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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

Okay okay but everyone is talking about how Sportacus (and Robbie) would be heartbroken as the kids grew up but could you imagine how proud they’d be of their kids?? I like to think that Pixel would go into computery things, Trixie would become a badass-lesbian detective, Ziggy would be a fireman, Stephanie would become a dancer or something along those lines, and Stingy would be like a business man.

But then imagine Stephanie and Trixie start dating and eventually get married. They then adopt a baby and come back to Lazytown to live. Sportacus literally cries because he’s a granddaddy now, & Robbie doesn’t admit it at first, but he loves babies and secretly is always playing with the baby. But the rest of the kids get married too, bringing their spouses and kids (I like to think all of them have kids-but Ziggy has the most) back to Lazytown. And just like before, when the kids are 6-preteens, Sportacus is always motivating them to be healthy and active and Robbie is coming up with ridiculous plans to make them lazy/quiet. (Although he isn’t trying to get rid of Sportacus anymore.) And the original kids watch and laugh because it’s almost like reliving their childhood and they love it.

“You are not a monster you claim you are to me”

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*wears Harry's invisibility cloak* *deep breath* ok lot of things I need to say. 1. I ship you and @o0o-chibaken-o0o together. you two are very cute. and I love you both 2. you are a very pure kitten 3. you and @bixgirl1 are my brotp 4. you three are my silver trio. and I love your stories

Dear gorgeous anon, I love you forever and ever and ever and you are a very pure kitten too, fuuucckkk! ❤️

JFC @o0o-chibaken-o0o, we are really fucking cute together, aren’t we? And @bixgirl1, fuck yeah, look at us, we’re a fucking brotp, fucking yes.


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Human- Daughter // Help, I’m Alive- Metric // The Beast- Austra // Wires- Athlete // Come Away To The Water- Maroon 5


Smoke and Mirrors- Gotye // Between the Bars- Elliot Smith // Buy the Stars- Marina & The Diamonds // Rich- Cosmo Sheldrake


Iris- Goo Goo Dolls // Everlasting Light- The Black Keys // Your Heart Is As Black As Night- Melody Gardot // That Man- Caro Emerald // Death Valley- Fall Out Boy // C’mon- Panic! At the Disco & Fun. // Over the Love- Florence + The Machine // Wonderland- Natalia Kills


“I think we’d be a nice little family….” -SM
Hood-Mills Family

25/365 Days of Outlaw Queen



I was prepared for disappointment but I was not prepared for those sdfufkvking EYES

like ok remove the stickers covering the eyes k


NOPE nope nope GOODBYE

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aight so iwatobi+samezuka boys and their s/o have a date night but then it snows a lot and they get snowed in and the power goes out or something so they have to find a way to stay warm (*wink wonk*) it could be them just cuddling under some blankets and stuff or doing the do, maybe a combination of both?? i'm just interested in seeing what you do with this. ^w^ (P.S. This blog is fantastic!! <3 ))

(oh my! i’m sorry this is so late, thank you for your compliment!! ;u;)

Makoto: His first priority is to calm down his partner if they’re scared by the sudden darkness, so he holds their hand tight and tries to find a flashlight. If they’re fine with the dark, they’d cuddle under the blankets in his room. He wouldn’t really mind the power outage at all, since he can hold his s/o close and whisper to them sweetly while kissing their head. 

Haruka: He finds the atmosphere to be a bit awkward and he isn’t really sure what to do, so he finds his partner’s hand and grasps it tight. He’d try to find a source of light somewhere, maybe near a window and try to make his partner comfortable with pillows and his blanket. They don’t say much while cuddled close, but he holds their hands the entire time. 

Nagisa: He’s both happy and sad that the power went out since he rented a really terrifying horror movie to watch together, but he makes up for it by finding a big flashlight and telling ghost stories around it, complete with shadows and scary effects. After, he shares some sweets with them and snuggles up to their warmth in the dark.

Rei: He’d try to find the source of the power outage right away, so the first thing he does is find their hand and reassure them that he was there if they were scared. But he wouldn’t know exactly what he should do after finding a flashlight, so he sits awkwardly next to them wrapped in a blanket and lets them rest their head on his shoulder. His heart won’t stop pounding.

Rin: He clicks his tongue: “Oh, what? A blackout? Sheesh…” He’d sigh and rub the back of his neck before asking if they were okay with him finding a flashlight or something. If they’re scared he’d pet their hair and whisper small reassurances to them, and later cuddle together in a big blanket while listening to his music until they calm down. 

Sousuke: “Don’t let go of my hand, alright?” When he can find a proper source of light, be it a window or a flashlight, he asks if his partner is scared and holds them close if they are. To get a smile out of them he’d start a tickle fight, but it’d end up with him on top of them and kissing them on the lips slowly while lacing their fingers together.

Nitori: He freezes up immediately and is also pretty frightened by the blackout, but he feels better knowing that his partner is there with him. He’d be too scared to find a light source on his own so he’d be holding their hand the whole time, and after they’d play around with the blankets with him shyly wrapping one around their body. “D-Does it look like a veil?”

Seijuurou: He loops an arm around his partner and pulls them close into his shoulder, leaning down kissing them on the temple. He’s a little disappointed that the lights went off during their rare date nights, but spending time with them like this wasn’t bad either. Now he can be their knight in shining armor, so he tugs them under the blanket and kisses their nose and cheeks.

Momotarou: Momo also would jump when the lights go out, but he quickly gets the idea to make a blanket fort together. He’s quite skilled at making them since he has experience with his brother, so he’d open up a little pathway and pop his head out to grin at his partner childishly. “Hurry up!” When they slip in with him he wraps his arms and legs around them like a koala and it doesn’t take him long to fall asleep.

I think we all intrinsically have our own personal sense of style within us. Even if it means that you have to start off by mimicking someone’s outfit style - outfit by outfit. It’s not identical in a sense, because they’re being filtered and siphoned through your own perspective. So it’s still has got your twist in it, you know? All of you have your own personal style, all of you. It’s inherently in you. But it’s up to you to take out those mental blocks in your head, like “what are people going to think about me” or “they’re going to think I’m crazy or trying too hard” or “I really can’t pull this off”. That is all mental! It’s all in your head, and once you lift that, you’re free. Do it for yourself, do what makes you happy.
—  Jenn Im from x