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One Direction Concert Report - WWA Tour Barcelona (08.07.14)

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t planning on writing a report but since some of you asked, here it goes.
Before I get into the good stuff, a few things first:

- I was a bit far from the stage, I could only see a small part of it so the screens were basically my main source of information. That means that I probably missed a lot of important things, if you want an accurate report of what happened yesterday, this won’t be it. Sorry.

- Also, no pictures or videos from me. I was too far away like I said and my phone battery died before the concert anyway because I kept talking with noechan. Not the best idea, obviously.

- English is not my first language so I might butcher it from time to time. I apologize.

- I met this really interesting guy yesterday, Albert, he shared his story with me and gave me permission to tell you so I will. I would appreciate it if you read what I have to say about him because the boy is a fighter.

- And finally: I’ve always been interested in the music industry so I took several courses and classes about it while I was studying journalism. I used to work for a rock music magazine so for a while going to concerts, writing reviews, interviewing bands and talking with their managers/PR team was my actual job. I tried really hard to enjoy the concert just as a regular fan but I guess old habits die hard, I couldn’t help watching from a music critic POV too. I’ll try to keep my snobby inner critic to myself during the report but I’ll add a point at the end with my “professional” opinion.

Let’s get this party started then!

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