jfc this show is actually beautiful

Alright so my viewing of Samurai Flamenco went something like this.

- Episode 1: What the fuck am I watching.
- Episode 2: Seriously what the actual fuck. 
- Episode 3: Who the fuck is this red ax guy and what the shit is this show.
- Episode 4: Like sure they’re all cute and endearing and stuff and I want the two male leads to jump each other but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW.
- Episode 5: Ka deep breaths you’re not supposed to take this too seriously.
- Episode 6: Ugggh the internet says to hold until episode seven be strong.
- Episode 7: A… gorilla?
- Episode 9: … Yeah I still don’t know whether I’m enjoying this or whether I want to burn his entire anime to the ground
- Episode 10: WELL THIS GOT REALLY REAL REALLY FAST. Uggggh holy shit Marie and Moe I’m so sorry. o_O I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.
- Episode 11: Oh my god it’s the fucking Power Rangers.
- Episode 12: Yes okay thanks for the introduction of a cute-as-fuck nerd whom I’d like to lick all over it’s definitely much appreciated.
- Episode 13: Oooooh the government being shady I could get on board with this plotline.
- Episode 16: … That moment when you realize that a shonen-geared anime about a male-model-turned-superhero actually: a) smashes some serious gender norms; b) has a queer relationship between two women that isn’t hypersexualized for the male audience; c) passes the Bechdel test with flying colours; d) features two female characters punching each other out over their relationships with each other (not daintily slapping each other over some boy), and their relationships with their third female companion; and e) actually has some pretty realistic portrayals of what can happen to someone who’s been through trauma.
- Episode 17: GOD I SHIP GOTO AND MASAYOSHI SO HARD but Goto’s loyalty to his girlfriend is beautiful fuck it alright I’m gonna have to OT3 this shit. AND YOU HAD BETTER MAKE IT BACK FROM THAT ALIEN SHIP.
- Episode 18: Okay wow the line about people being more honest while sitting on riverbanks was beautiful, I will definitely give this show that one, for sure. 
- Episode 20: Alright, so, first off: “Shall I kill Goto-san?” “If you do that, I’ll kill you!” - I just felt my heart start to ache, holy shit, that was brilliantly done; and secondly - you two idiots actually just made me cry. Like. God. THIS STARTED OUT AS SOME SURREAL LITTLE RIDICULOUS SUPERHERO ANIME HOW WE EVER END UP HERE MY HEART HURTS SO MUCH.
- Episode 21: WHEN DID I GET SO INVESTED IN ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS also you stupid little middle-school shit if you hurt Goto I will climb into my screen and end you. ALSO, YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, YOU LOVE THAT POLICEMAN, YOU JUST HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT YET.
- Episode 22: … Did that actually just happen? That… wow, that actually just happened. Well. That was rather beautiful. And one of the most gloriously gay things I’ve ever seen. And I still can’t believe that this anime ever got as awesome as it did. EEEE PRECIOUS DARLING FIGURED OUT WHAT LOVE MEANT and everyone made it through alive and ughhh I might possibly be a bit weepy again YAY HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE 8D YA’LL MADE IT THROUGH ALIVE now can Goto and Masayoshi please go and get married.

Tl;dr: After the first few episodes, I was expecting a surreal, ridiculous show about superhero wannabes; and instead I got psychological trauma, impressive relationship-building, plot development, awesome queer characters, actual legit feels, awesome friendships, some serious meta on the superhero world, some major character development, kick-ass female characters, a few tears, an awesome cast of supporting characters, and a beautiful headcanon that Goto and Masayoshi get married as hell when the anime is over. Just… wow.

watching the first episode of Leverage again is honestly such a treat okay, so good

