whispered. He looked up from his trance, “What,” he mumbled. I sighed, “You weren’t listening were to me were you?” I asked. His eyes looked half apologetic, “You’re too obsessed with this Spider-Man.” He said (Although he really didn’t mind the attention ;) . “I’m hot on his trail, Parker! Just one more encounter and you can bet your ass I’ll find out who Spider-Man really is.” I winked. “Whatever you say, (y/n).” Peter mumbled. I pushed open the doors of Midtown high, ready to leave. “You walking home today?” Peter asked, running to my side. I  laced my arm through his, smiling. Before I could answer, my phone beeped against your pocket. The certain buzz I knew, the one alerting me of a crime that Spider-Man would definitely go to. My eyes gained a new look of excitement, and I hastily pulled my arm from Peter’s. “Uh, actually I-I got a thing I gotta go to, um, I’ll call you later though!” I said, already taking out my phone and looking up the location of the crime. Bay road. 

That was only a few blocks from here, i could make it if I ran. Peter called out, but I couldn’t hear him from the wind rushing past my ears.

(Y/n) doesn’t know what she’s getting into. I can’t keep saving her from this trouble. I have to get her to leave me alone (in the nicest way possible). It’s like I’m saving her more than other civilians, like a show of favoritism. I kept walking, keeping my head down until I got to an alley where I could change into my suit. Jfc (y/n), the things you gotta make me do. I threw my backpack into the air and glued it to the side of the building as I saw a familiar blue backpack race by. I threw a web to the top of the building and started running after (y/n) .

I caught my breath for a few seconds before continuing to run, luckily there weren’t many people on the streets. I smiled to myself as I saw the crime scene tape up ahead and slowed down. The next step I took was off the ground as a strong arm grabbed my waist and pulled me up. And guess who the fucker was? Spider-Man, I shit you not. I couldn’t process what was happening other than I was in the air when I was on the ground a second ago. My backpack and phone were still on the ground, webbed to the high part of a lamppost. I struggled in his grasp, yet something about his body seemed familiar. I shut my eyes and felt my nose get red from the cold air. “Hey, hey! I got you, (y/n).” He said over the noise. We flew over a building as he set me down on its roof. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah, yeah I’m- wait, I never told you my name.” I asked suspiciously. If only I could see his eyes through that damn mask. “Uh, what? N-no I’m pretty sure you told me your name, Miss.” He said in a fake deep voice. I couldn’t help it, something about his personality and voice seemed common to me, I laughed. He gave a nervous chuckle, “I’ve been noticing your attention towards me,” He started. Was he mad that I’m following him or something? “And I really have to ask that you stay safe, please don’t follow me. It’s for your own good.” He finished. My own good? He’s kidding me. I gave him the most incredulous look I could manage, “Look I get that you’re a superhero and all,” At the word superhero he flexed, as if to prove my point. “But there’s no reason for you to worry about me. With all due respect, who are you to decide what’s for my own good?” I retorted. Jesus Christ what am I thinking? Sassing a superhero for god’s sake? Spider-Man sighed, “I really don’t want you hurt, so please don’t follow me. It’s nothing personal.” He said. Wow, he played the personal card. “Seriously, it’s none of your business, Spider-Man.” I said, turning around and gripping the balcony ledge. “You made me do this.” He mumbled. “What?” I asked. In the blink of an eye, he shot out a web that kept my hand stuck to the balcony ledge. “Hey! You’ve gotta be fucking with me. Let me out!” I said, trying to rip my hand from the webs.

Then he did something unexpected, he raised his mask to show his mouth and put his hand on the small of my back. I blinked and stared at him, then his lips met mine in a gentle kiss. It wasn’t rough, but it wasn’t soft either. It was actually passionate, and curious. The masked hero wanted to explore my mouth, and I let him. He was a real good kisser, and I wondered if he kissed everyone he saved—but this kiss was different. It’s like he was trying to reach out to me, make me understand why he had to do the things he did. A pause went as we tried to catch our breaths. He looked up at me, his mask still open over his mouth. “Sorry about the web, should go away in about two hours.” He said. Suddenly I wasn’t mad at him anymore. He honestly didn’t want to see me hurt for some reason. After all, who could say no to a superhero? I kissed him again, this time not as long, I just needed to commit the feel of his kiss to memory. He was shocked, but quickly changed his emotion and smiled into the kiss. “Go save someone, spider boy.” I whispered. He gave me a mischievous grin and swung away. The only problem was I was still glued to the damn balcony.

 I grabbed my wallet from my back pocket and started flipping through, looking for anything remotely sharp. My eye caught a broken gift card, the plastic waiting to cut something. I grabbed it and set it aside as I shoved my wallet back. I blew the hair out of my face as I went to work sawing the webs off my hand. Took me a good 15 minutes until I realized I didn’t know how to get back to the ground. “Okay, this is where all that mountain climbing training should pay of right about now,” I mumbled. I jumped onto the ledge and swung myself over, screaming when I couldn’t find a foothold. I found one on the left side of me and started to climb down, making my own footholds if there weren’t any. I jumped the last 6 feet down, coming up in what was supposed to be a crouch but turned out to be a tangled mess of limbs. I backed out of the alley and saw unused webs hanging from the sides of buildings and followed them, hoping to find the spider that so willingly kissed me earlier.

She kissed back. 

(Y/n) actually kissed me back. 

Sure, she thought she kissed Spider-Man, but still. The way she looked with her windswept hair and wide eyes gave me a newfound source of power as I swung into the crime scene, trying to examine the enemy. It was the Sandman, in his signature green striped shirt. I swung onto the ground in a crouch and webbed his foot to the ground. Karen’s voice rang inside the suit, “Facial recognition shows this is the Sandman, formerly known as William Baker, Peter.” She said, targeting his mask. “Yes, I got that, Karen.” I mumbled. I spread my arms in a friendly gesture, but I knew no one could reason with a guy of this power. “Hey, William, I was having a pretty good day today and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t ruin it!” I said. Herman struggled against the webbing. “So the spiderling finally shows himself! Consider yourself lucky you’ll be killed in front of an audience.” He gestured to the crowd, who were roped in by a circle of sand, the local police trying to calm everyone down. “C'mon man it’s me you want!” I said, trying to stall him from hurting anyone. I scanned the crowd, making sure no one was hurt when a familiar face popped up. (Y/n). God, she has the worst timing. “(Y/n), no stay back!” I yelled, forgetting who was watching. She looked at me nervously, seeing who I was supposed to fight. William eyed (y/n), then looked back at me. He could see right through my suit that I was scared for her.

