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To all of you starting high school

High school sucks. If anyone tells you different, they’re lying. 

High school is not the best 4 years of your life.

High school isn’t everything.

Those kids that make fun of you? 4 years and you’re done. You will never have to communicate with them again. (also karma will get them get back)

Seriously, pay attention and do your homework. You will regret it if you don;t.

BEFRIEND YOUR TEACHERS. They are your friends. Yes, even the mean ones.

The friends you have now, probably won’t be your friends by your last year and that’s okay.

Eat something in morning. Bring a granola bar to school and eat it between classes if you can’t eat in the morning. You will feel better if you eat something.

Push yourself. Colleges want people who push themselves, not people who take all the easy classes.

No one will care about how you acted or what you did by the next day and at most a few weeks.

9 times out of 10, upperclassmen don’t want to just “chill”. They don’t care bout your feelings. If they’re sleeping with you and not an upperclassmen, there’s probably a reason.

Don’t let other people borrow your textbooks. Those things aren’t cheap and you probably won’t see it again.

BE NICE TO EVERYONE. You never know when you’ll need to copy someone’s homework. (I was nice so people let me copy ALL the time)

Copy smart. Copying does you no good if you get caught. High School teachers don’t let that shit slide.

If you choose not to do the reading, PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS AND TAKE LOTS OF NOTES. You can bet your ass there will be a quiz.

If you do Shakespeare or anything that’s hard to read, (A Tale Of Two Cities jfc), if there’s a film version, WATCH IT. It will help you understand it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help.

If you can bring coffee, SPILLPROOF CUPS. No one wants spoiled milk. That shit will spill in your locker and you will forget and it will be gross.

KEEP YOUR LOCKER CLEAN. Last thing you want is a detention because you were late because you couldn’t find your textbook from your locker being too messy.

If you’re gonna be late, make that shit count.

For the love of god, don’t send nudes.

Bring your earphones and charger

You’ll be fine. High school sucks but it’s only 4 years and it’ll fly by.

au ideas
  • “you’re my roommate and the only one on campus who isn’t planning on going home for christmas bc you have family troubles but my mom wouldn’t mind if u stayed with us for christmas so u won’t be alone” au
  • “i only realized i was in love with u after u died and like 3 yrs later u come back as a fuckin angel or some shit and oh god you’re even cuter than i remember and i missed you like hell pls marry me” au
  • “i’m paranoid as hell and i think my house is haunted so i called over a paranormal investigator and oh no you’re really hot?? also it looks like my house really is haunted and its serious so i guess we’re gonna have to spend more time together until we figure out how to deal with this” au
  • “we live together and you have to film something for a project and the subject ur assigned is horror so u drag me to a haunted forest bc you want ur film to be THE BEST but it turns out there really is something lurking in the forest and we’re both terrified as hell and can’t find our way out” au
  • “i woke up in our dorm room in the dead of the night and u weren’t there and when u didn’t come back i got super worried so i wandered around campus until i found u shivering in the bleachers, and u looked really upset so i gave u my jacket and stayed out there with u for an hour until u finally told me what was wrong” au
  • “i have an awful fear of fireworks so on the fourth of july we stay in our dorm room while u strum ur guitar and try everything u can to calm me down” au
  • “you’re having a nightmare and i feel bad because you’re trembling and crying so i crawl into bed with u and hold u so u feel safe, but in the morning u wake up with my arms wrapped around u you’re really confused and embarrassed” au
  • “i’m a siren and you’re a pirate but i decide not to kill u because you’re actually really really REALLY cute oh shit” au
  • “you’re blind and at the airport and you’re really stressed out, hey it turns out we have the same flight, how about u just hold my hand and i can be your eyes, mostly because i feel bad but also because you’re super cute” au
  • “u walked in on me while i was playing a horror game and i screamed out of sheer terror bc i thought u were a monster coming to steal my soul and now ur laughing and i would be mad but your laugh is really, really cute” au
  • “you kissed me in an attempt to steal my wallet but i know all the tricks haha sucks for u, let’s get coffee sometime and i can teach you some goddamn manners” au
  • “i have to kiss u for spin the bottle/truth or dare and it turns out you’re an amazing kisser and now i’m hella attracted to u, wanna get dinner sometime? maybe make out a bit?” au
  • “you’re a lesser-known artist and i’m hanging out at a small art studio in the city and you catch me staring in awe at your work” au
  • “you’re my patient and i’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you but it’s hard to do that when you’re flirting with me, seriously dude i’m not gonna be able to diagnose you as easily when you’re telling me how my labcoat complements my eyes jfc” au
  • “you caught some guy trying to drug my drink at the bar so u punched him and now we’re at my place where i’m cleaning the blood off your face and endlessly thanking you” au
  • “we’re stuck in a convenience store because there’s a huge-ass storm and you’re freaking the fuck out because you’re terrified so i guess since i’m your best friend i’ll just sit with you in this aisle and sing to you to try and calm you down” au
  • “i literally took a bullet for you and now you owe me big time” au
  • “we’re at a mutual friend’s wedding on a ferry so after the initial wedding we’re stuck at the afterparty until we get back to shore, and since we both despise huge crowds we just sorta hang around each other and one thing leads to another and we wake up in the same bed” au
Superhero AU

so I’m hella into comics, but I’d love to see the superhero genre worked into non-superhero fandoms. here’s some ideas.