  • “u can have the whole box”
  • age of the geek, baby, we run the world
  • them working together for the first time
  • elliot beating up a buncha guys and the fact that it was definitely to impress hardison
  • hardison being seriously impressed and also turned on okay lets be real
  • “one job no encore” “i already forgot your names” and hardison just wanting them to be a family
  • hardison holding a gun SIDEWAYS on elliot okay
  • elliot being completely nonplussed by a gun being held on him
  • the hospital scene
  • literally the entire hospital scene okay
  • i cant break it down it would fill this entire goddamn list
  • okay so maybe a couple moments
  • that glance between hardison and parker when shes walking around uncuffed and hes all like help me out here
  • “do u trust me?” “of course, youre an honest man”
  • “whos place is this?” “mine” 
  • deciding to work together one more time
  • payback, and if it goes right, a lot of money
  • a lot of money and, if it goes right, payback
  • hell yeah man lets kick it up!
  • he used my son /deadpan stare
  • the others all having sort of ‘ohhhh shit’ expressions at that
  • “what the hell’s a Sophie?”
  • the other three looking horrified
  • nate is fascinated and overjoyed and frankly awed to watch sophie onstage
  • hes in love 100%
  • sophie and nate in the alley okay
  • the amount of flirting in that scene, the pure sexual tension
  • it rivals hardison and elliot in the beat-em-up one earlier
  • the fact that the first time they met, they shot each other
  • sorry sorry okay moving on
  • “lets go break the law just one more time” lol okay nate sure
  • elliot sitting down with popcorn for hardison’s rundown
  • sophie and elliot are also flirting btw and they totes had a friends with benefits thing in the first season
  • everyone whipping out their talents and the others are like “?????”
  • parker eating the popcorn that elliot brought
  • (how much do u wanna bet elliot popped it himself on the stove and added like fuckin olive oil and special sea salt and shit)
  • “well he hasn’t changed a bit”
  • Sophie whipping out her grifting talent and the whole “she’s the best actress in the world… when shes lying”
  • sophie’s accents make their big start here
  • elliot being the tech guy
  • the klingon thing
  • hardison’s extremely offended reaction to the klingon thing
  • sophie and nate knowing weirdly obscure knowledge at random
  • parker’s grin when she breaks into the office
  • planting the ‘bug’ thats actually not the ‘bug’ but a decoy ‘bug’
  • “we gonna have a strong talk when you get back”
  • Sophie is a master manipulator and its a lil scary
  • hardison and nate having a lil awkward moment when the con starts off good
  • elliot trying to bond and nate being like “nope” and elliot being like “fine okay jfc chill”
  • “everybody knows. guy like you goes off the street, a lotta ppl notice”
  • that sophie and nate moment 
  • rushing to change the signs cause dubenich got there too early
  • nate going all HULK on the cars and for a hot second u think hes gonna go beat up dubenich
  • sophie’s horror at ziplining
  • parker pulling her in and the little gasp
  • when u think the con has been Found Out
  • the PLOT TWIST
  • the flash backs to show the lies to the audience
  • the actually beautiful way it all shakes out tbh
  • “the patriot act is at work here. sir, i can take your underpants”
  • the whole team walking out in fbi jackets with incredibly smug grins
  • the gloating phone call
  • “nothing on you, or your people”
  • “this particular project has a different revenue stream”
  • “u shouldve just paid us”
  • “sophie kept a little to buy a truly impressive number of shoes”
  • “next time we wont be so nice”
  • the incredibly large check provided by hardison who is just very good at what he does
  • age of the geek baby
  • “somebody kiss this man so i dont have to”
  • them pretending for a sec that theyre gonna retire and split up
  • “one show only, no encores” “i already forgot your names”
  • hardison first, then parker, elliot next, and sophie
  • all sophie has to do is smirk okay nate was sold from that very second
  • she didnt have to say shit after that he knew he was done for
  • “bad guys have money”
  • “black king, white knight”
  • s e x u a l t e n s i o n
  • it is dripping off this episode
  • the random crying parents we never see again
  • “we work on an alternative revenue stream” aka were already rich as fuck and we just wanna steal more money
  • “we provide… leverage”

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I feel like we all didn't freak out enough over Austin following Calvin on instagram and him posting that photobooth pic. It was one thing for Taylor to do but never in a million years would I have expected Austin to post a picture or follow his sisters boyfriend on sm! Or has he followed one of her bf'a before? I don't remember. I need to know more about the relationship that is calstin lol!! These are things haunt me during the drought.

