jfc what else can i tag this as

varrix replied to your post “Who We Used to Be (6): Residual”

“I don’t even know if it really is you” - well, who the heck ELSE would waste their time on you like that? Jfc, I wanna smack them both. Self-harm tag is totally here for a reason. Cos Izaya may just as well pick at himself with a dull knife. AARrgggh, it’s just so frustrating

he’s so incredibly desperate and so spectacularly bad at actually asking for what he wants that he can only let himself indulge if he makes sure he’s catastrophically miserable for the entire process. it’s. it’s maddening i am sorry but for what it’s worth: while izaya is determined to be miserable as possible shizuo sure isn’t, he’s going to get himself forward and through this one way or another and, boy, not talking about it sure hasn’t done the trick so. the only other alternative left is…well.