  • “I’m the paramedic that always cleans up after your fights and hon, some of that is definitely your blood.”
  • “So I accidentally peeked at your laundry once and saw your superhero uniform and now I’m trying to play it chill.”
  • “So superhero-ing doesn’t pay the bills and I need a job that accommodates my lifestyle and jfc it’S REALLY HARD to find one, help?”
  • “I’m a boss at sewing and your superhero outfit consists of jeans and a Halloween mask?? I’m making you a real uniform, get over here, let me get your measurements.”
  • “We’re paired up for a group project and you’re the worst partner ever because your crime-fighting bullshit takes up all your time.”
  • “Is everyone in my apartment building a superhero?”
  • “I write fanfic about the city superhero but it turns out I know them (read: you) in real-life.”
  • “My cosplay is so good that everyone mistakes me for you, the real superhero. Including the government. And the villains. Whoops.”
  • “I’m your roommate and you keep coming home at the ass-crack of dawn exhausted and covered in bruises, are you okay?”
  • “I’m a super and you’re the journalist assigned to the superhero beat.”
  • “I’m the one with the superpowers but you’re the one with the talents and the skills to actually use them, welp.”
  • “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a supervillain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”
  • “You got de-powered during a battle and now I have to take care of you.”
  • “You’re my neighbor and I figured out you’re a superhero so I leave food on your doorstep because I figure you don’t have time to get food for yourself.”
  • “You’re so unimpressed with my powers and I don’t understand why and I’m gonna find some way to impress you, dammit!”
  • “You’re superpowered but you’re using your abilities for the most banal things and it irks me so much.”

Thank you so much for publishing my last list!

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 365 Days Movie (+Koro Quest!)

Am I glad I saw it? Yes
Would I see it again? No
Do I recommend it? Only if you’re a huge Karma or Nagisa fan

Firstly, merch.
Merch was shit. There was only three items for Koro Q and they were all just Sensei’s face? Like you have all these adorable chibis? Wtf.

365 merch was Karmagisa. I love clear files and my dorky angry son Karma so I bought everything with his ugly face on it. I wanted the sweater but at almost $70? For a grey hoodie that just has a small sensei face saying ‘kill me tender’? Nah. 

There were only two pieces of merch where you could get someone OTHER than Karma, Nagisa or Sensei. One is a set of bromaido - you get two per pack and there are a bunch of still shots from the anime iirc. The other is a keychain (iirc) and you can get Koro, Nagi, Nagi 7 yrs later, Karma, Karma 7 yrs later, Isogai, Maehara, Kayano and I think that’s it? Maybe two more? (Yep sniper duo)

I love the bromaidos tho. There are 15 types, two in a pack. I got dog!sensei + Nagisa. They come in a little photo frame thing. They’ve all been written on to look as though they’ve come out of an album. They’re beautiful.

I’m literally a merch whore so if I’m not satisfied, you fucked up, because I will buy the dumbest shit. 

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Book of the Damned more like 
Book of Why are you Trying to Rip my Heart Out

Things that made my heart sing:

  • Cas and Metatron’s roadtrip
  • Dean coming clean about last ep
  • Sam’s ‘one more hunt’ speech
  • Cas being fiercely protective of Dean
  • Charlie Charlie C H A R L I E
  • The fun little pizza party
  • Juiced up Cas
  • Dean fighting so hard bb you go
  • The general writing

Things that made my heart break:

  • Sam lying to Dean
  • Sam’s ‘one more hunt’ speech
  • Metatron being the dick he is
  • The fun little pizza party 
  • Cas almost fucking dying jfc way to go to commercial I was a mess
  • Dean fighting so hard bb you go
  • The general writing

anonymous asked:

Hi, so do you think that in the anime L ever let Misa or Light shower while in confinement? If not then wow. Thanks :)

Okay, I did a brief rescanning of canon to figure out what I think and I am finding that the devastating answer is ‘no, most likely not’.

In the manga, Misa makes a direct statement out of her desire to wash herself (I skimmed through the anime to see if it’s in and couldn’t find it, but it might just be that I skipped over it, not having time for a full rewatch of the scenes):

Sounds to me like proper washing as in showers and baths were not actually a luxury she was granted, with how she begs for it specifically.

Another thing that speaks against the opportunity for shower is that Misa keeps her hairstyle for all these weeks. It’s unlikely anyone would bother styling her hair again and more more likely that her hair ties just never got taken out. (Which is, again, a form of torture  - if you’ve ever worn your hair in pigtails for a day, you’ll probably be able to confirm this.)

And even if that line wasn’t in the anime, I have a hard time imagining anime!L being kinder about this, especially as the anime specifically is the medium that shows us more explicitly that Watari used torture on Misa (not that her whole position in itself wasn’t torture already and the manga didn’t also state this):

So we can’t say the anime did tone down in cruelty, really. Plus, the hair tie issue still applies here.

I do assume that L had Watari clean them on a very basic level to avoid the absolute worst of filth, but I don’t think they ever got access to anything more.

On Lincolns choice in 2x10

Ok so I’ve seen a few posts blaming Lincoln for fucking up the plan and it’s kind of upset me so here’s my two cents on the thing..
Addiction is hard. I’m pretty sure everyone understands, to an extent, that it sucks, but no one can never truly grasp the magnitude of it if they’ve never experienced it.
That is ok. That’s not your fault, but JFC please attempt to understand that being clean does not automatically mean you will never relapse. In fact, sending Lincoln back into Mount Weather so soon after getting the Red out of his system was irresponsible, even if there were no other options. His relapse was foreshadowed in episode 9 when he refused to talk about it with Octavia. That was a major red flag and showed how Lincoln has not been coping with his addiction in a healthy way.
Please don’t give Lincoln a hard time for his actions. He is sick and needs help, not judgment and accusation.


ok ignore the streaks bc that was my bad attempt at cleaning the mirror & just focus on how good i look ((it was so hard to get a good pic of this jfc please praise me))

my ass look phat as hell in this thang too!!!!