 He grinned and lassoed her next to him. He grabbed a gun from the nearest policeman, who let him (coward) and held next to (y/n)’s arm. “Such a good girl,” He said, “I really don’t want to hurt a pretty face like yours.” He cooed. His arm was around her neck, she clawed at it in a desperate attempt to get away. I felt sick to my stomach as he pressed the gun all around her body, as if wondering where he would shoot her. I held my hand up shakily, trying to ease the Sandman into letting her go. He chuckled, “So what’s so special about this little girly that makes the Spider-Man’s knees go weak?” He taunted. “P-please don’t do this, William. No one has to get hurt.” I stammered. He pulled the arm that was holding (y/n)’s neck back, she grunted, losing air to breathe. “Oh, you mean she doesn’t have to get hurt, right?” He said, choking her while he held her up off the ground. Her face was growing paler by the second. “How about I just leave a little cut right here, to remind your spider lover of that pretty little voice when you scream.” He said, leaving a deep (but short) cut on her left thigh. She screamed in agony as he dropped her to the ground. I could only watch, I felt like my own feet were glued to the ground. “NO!” I yelled as she scrambled away towards the sand barricade. The Sandman turned to face me, “Should I kill you in front of her or kill her in front of you? Hmm, options, options.” He said. “You’re a psychopath, you bastard!” I yelled. I spotted a cell tower nearby, shot a web towards it and pulled it so the light broke, emitting a shower of lightning as it hit the Sandman. “NO! I WILL COME BACK! I WILL!” He screamed as he turned into glass. 

I turned to (y/n), she tore up half her jacket as she tried to cover the wound. Then I heard the sound of a gunshot. Everything went into slow motion. (Y/n)’s arm jerked back from the force of the bullet. Her face went slack from the sight of the bullet lodged in her arm. I could hear her scream echoing off my skull, getting louder as it traveled through my body. “NO!” I screamed yet again. I ran to her side and held her head in my lap as I tried to pull the bullet out. I decided against it, since it could hurt her more. “No, no no no. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” I muttered. “(Y/n), please wake up, listen to my voice, (y/n), please!” I said. Her eyes fluttered, she coughed up blood. I winced at how hurt she was. “You saved everyone from that man. Good job, Spider boy.” She said, trying to smile. I was tempted to pull off my mask, then remembered there was still a crowd. I pulled up the bottom part of my mask and called 911. 


That bullet hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. I didn’t realize how fast it hit but how much it hurt. The pain was rolling through my body in waves. All I remembered is Spider-Man heaving over my chest, whispering “Don’t die on me now, (y/n).” before I was carried out onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

Oooo cliff hanger! Sorry y’all 😂. I’m gonna post part 2 in about 6 days, along with a few other imagines. Like and comment/reblog if u wanna be permanently tagged in my other Peter Parker/Marvel imagines! ❤️

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So we all know I ship these dorks like crazy so I was super fucking excited and nervous for these ops. Here’s how my first one went. 

After that, I took one with my friend (which I might post but I’m not sure yet) and then it was just me for thrEE PICTURES. 

I honestly had really cute poses picked but then I forgot because my brain turned into mush BUT I asked for them to kiss my cheeks and I cheesed so hard bUT I LOVE IT and then I knew I wanted to do a muscle op because of their tweets before the con

so I said “Can you guys like flex and show off your muscles because of-” and Misha cut me off and was like “Jared she was talking to me” and Jared said “No, she was talking to me” and I didn’t know whAT TO DO so I laughed and then they flexed and they got so into it jfc these two are such dorks and hoLY FUCK THEY’RE BOTH ROCK SOLID so idk what my face is but yep- that was amazing.

AND HAHAH UM SO THE LAST ONE……….. After I finished my ops I walked out of the room and froze and my friend was like “oh my god, what’s wrong” and I had realized in horror that I forgot to hug them goodbye (it would be the last time I’d see Misha and I wouldn’t be able to hug Jared at autos) and so my friend ran over and asked if I would have time to go buy another op and she said if they were selling them yes I might have time SO I FUCKING RAN ALL THE WAY DOWN TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS TO BUY ANOTHER MISHALECKI OP (AND YES THE PEOPLE SELLING THEM THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY) AND THEN RAN BACK UP AND WAS THE LAST IN LINE anD JARED WAS LIKE “YOU’RE BACK!” and i said “yEP I JUST RAN TO GET ANOTHER ONE BECAUSE I FORGOT TO HUG YOU” AND MISHA LAUGHED BC I THINK HE THOUGHT I WAS JOKING BUT OH BOY I WAS NOT. and so I had no idea what to do so I asked them to “do something silly” and misha like did an evil laugh so I was scared but it was fine anD THEN I HUGGED THEM BOTH GOODBYE and told them I love them and misha said “you too” and jared said “love you back, sweetie” and they both smiled at me and then I ran away and cried. the end.

and yes, buying that extra op for a hug was worth it 100%.

Lost At Sea Until You Found Me finale

Part one here- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/164316696053/lost-at-sea-until-you-found-me
Confessions are in order, don’t you think? Let’s wrap this up, shall we?
Lance walked back into the clinic a week later, finally discharged and able to go home.

He was met with a bang of confetti and a loud cheer from everyone there.

“Welcome home, Lance!” The Holts, the Mer and even Keith and Shiro exclaimed, a table full of familiar Cuban dishes and desserts and even a huge cake set out behind them.

Lance was swept up into a huge group hug, the teen laughing and hugging back everyone he could, hands ruffling his hair and poking his cheeks.

