jfc this was crazy

Things I need to know about Team STRQ right now immediately please

- Did Summer and Taiyang know their teammates could turn into birds? Did they use it in really annoying ways, like they all get into trouble and Qrow and Raven take off and Summer and Taiyang spend all of detention sending them angry messages?

- Does Raven’s “the strong survive and the weak die” thing extend to Summer? Or maybe it was caused by Summer’s death? Like a coping thing?

- Was Summer always “super mom”, like even for her team? Baking them things and cleaning up after them and stuff?

- What do Ruby and Yang mean when they GET A DOG IN THE MAIL and say their dad “does stuff like this all the time”? What kind of crazy stuff does Tai get up to jfc

- When exactly did Qrow meet Winter and why do they hate each other so much?

- Did the team go to the Vytal festival? Did they WIN?


- Everyone’s semblance. All of them. Please I am

- What caused them to all be so resentful of one another at this point in time? Why can’t they all just get along?

- What is their fvking favourite food idk

- anything


- I just need more team STRQ

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Do you have any headcanons on SidLink?

oh geez, I’m so bad at headcanons haha!

here are a few;
-sidon is the big spoon always
-holding hands is their favorite activity
-height difference but sidon loves lifting link around and link loves every minute of it
-link likes to eat a lot so having the prince of the zoras means trying an endless amount of new food 
-they both like to swim race each other?? (so lame jfc)
-link goes crazy for his smile but same for sidon like when he sees link smile after making food he can’t help but blush

how did I get so far into this ship I was blushing while typing this help


Why is this still going on?

The lgbt+ community on this site is fucked up tbh
You guys keep saying that you want to feel like you have safe space to be yourselfs yet you exclude and gatekeep other lgbt+ people all because “their ace and het and het people don’t belong in the community” or “bi people are greedy and are cheaters” or “I don’t feel Dysphoria I just want to be called different pronouns to be a gender confusion” and all this other shit
Yknow that their are people on this site that actually do want to be proud to be lgbt+ but no you just have to shit all over them all because you don’t like their romantic attraction and gender
Something that no one can control
Fuck you assholes I’m done with this shit


always a slut for natan and shirtless supernatural beings


(( srsly jfc you people are crazy, even after all this inactivity.

Asks will be open soon (prolly by Saturday)! AGAIN! Sorry for not answering your questions, it kinda cluttered over me and it got a LITTLE overwhelming. I’ll open it once in a while sowwy!! :;(∩´﹏`∩);: ))

“Oh, and check out my idiot brother.“  @ask-thegoatbro

So I had this super fucking vivid dream last night, like a modern AU fallout 4. I remembered this scene in particular and kinda just started drawing without thinking, after trying to write down what I remembered about the dream, I couldn’t remember who it was that Cory was dragged to the hospital with (I think Piper after she put up a new article, the BPD/BoS)

Also I swore I would never draw a more ‘human/not ghoul’ Hancock, but after this dream-thing, I tried my best at more of a burn victim look to replicate ghoulification sure, not the whole face, but quite a good part of the left side of his body.

 gah it’s not 100% what I had in mind but it’s just a doodle, so whatever. ;n;

More below the cut if you want more info on the au thingy if you want to read about it.

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Ok I'm sorry for going crazy I'm just so I'm love jfc

no, pls, everyone go crazy i love seeing people talk about this stuff its good and wholesome

anonymously tell me about the person u love


On this day in history: Troye, along with his people that were awake, heard his song on the radio for the first time. Smallzy (Troye’s go-to radio show) played the song at around 7pm Sydney time, and even though we had all heard the song before, listening to it all together on this huge platform for the first time was kinda insane. It really made us realize how huge all of this was.

I don’t think anyone can fathom Troye’s life right now, a year later, to be honest.

(Here’s the link to the audio of the world premiere of HLP on Smallzy’s Surgery. It’s a goosebump-inducing moment.)