OKAY BUT YES????? I AM SO HERE FOR AUSTIN AND CALVIN’S FRIENDSHIP. I don’t recall Austin ever following anyone in the past but even so, this still says a lot because this would be the first time both Austin and Taylor have taken to social media with this relationship. Everyone knows how important the brother’s stamp of approval is just as much as the rest of the family’s approval or acceptance. It’s such a beautiful thing to see how Calvin just kind of fit right in with the whole clan you know? (HDIYL just came on my phone at this second) The fact that he easily became an addition exemplifies how cool of a guy he actually is…..high key. Hello family dinners? Hanging with them at her shows and after parties? JFC this relationship is going places it’s so important for both of them and to see them so low key and keeping what they have secure and grounded is just……yes.

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I get what you mean. Like in 6x01 they were all over each other and ali was literally looking at emily like she was her world and now it's like they don't even know the other one is in the room. So then the hug kind of feels like fan service but then again who other than ali would be there to hug emily no one . But I get what you mean a little more interaction would be nice

Exactly, like I’ve said before: I understand that Alison might be hurt at Emily for betraying her. I understand that she could be mad at herself as well for taking Emily to the point where she felt like she had no choice but turning on her. I also understand that Emily is most likely mad at Alison for giving her reasons to doubt her and I get it that she’s probably angry and ashamed of herself for actually doing it. I get the reasons why they might not feel like being around each other, right now.

But truth is, they are around each other. They live in the same town, know the same people, have the same friends, frequent the same places and have a common enemy. And even though they’re both too stubborn to admit it right now, they still care deeply about each other and that’s also why it’s taking them so long to face what they’ve done, to face each other, because arguing about it could take them to a point of no return and that’s a really scary thought to have.

And it takes me to the hug. That hug did happen; Alison was eager to rescue her friends, both because she feels like she owes it to them and also because she truly cares about each and all of them. And still, once the madness was over, the one person she had to be absolutely sure was okay was Emily. Despite all the anger and resentment she might have, she put it all aside because knowing that Emily was okay and there was a priority for her - it always has been, even when she was on the run, because she’d always risk her own safety as long as it meant Emily was okay.

If she was capable of putting all those negative feelings she might have towards Emily aside, then I believe that the problem right now might not be Emily at all, but shame Alison feels for everything she’s done to her. It weights on her quite heavily and it makes her feel like she’s unworthy of being with her, after all the pain she’s caused. Part of her might even feel like she deserves what Emily said that night when she decided she was done with her, like it was all true and she’s undeserving of another chance because it might just break Emily for good.

Just like Alison, Emily put those feelings aside when she saw Alison saving her yet again, risking it all for her, so now she might also be dealing with the guilt she feels rather than the anger she previously had towards Alison. She probably blames herself for having a play in getting Alison in jail and consequently getting them all in the dollhouse. So really, how could she look Alison in the eye after accusing her of being the one person that’s been tormenting all of them for such a long time now, when Alison’s really someone who’s saved her multiple times and truly cared for her?

Truth is, no matter how scary and how hard it might be to open old wounds, they won’t be able to know what the future holds unless they decide to take that step and communicate. Their feelings are definitley still there, hidden under layers of shame and guilt, and they’ll only be able to bring them up again if they start peeling off those layers, which is why I’m so hell-bent on them having more interaction.

There’s such an amazing potential for a well-written love and redemption story here, I personally feel upset when it seems like all this complicated and emotional side of them is being overlooked. This is why I’m so keen on seeing their relationship unfold on screen rather than only having small moments between them before they potentially jump into an actual relationship. There’s a beauty to their story that fascinates me and the thought of having it being put aside for what is in my opinion a waste of screen time is nerve wrecking.