Shiro seemed to stick close to him the whole day, fretting over Lance’s stitches and bringing him food while Keith and Pidge watched with gleeful amusement.

Turns out Shiro, now that he could no longer form a tail, was living with Keith and working at the clinic as a security guard while Lance had been away.

Shiro had also gotten some physical therapy for his new legs and weakened arm, though it still needed a brace.

Lance was soon sitting on a bench, quite comfortably leaning against Shiro and watching with a small smile as Pidge smacked Matt with a spoonful of cream cheese frosting, Hunk laughed with Keith and Nyma cheerfully tugged Rolo around in a dance along to the music that was playing.

“Hey, Shiro? Did I ever tell you that I love you?” Lance yawned, not noticing how Shiro went bright red at the statement.

“You… you do?” Shiro asked, almost hopeful.

“Well, yeah, since the day I met you really. And then I got to know you better and I really kinda fell hard, you know? So when I got shanked I was afraid I’d never get to say it… and then in the hospital I figured to hell with it and just say it when I could, I guess. So yeah, Shiro, I love you. A lot. Like, a boyfriend kind of love? It’s cool if you don’t feel the same, I just-”

Lance was cut off by a pair of lips pressing against his own.

A loud whistle broke through the crowd, and a bunch of cheering followed.



“Oh thank god, he finally made a move. I thought I’d never hear the end of the pining!”

“It’s about damn time you two!!! The entire place reeked of pine trees!”

“Oh my goodness he looks so surprised- Matthew Holt are you videotaping this?!?”


Lance blushed bright red as the kiss ended and he was pulled into a hug, a very happy and equally embarrassed Shiro hiding his face in his crush’s hair.

“So uh, does this make us boyfriends? I mean, if you want to? I don’t really know what human courtship is like but Keith told me they involved dates?” Shiro mumbled, Lance chuckling and patting the bigger man’s arm.

He could really get used to the size difference…

“It’s okay. If you’re my boyfriend I’ll make sure to take you on lots of dates and show you how the human world works, okay?”

Lance could feel Shiro’s smile on the top of his head.

“That would be perfect, Lance.”
And then they partied til midnight, Lance fell asleep on Shiro and it was one hell of a good time.

Should I do more oneshots for this AU? Like their first date, Shiro learning human stuff, Lance and Shiro celebrating getting a house together, other cute fluffy stuff?

Let me know what you think! :3

under ground

pairing: blaise zabini x ron weasley

setting: modern, non-magical, college au

word count: 804

written for: @icanhelpyouthere + @themalfoymanner + @hexmionegranger + @hermionvgranger + whoever else asked idk

It starts with a secret.

“The fuck are you doing here?” Ron Weasley demands, just as Blaise enters the locker room.

Blaise arches a brow, but otherwise doesn’t bother to respond. Ron Weasley is irrelevant. The contents of Draco Malfoy’s gym bag, however, are not.

“Hey, man,” Weasley goes on, undeterred. “I asked you a question.”

Blaise glances at an unmarked orange pharmacy bottle sitting on the middle shelf of Weasley’s locker. Fucking idiot. Fucking amateur. “That doesn’t entitle you to an answer, though, does it?”

Weasley narrows his eyes. “What are you—that’s Malfoy’s bag,” he blurts out, sounding surprised. “What are you doing to Malfoy’s bag?”

Blaise rifles around, tossing aside a few of Malfoy’s extra shirts and a monogrammed grey hand towel before coming up empty. He frowns. “Taking back what’s mine.”

Weasley snorts, and then rakes his fingers through the sweaty red fringe of his hair. “Jesus, dude, do you have to make everything sound like a threat?”

Blaise inspects the peeling blue label on a tub of IcyHot, irritation beginning to lick like fire against the tops of his tonsils. Malfoy wasn’t this clever. He fucking couldn’t be. “Dunno,” he muses, flatly. “Do you have to make everything sound like a deleted scene from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Weasley huffs at that, audibly dismissive, before turning towards his locker and reaching an arm back to lift his practice jersey over his head.

And Blaise.

Blaise is suddenly paying only very minimal attention to the gum wrapper and Dorito crumb and parking ticket detritus at the bottom of Malfoy’s bag. The fucking little black book could wait. Because Weasley

Weasley is tall, obviously, tall and broad shouldered and long limbed; more lanky than he is anything else. But there’s a promising sort of elegance, almost, to how he’s put together. Big hands and strong forearms and an unexpected layer of muscle bunching around his biceps, cording up and down his neck, stretching and flexing and pulling beneath the freckled skin of his upper back as he shifts around, searching for a shirt.

And Blaise.

Blaise appreciates pretty things. His apartment is monochromatic, a perfectly contemporary celebration of sleek lines with shiny finishes, and he’s no stranger to sacrificing basic functionality for aesthetic appeal. And while Weasley might not be particularly refined, he is, Blaise thinks with some confusion—with some interest, really, lazy and muted and soft—he is most certainly a pretty thing.

“What?” Weasley snaps, glaring at Blaise with thinly veiled suspicion.

Blaise toys with the zipper on the inside pocket of Malfoy’s bag. “What do you mean, what?

Weasley hunches forward slightly, crossing his arms over his still-bare chest. A decidedly rosy flush is starting to creep across his face. “You’re—fucking staring at me, man.”

Blaise smirks. “Am I?”

“See—that, that definitely sounded like a fucking threat. What’s your problem? You look like you’re—like you’re plotting something.”

Blaise shrugs, and then chuckles, unable to stop himself from letting his gaze linger—impulsively, pointedly, heatedly—on Weasley’s exposed skin. Shoulders. Abdomen. No. Lower. Blaise is plotting something, of course. Weasley’s locker is two down from Malfoy’s, and that might just be better than a surveillance camera.

“You think Malfoy’s a douche, right?” Blaise asks, as conversationally as he can manage.

Weasley rocks back on his heels, basketball shorts slung low across his hips. “Doesn’t everyone?” he sneers.

Blaise licks his lips. Weasley watches him. “Want to help me out with something, Weasley?”

Unbidden, Weasley’s eyes drop to Blaise’s crotch. He looks stunned, and not a little dazed. “Um. What?”

“Not that,” Blaise lies, and then pauses. “Well. Not unless you really want to.”

Weasley clears his throat, expression hovering somewhere on the knife-edge between uncomfortable and intrigued. He appears helpless. Focused. Sharper than he usually is. Blaise can’t believe it took him so long to notice this. To notice him.

“What?” Weasley says again, more quietly.

“You know what I do, right?” Blaise drawls, taking a step forward. Leaning into the solid cold metal of the locker directly in front of Weasley’s.

There’s a beat of silence. It’s tense, like a wire trap coiled tight. Expectant. “Yeah.”

“Then you can imagine how…valuable…a list of my customers would be. Past and present.”

Weasley’s tongue darts out, wetting his lower lip. Blaise’s gut clenches. No. Simmers. “That’s what Malfoy’s got? A list?

The list,” Blaise corrects.

“Right. That.”

Blaise chooses not to speak for a minute—just lets his mouth fall open and his posture relax as he makes a show of inspecting Weasley. Of studying him. “You’ll let me know if you see anything,” Blaise murmurs, flashing a smile he’s surprised to realize he almost means. “Won’t you?”

Weasley blinks.

Blaise doesn’t.

It starts with a secret.

Blaise has always liked secrets.      

Unpopular opinion

I rlly don’t understand or like the Animal Jam YouTubers (Julian2 is tolerable)

They just sit there??? And???


To nine year olds??????

And take everyone’s rares? ??

I know some of them do giveaways and stuff but still jfc

And then??????????

Wisteriamoon is literally an adult???? Screaming to a bunch of little kids about a kids game????

And she’s rlly immature? ????????????
Isn’t she like in college lmao

None of them are funny tbh

At least Julian does what you’d expect of someone his age; he informs, shows glitches, and shows new features in a (for the most part) unbiased way

The rest just!!!!!! Scream!!?!?!? Like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

WisteriamhrjekqkozfjekKjejakkdnqmdifjjJSKWKFIFBENSMDI here :))))))))

That’s sure as hell annoying
Stopped watching her

Aparri would be ok but he annoys me in general
I can’t really stand the voice oops

Bepper?? She’s aparri 2.0 right

Skorm is ded

I don’t get it
Are those supposed to be jokes??
I watched one of her videos a few days ago and she was literally just bragging about membership lmao

I used to love SmileySmiles I haven’t checked that channel in a while tho so no opinion tbh

Lmao I’m waiting for the hate about this idrc it’s just kinda annoying to me especially when their fans just freak out over them
They probably don’t care about y'all in the depths of their hearts

Je suis here and with more fam quotes


‘‘Its official I have a crush on ALL THE GIRLS’’

-My mom
-Tossed water at me
+was it holy water
+If yes then I understand why

‘‘musicals have ruined my life and im ok with it’’

‘‘I’m logged into my friends insta and sent ‘penis penis penis’ to someone’’

-This is my khonjin house
+I try to understand
+I really do

‘‘I dont believe in Jesus but I believe in myself
Therefore, I believe in gay’’

+I don’t speak weaboo
-Its the madoka magica opening

‘‘remember kids: arson isn’t the answer, it’s the question. the answer is yes.’’

*I’m gonna go now

+Me every time I open the internet

‘‘What if my Pokémon licked the other Pokémon’’

-Need me some nice followers
+Wow r00d
+So I guess I’m not nice Stormy
+I see
-Oh shit

-I’m honestly laughing so hard rn
-I kicked my night… Thing
-Night table???
-Is that what u call it???
+The table of night

‘‘Once my friend said we needed to kill the vocaloid Len’’

*I’ll be Daddy

-I stole a noodle
^Just one?

+Why screm
-Bc screm

‘‘I’m gonna try to be a vaginatarian’’

‘‘At least no one questioned why one of the lasts messages I sent to her was ‘‘A grape and a toe’’’’

‘‘you know its bad when you start having dreams about your fav band’’

‘‘do they surge with plastic’’

-Time To Put Pictures Of Bleeding Gums™
+oh great

-I keep finding images of people laughing at salad
+Me on the internet

-Why do you have a fidget spinner ask blog
+god has abandoned us

‘‘iztaccíhuatl, get your brother vesuvius and kilimanjaro,we’re goingto see aunt st helens and uncle fuji.’’

‘‘‘‘eat stack zoo watoo’’

i looked up the pronunciation sorry’’

-i just chucked my phone on the floor so i could write that
*What’s a chucked
+Ryan threw their phone
+It’s a figure of speech
*Ooooh thank
-‘‘whats a chucked’’
*Why would you ever throw ur phone

-Novi my mom says you’re living in sin because you’ve never tried pineapple upside down cake
+I mean I’m living in sin but that’s not the main reason
*yea it is
*get some pineapple upside down cake in your system
*it will heal you
-They don’t make that in Spain
+Get some paella in your system
-So I’m going to Spain the minute I have enough money to go there
+Y e s
-And I’m gonna fuck up his kitchen
*I guess you could call it
*hells kitchen
*no okay bye

‘‘im a gay platypus
what are you gonna do about it’’

‘‘i never thought i would get to the day where i called baba a loaf of bread’’

+Well I was gonna go there anyway in holidays so lmao
-i am surrounded by furries

-#teenager rebellion
+Ryan no
*Ryan pls
*You’re like 5


‘‘I just ate a hamburger of the size of my hand and now I’m eating melon to feel healthy lmao’’

-I feed him memes and gay shit every night
+I live off of that honestly

‘‘hes a horny shakespearean cunt waffle’’

-And fb send me a gay page as a recommendation
-Am I really that obvious
+Again, yes
-Again, good

-why would you kill a frog ;o;
+it was an accident
-hoW DO YOU r IP A FROg in half on accident

‘‘Ok I know this is a serious issue and a delicate moment but I was reading a demon and angel AU and they just said ‘‘holy cum’’ and I amost choked on my tea’’

‘‘Once I ate like 6 squares of toilet paper
And once I ate a tissue’’

-We’re all healthy, happy, pure children of God
+Eve dont lie
+You egg
*Who’s God

-what is life
-what is dicc
-what is succ
-what is licc
+ -by Novi, may he rest in peace


‘‘Depressioli corner I go’’

‘‘Every month should be pride month
I’m gay every month’’

‘‘they suck more dick than i do in my exs wet dream’’

‘‘Who the fuck is Antonio De Pigafetta and why does it sound like Pigeon’’

-some lady just went up to me and said ‘ooo, sexy’ and walked away
+it was me
-are you 35 and clearly recently divorced?
+i am recently divorced
+and put a comma in there and all will be true, as i am 3’5

-I want gorditas
+Why lmao
-Because they’re good? And taste delicious
+ W H Y
-Oh god this is going in the Fam quotes isn’t it




‘‘What kinda fucking name for a state is Iowa’’

‘‘I’m gonna vore gum’’


‘‘Pennsylvania=Transylvania=Y’all are chanting to get Dracula’’

‘‘Theory: all the state songs played at once summon Satan’’

‘‘@england we’re a mess please take us back
@england please i beg you’’


‘‘instead of fidget spinners we have communist’‘

‘‘I love all of these Spanish/Portuguese XV century sailors and explorers as much as I’d love to fuck myself with a cactus’‘

+F O R P A P I M A R X

‘‘My head hurts
Why are we holding a communist revolt’’


‘‘i was honestly trying to write porn i ended up in communism’’


-what is happening

‘‘would you like to talk about ur lord and savior karl marx?’’

+#make communism a household word 2k17
*we are now a family of communists



-I’m scared to go in lmao
+It’s just the state song thing
*its the fifty nifty states song
*but like shitty quality
*yes be scared its america

+I didn’t know u were this level of meme’d

‘‘I’m not pure
I’m just kink free’’

‘‘just think of a grandma every time i see lingerie
i didnt

-I look dead 99.999999% of the time
+i am dead 99.9999999% of the time

‘‘I have a five meter forehead what the fucking shit am I now Victor Nikiforov (I wish. That man is hot)’’

‘‘Yes there are all things I head canon and keep close to my cold pitch black heart’‘

+Show time
*Jfc Mythie

‘‘I just like,,,, cleaned
What is my life
Who am I

-But its not an ultra detalied game so thats kinda understandable that it isnt specific
-Theres really only 4 main forms of government: fascism, communism, democratic and unaligned
+Can’t there be a carrovernment
-What is that lmao
+A government where the cat is the president
-That explains why google didnt give me a solid answer
+Did you search it in google


-I’m going to kill myself
+What did you do Novi
-I did English
+Oh no
+Not English

-I nEed fOOD
+Eat your depression
-I mean I have a lot of that
+Thats what Im saying
+Eat the depression

-vore the sqoop
+It’s one in the morning

‘‘The leg was a lie’’

‘‘Anyway time to lay on a special mat in special clothes and be dead to the world and my surroundings while I lay hallucinating vividly aka sleep’’

‘‘I’m paying her with food too :vc’’

‘‘Make sure to get some nice communism in there’’

‘‘Did I not undestand cause that’s complicated, cause my English is bad or cause I’m a fucking idiot: An autobiography’’

‘‘this makes me feel lowkey bad no i dont wanna kill my precious baby i just want to close it rn’’

‘‘Let’s all suffer alone together’’


‘‘‘‘dont fuck during sex’’ - my friend 2k17′’

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anonymous asked:

Nini! Since we seem to have the same tastes in tv shows, i was wondering what are your favorite books???

uoHHHHHH BOIIIIII where do i even start?!?!?!?! take a seat my friend because this is gonna be a LONG ride…

the classics i’ve loved since forever:

  • the famous five series by enid blyton - i read them ALL and reread them dozens of times
  • the little prince by antoine de saint-exupéry. nothing else to say,
  • literary any play by federico garcía lorca, but ‘la casa de bernarda alba’ still makes me !!!!!! it’s so good jfc 
  • ella enchanted by gail carson levine like i’m sorry i know the movie has anne hathaway and hugh dancy but still i feel robbed of the wonderful perfect book i’ve reread 937562937456923 bazillion times. i deserve a proper ella enchanted movie/show, yall. 
  •  the last cato by matilde asensi. i legit made all my friends AND their moms read it when we were 17.
  • the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chobsky. it pretty much changed my life.
  • atonement by ian mcewan. wow. just wow. 
  • gone girl, by gillian flynn because we all need to read amy dunne’s cool girl speech 
  • it’s difficult to even type never let me go by kazuo ishiguro without shedding tears.
  • the perfume by patrick suskind traumatized me but also enchanted me?? idek man, it’s a very special book.
  • i read the entire the physician series by noah gordon when i was a teenager and i still love it sooooo much!!!!!!
  • peter pan by j.m. barrie bcs lbr everybody should learn that peter was a fucking asshole
  • the harry potter series by jk rowling. that abomination of a fanfic slash play that came out last summer obviously isn’t included here. 
  • the percy jackson and the heroes of the olympus series by rick riordan - my savage demigod son, i’ll always heart u
  • don’t judge me but the mortal instruments, the dark artifices, the infernal devices - all of the motherfucking shadowhunter books to ever be, i’ll read, no matter how much i hate cc. i hate her for the hold she has over me.
  • i did enjoy the hunger games back in the day lbr
  • stardust by neil gaiman ksjbdfakdfjalsdfjbaglsjdfblkas literary my most favorite i love it so much it hurts me

and now as of things i’ve read in the past years that i can rec w a hand over my heart staring into your eyes and claiming they’re Good Shit:

  • across the universe series by beth revis was pretty fun for sci-fi even tho there was a twist that i wasn’t very happy with
  • under the never sky by veronica rossi was actually very cool i really enjoyed it
  • i REALLY loved the shatter me series by tahereh mafi like oh my god a heroine that truly learns how to accept and love herself!!!!!! fuckbois get rekt!!!!! incredible character arcs!!!! i’m pumped for the next book tahereh announced lbr
  • the lynburn legacy series by sarah rees brennan was suuuuper fun because magic?? family drama??? actual woc main character?? bisexuals??? i was living while reading them tbh
  • vicious by v.e. schwab was really fun because it was nothing like i’d ever read before, i’m really looking forward to reading her other series 
  • i’ll only rec leigh bardugo’s six of crows duology because i refuse to acknowledge the fucking mess that was the grisha trilogy, jfc. six of crows, excluding some stuff, is super fun, has great characters, good ships, and teenagers that pull cool stunts to get $$$. incredible.
  • the fixer series by jennifer lynn barnes are !!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish she wrote more of them i would legit beg her and throw money in her face for more. teens swept off by washington/politics drama/conspiracies… my jam ladies and gents
  • the study series by maria snyder. are. so. good.
  • i’ve only read two of melina marchetta’s books and both of them broke me. i’m onto her.
  • big little lies by liane moriarty - if you haven’t watched the show, do it. if you haven’t read the book, do it.
  • i loooooved the first two books in the falconer series by elizabeth may and still have to read the third but i haven’t seen good reviews about it so i’m kind of… waiting a bit…
  • i’m not gonna talk much about sarah j maas here because even if there are things in her books that i really enjoy -specially some ships and the worldbuilding- the inherently whiteness, straightness and the unbelievably high number of times she writes the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ makes me want to punch her repeteadly in the face. 
  • simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli is so funny and heartwarming dkzfjbzdjfkblz
  • uprooted by naomi novik had lowkey w/w but also an incredible het ship that was dkjfbksdjfs also living evil woods and strange shit that was amazing
  • what we saw by aaron hartzler is very rough to read, especially considering it’s based on a real life case (Steubenville High School rape case) but holy shit do i think it’s important to read and know. 
  • in that same line i put one of my favorite books i read last year: the female of the species, by mindy mcginnis. that book broke me on so many levels, every time i think about it i burst into tears. it’s so raw and real and just… ugh. i swear it’s gonna stay with me until my last day, it’s /that/ kind of book.
  • i still haven’t forgiven my best friend for making me read the mistborn series by brandon sanderson. that’s al i’m gonna say about it.
  • cruel beauty by rosamund hodge is so unique and i just loooooove the characters so much because they do acknowledge their flaws and that they’re not perfect?? and just??? recognize that in each other??? which is a+++ in my book u do u. also super beautiful writing!
  • the anna and the french kiss series by stephenie perkins will always have a special place in my heart bcs they’re so fun and light-hearted and witty and i really love them 


  • the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater, even if i still have hashtag problems w things in it (more girls. why aren’t there more girls. NOAH.) i just… i love my stupid kids so much. 
  • the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh is fucking INCREDIBLE it’s so good i get so mad bcs it’s legit unknown pls do urselves a favor and read this masterpiece it’s based on a 1001 nights and the main ship and characters are!!!! just!!!!! a++++!
  • the song of achilles by madeline miller is probably one of the books that i have most enjoyed and suffered with in my entire life. the true illyad i deserved. the most heartbreaking thing ever.
  • the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski is literary the best series i’ve read these past years and i’ll forever be in cee’s debt for making me read them. the most savage slytherins in love with the angstiest motherfucking relationship ever, a super clever look into colonialism and discrimination, the most beautifully haunting writing, IT’S JUST SO FUCKING GOOD I’LL NEVER READ ANYTHING AS GOOD AS TWT WHY AREN’T THERE 398465923846 FICS ABOUT IT JFC *sobs*

this got LONG lmao i’m sorry i get really excited talking about books in case u were wondering!!!!!!! i’m more than happy to talk about literary any of them, and welcome recs and will pretty much spew shit about anything i know ig u wanna holler @ me. i just really love books and i’ve been in an anxious-reading mode for the past three years so yEAH thanks for the ask anon it made me super happy!!!!!!

If you’re ever feeling sad just remember you’re living at the same time as Oscar Isaac and that’s something to be happy with, tbh

reGLITCH: Page 5

Good lord, I need to get my crap together. It’s been exactly 2 months since the last page of reGLITCH, jfc. It’s kinda lame, too, since I’m really excited to show you what this little mini-story has to offer! My mind just prevents me from doing cool stuff sometimes, though. I promise I’ll get back on making the rest of the pages, after all, we’re just about halfway through it! I hope you like it, nonetheless!

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anonymous asked:

What's some of your favourite Robert storylines and/or moments?? (Including Chris and Karl's Robert) 😊

HI NONNIE YOU CUTIE!! Well I was only born in the 1990s Nonnie, so Little Suggs had nearly a decade on me. By the time I came into unfuzzy consciousness Karl had taken over the role. Because my family watched the show, I vaguely remember Sarah Sugden. But in a mythological kind of way. Sorta like how I remember Neighbours. I know of it but yeah, I don’t know how or why. 

But I tell you what… I’ll do a top moment for each Robert and a runner up…


Runner Up: 

Robert & the Owl

I only know about this plot line from Tumblr. But jfc, I’m so glad I do… I wanted to link to the original post/channel. But I think those bastards at ITV have shut it down. Honestly, what have they got against Little Rob and his Owl Friend?

All you basically need to know is that soft Little Suggs falls in love with a lost/injured/baby (?) owl and nurses it back to health in a wooden box, before giving it up, very reluctantly. I can’t link to the actual ep cos its vanished, sorry, but I managed to find the brilliant @carlwritesbadsmut summary here:

He struggles to part from his owl even as it has to be released back into the wild. Family friend Lorraine convinces him that in life it’s better to learn when to let go. I think she needed to teach Robert that lesson a few more times in later life…

Originally posted by robsugdens

What a little softy. Much nicer than the moment he “punched” Donna (for Andy) cos she teases him, “Oooh are you gonna hit me with your handbag?” Only for Robert to Forrest Gump leg it out the playground… If this and the portacabin yesterday are anything to go by, Suggs always had a hard time controlling his temper! But no, he loved that little owl.

No wonder Aaron loves him tbh. They need a pet don’t they..? Like, can we put babies on the back burner and just get a dog instead? Even a parakeet tbh…? 


Sarah Sugden’s Death

So this is where Christopher’s Robert first enters my consciousness. Vaguely. Sarah, his adoptive mum (most real mum he’d known) was having an affair with some random bloke (I remember literally nothing about him). Jack is pissed off… but Rob’s on his Mum’s side of course, he loved Sarah and she loved him, but he has to stay with Jack cos Sarah isn’t his bio mum. It’s sad. Muchos sad. 

HEADCANON ALERT: this is around the time I imagine the farmhand incident happening, cos Jack and Rob’s relationship just shattered completely.

Annnnywaaay… Jack is having financial problems but Robbo don’t give a shit. Not with his mammy not around. Why would he? Golden boy Andy Sugden cares though. SO MUCH. He loves Jack and the farm. So being the bright spark he is…  he decides to fake an insurance claim and burn down the barn. 

Only, in his infinite wisdom… (lol) He forgets to check it beforehand and course Sarah and her fella are in there having a super secret discussion about god knows what. Sarah doesn’t manage to get out. And Robert rocks up just in time to see the barn and her aflame. Great timing Suggs. It comes out that Andy lit the match, but Jack takes the fall and goes to court. Cue lots of years of “you killed mum!” from Robert to Andy. And general jealousy at the lengths Jack will go to, to protect the son that Robert never really saw as one of them.

Robert’s so fucking pissed. He leaves after this for a sunny summer in Espagne and the warm embrace of his Granny Annie. Oh and to go get a fancy new (better acted) head. See ya Christopher! Sweet and soft! Far too good for us…

Originally posted by robsugdens


Runner Up:

NuRob’s Debut

Like, so much of Karl!Rob is my jam. And there is so much to choose from. Karl could REALLY act. Once he settled in a bit. And they knew it, like with Danny. So they kept him busy. His feet barely touched the ground and he was already “winding up” Andy and his newly acquired girlfriend Katie. Lots of girl trouble of course, starting with Donna (cough, well Nicola, but… yeah). I couldn’t pick one SL out of that messy, gorgeous time. They’ve shifted into a foggy haze of nostalgia. Just look at this wonderful shithead at work. Poor Donna tbh, punched and now this:

So I’m just gonna go with Karl’s arrival as Robert. Honestly, I love Karl!Rob so much. I don’t think the Robert character would have been legendary enough to warrant a third outing (by Ryan) if Karl hadn’t put the leg work in first. He and Kelvin (although Ryan continues to fly the flag singlehandedly now) justified another generation of Sugdens on the show. And not only that, but he made characters like Aaron Dingle possible too, in my mind at least. 

As the “naive pillock” (Rob’s words not mine) Andy says to Katie just before Karl’s explosion onscreen: “He’s got a right edge to him though, Robert… Like everyone’s picking on him all the time. Even when he’s not here he wants my Dad mithering about him…” - This was truly the beginning of the Robert Jacob Sugden we know and love today.

This is worth watching just for Katie’s hair alone… The noughties seem like a dark dark time tbh.


The Robert/Katie Love Story

I mean this is like being asked to pick a favourite ‘moment’ of Ryan’s tenure and just vacantly mouthing ‘RobRon’ over and over again and until someone bashes your head in to make the incessant droning stop. Katie and Robert? It was a long, drawn out and torturous affair. But I don’t care if it was long. It was epic.

And this is my ask box so we’re playing my rules (I’m the youngest of 5, I get my own way :P). Of course, you’ve probably all already seen Robert scowling his way through Katie x Andy’s wedding (a.k.a the first Robron meeting). But there was so much more to this. 

For Andy, Katie was the true childhood sweetheart. She and Andy met at school when Robert was in Spain. Quiet, shy Andy loved her straight away. Course Robert came home and immediately sussed she was Andy’s weak spot. He tried and (hilariously) failed to get her onside. It wouldn’t be till a while later when they Andy x Katie were playing house and being grown ups, running the farm, that Robert would finally catch her eye. He was much less serious than his brother, less dour. And with the responsibility of Daz on her back, he felt like a welcome relief from Farmer’s Wife Duties. Katie and Robert’s flirting was honestly everything (see above 👆👆).

👆👆👆👆👆 = NO

It makes me weep for what they did to Katie x Rob when Ryan arrived. It could have been so good, because Karl!Rob really grew into the archetype RJS personality through his love of Katie. He was an audacious flirt, out to get what he wanted one minute, but with a heart pulsating madly underneath the next. A heart that eventually consumed him entirely. It also makes me sad for the travesty that is Robert and Rebecca now. I can easily imagine how incredible it would have been if Robert could have got Katie pregnant at any point. How much damage it would have caused. In comparison, the story of his actual first child is just a sickly shadow… Ugh I cry.

I won’t rehash in detail, but Rob x Katie have an electric affair. It all comes out. Andy wants to shoot Robert but shoots Jack instead. And Rob x Katie get engaged. And then duh duh duh… Sadie King… Robert has an affair (do you see a pattern emerging?) and it all unravels from there causing him to lose the (at that point) love of his life. 

To Rob x Katie “shippers”, Sadie King was a fucking nightmare in stilettos. She also arrived in the village in a helicopter and was too posh for her own good.

But you know what? You could see why it happened. You could see the attraction. It was sexy and a bit dirty too. It was everything Robecca isn’t. And it all came out in most explosive way possible. Oh god, so much emotion and drama. And so much Sugden Sibling hatred and rivalry followed. So delicious. Yeah. I’m gonna pick the start of Rob x Katie up to the aftermath of the Sadie reveal. But it was a close run thing between this and Chicken.1 (Max King’s death and all the Jack x Rob content there). 

Course, Robert was never quite the same after Katie left him for good. 🍋🍋🍋He ended up playing chicken with Andy, killing a man, lol sorta (standard Rob) and being sent away by Jack. He leaves the village, under duress, saying he’ll go in whichever direction his car is pointing. So SO SAD… BYE KARL! THE OG FUCKED UP SUGGS… I LOVE YOU. MY FIRST EVER CRUSH… NEVER FORGOTTEN…

Originally posted by gargoyles42


Runner Up:


OK so maybe it’s just all the Karl!Rob Feels clouding my judgement tonight. But this remains one of my favourite Ryan scenes of all time. Literally perfection. 

This scene had so much history and chemistry between Kelvin and Ryan. It was just unreal. It was like Ryan had been there all those years as Karl!Rob. 

I will admit here that, sometimes, especially during affair era, it was hard to conflate the Evil Robert we often got with the Sweet Misguided Boy of my childhood. I didn’t ever think Ryan was bad, he had bags of charisma, but the plottiness let him down (doesn’t it still do tbh??). So for a while, I sorta saw him as a new character. Separate from my Robert Sugden. Just with a shared history (stole that way of looking at it from @gargoyles42​).

But Kate Oates aligned all the stars and constellations for him when she, or her team, came up with idea of revisiting Max King’s death. The inclusion of Rob, wanting to find out the truth - not only for himself but - because Aaron had been arrested just added that element of sweetness to Andy x Rob’s bitter rivalry. Basically, the Sugden brothers would be best mates if their love lives (and dead Mum) didn’t keep getting in the way. I mean, the shooting of Rob itself and weeks long coma was terrible (bye bye Ry Ry) but I would happily sit through that again if it meant we got quality content like this - RYAN OWNED AND BECAME ROBERT SUGDEN TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FOR ME IN THESE EPS. He took the legacy and made it all his own… 

Originally posted by robsugdens

I just cannot believe how long this show has been running. And that we’ve been watching these munchkins for almost 30 years now. That’s just incredible to me. Very Truman Show. Anyway, Chicken.2 felt like another epoch was beginning for them. I hope Kelvin comes back one day to continue it. 


SSW & The Day After the Robron Wedding (FUCKING 😬 FIGHT 😬 ME)

It won’t let me include ANY MORE EMBEDDED YOUTUBES. SORRY.

HaVe LiNkS iNsTeAD

Look, if I can have the whole of fucking Katie x Rob, I’m gonna have SSW AND the prison goodbye. I couldn’t pick between them if you forced me. 

Both utterly perfect and heart ravaging. And yes, I have written so much about them both at this point I just feel like there’s nothing else to add. But I’ll try. 

Who would have guessed that the little owl loving bubba up there would fall for Aaron Dingle tbh? As a kind Nonnie pointed out to me, they’re the world’s most unlikely couple on paper. But they work. They do. There’s no accounting for it. Well, to me, it’s because Robert sees so much of who he WANTS TO BE in Aaron Fucking Dingle. Courageous, brave, proud of his roots, honest, universally liked, even if he is sassy and has a temper with it. He’s everything dispossessed little Rob wanted for himself, but especially since he came back from Spain. 

And yet somehow, when Aaron is in his life… Just standing beside a person like that is enough. Rob’s love for Aaron? It’s the kind of love that asks nothing in return. Just Aaron’s quiet presence in his life makes Robert a better man. And Ryan kills it every time proving that. If you told me in 2014, Robert Sugden was coming back to be another fella’s husband, no offence, but I’d have laughed in your face. I wouldn’t have bought it at all. But slowly, surely, like the inching tide, Ryan has got me submerged. I’m seeing things I never saw before in Karl’s portrayal, because of episodes like SSW. Ryan did that…

Originally posted by nooneelsecomesclose17

A masterclass in subtle acting. Ryan never really steals a scene for me, but he’ll chip away at you until your hanging off his every word with baited breath. Especially in the quiet, raw moments with Aaron. It was just so still. So much of their relationship has been like a rollercoaster. But these episodes were distant, silent. Like they belonged to the mists of time already, like what was said here had already happened in some way and was just being reconfirmed. Which is, really, kinda the case, with Jack x Robert at least.

And the prison goodbye… Oh… cut out my heart?? Have they ever looked more in love or complete? Sarah Sugden, Sadie, Chrissie EVEN KATIE - the past all pales into insignificance standing at the foot of the MOUNTAIN OF LOVE Robert has built to Aaron. Temple. Taj Mahal, whatever…

Originally posted by justleavemebreathless

Ryan has crafted this character around the pairing. As has Danny. Which really, when you think about how epic the characters were separately and the legacies both of them brought with them… Two icons of two different Emmerdale golden eras colliding to make something so much bigger than anything that’s gone before. No wonder the show won a Bafta last year tbh. It’s really fucking astounding. I just… I know I’m speaking in abstracts but I can’t talk about the little touches, the little breaths. The way their bodies just fit together… Or I might cry. 

Nothing beats these two scenes for me, Robert has come full circle. He’s found a home in his childhood village. A husband and a best friend. Family, and a kid who relies on him the way he needed to rely on someone. And I just can’t wait to see him grow even more. 

I mean

Look at this cutie: 

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And this one:

Originally posted by katesranas

And this one too:

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THANK THE LORD AND SATAN FOR ROBERT JACOB TBH… and all the content creators - gifs and videos for making this post look fancy just like Robbo deserves! And thank you for the question Nonnie.. x

Are y’all ready for this because I am SO salty, so here we go lmao.

When I watched this show, and Erin won the first few competitions, she had one or two cute things. But her quirky “Wow, I’m so fun and weird. Can you tell I’m so fun and weird? Because I am” died out real quick lmao. But you know, I don’t even blame her for this. She was a decent person on the show, a little annoying at times. Kinda reminds me of these girls at my liberal arts college I kinda get tired of seeing, but it’s fine. That’s her. Do you booboo.

My beef isn’t with her so much as the judges. Like jfc, hop off why don’t you? And every single time she was on the bottom, they kept her. Heidi, what happened to that spiel on season 14 about Edmond “I go up there and I say in fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out” right before fashion week? 




What kills me is that I think what tripped what tripped Laurence up was that they got on her hard about the shoulders and the black and she really took that to heart, changed it up, and they were like “No, bitch wtf is this?”

Every time Erin did something, it was “Brava, I love it. Ugh, I’m gonna fucking nut!” Like??? And when they didn’t, they couldn’t bear to part with her because they just loved her so much, even if she sent crap down the runway.

I need new fucking judges. NOW. lmfao