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I sometimes do not like how Keith is characterized in the fandom. One side is saying he's too cold and emotionless and the other is saying that he's too unstable and hotheaded.

MOOD!!!! M O O D JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keith has two opposing personality traits that are equally as important. He is hotheaded but analytical. He is not unstable or emotionless. Take these screenshots, for example:

Not unstable. Not at all. Keith just has a knack for taking the most direct solution he sees - it’s not always the best one as that one scene with Lance in the Balmera has proven, but it’s not completely thoughtless. He hesitated before saving Allura not because he didn’t want to save her but because he was vary of the risks of the mission.

But. But he’s not?? Emotionless????? Not even sure where that pov even came from, seriously, he has shown so so so many emotions over the course of both seasons:

I can’t even! describe how wrong this is!!! Keith cares so much and people that don’t see it really haven’t understood his character >.< It’s such an integral part of who he is… I’m. So confused. @ fandom w h y

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I wish, I really wish, that people would learn the difference between “sexual” and “provocative.”

Something that is provocative elicits a “sexy” idea without being outright sexual. Tight pants are provocative; ass-less chaps are sexual.

Normally it doesn’t matter if we use these words interchangeably, but when it comes to things like Yurio’s “Welcome to the Madness” skate, it helps to know the difference. I don’t think this is going to stop the antis from getting their bloomers in a bunch, but maybe it’ll help other people realize that there’s nothing wrong with Yurio’s performance, appreciating the aesthetic, or acknowledging the arousing effects it could have on Otabek.

I mean, first of all, when we talk about the issue of sexualizing teenagers in media, it is, more often than not, in the context of sexualizing teenage girls, and this is largely because of the omnipresence of sexualized girls and women in media contributing to the sexualization of girls and women in real life. This is a big part of rape culture, and why we fight so hard for the representation of women in media where they are not sexualized or treated as sex objects. I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem with sexualizing teenage boys (assumptions of hypersexuality in boys and men is a whole other can of worms), but I am saying that a teenage boy faces far fewer unwanted sexual advances due to what he wears or how he acts. Having a teenage boy perform a provocative piece in media does not have the same repercussions as having a teenage girl do the same. (This isn’t to say that you’re not allowed to find it uncomfortable, but you have to recognize that they are your personal feelings, and the piece itself does not actually contribute to a larger problem.)

That said, even when we rail against the sexualization of women and girls, we do so because the sexualization is either unnecessary, or it’s the entirety of the character. We absolutely recognize that women and girls have a right to be sexual and wear provocative clothing if they want to, but creators tend to handle it so badly that we implore them to stop altogether (until they can figure out how to do it right).

Yurio’s performance is neither unnecessary nor is it the sole aspect of his character. From his introduction, he’s stated that he wants to do more mature pieces, he’s shown distaste over his “innocent” image, and he’s been genuinely pleased when he’s taken seriously as an adult. He wanted to do “Eros” from the start, and his free skate was built around showcasing his physical maturity as a skater. He desperately wants to shed the “kitten” and “fairy” image - he moved up from Juniors to Seniors as soon as he could (15 is the youngest you can be in seniors, but you can stay in juniors until you turn 19), he’s loud and brash and assertive, and he jumps at any change to prove that he’s not a child anymore. He’s getting to the point where he can take control of his life and his skating, and it’s pretty clear that he wants to stop being infantilized. He’s desexualized, to the point of dehumanizing him (“fairy” and “kitten” and even “ice tiger” remove his humanity; they seek to name him as something “other” and so it’s easier to ignore that he is a growing, maturing young man with his own thoughts and feelings and desires). So it absolutely makes sense that he would take the opportunity to use his exhibition skate as a chance to exhibit himself as a sexually mature adult. He is not “Russian Fairy” or “Kitten” - he is Yuri fucking Plisetski, and he will damn well be provocative if he wants to.

“Welcome to the Madness” isn’t some frivolously pornographic fanservice - it’s an actual effort to show Yurio as he sees himself: as an adult, as a sexual human being, as a person with a dark and radical sense of style. It’s his chance to debut himself without having to worry about jumps or scores or adhering to an aesthetic he no longer enjoys (if he ever enjoyed it at all - I can personally see Otabek’s “eyes of a soldier” observation as a hint that, since he was little, Yurio was determined to do what he needed to do to get where he wanted to be, regardless of how he felt about it). Otabek gets to be a part of this because Otabek has always seen Yurio as he is. Yurio was never “fairy” or “kitten” to him, and for somebody that has had to live with that typing because of his looks and his particular abilities, he greatly appreciates that Otabek looks past all of that and sees the truth of Yurio.

I honestly believe that Yurio would be fucking pissed at everybody trying to shame his performance, trying to desexualize him, trying to shove him into the “innocent” box. Ship or don’t ship Otayuri, but recognize that Otabek is, so far, the only person in Yurio’s life that has explicitly stated that he sees Yurio as a mature adult, and admires him for it. Otabek, an 18-year-old, sees Yurio, a 16-year-old, as his peer, his equal, and this is a hugely supportive and healthy aspect of their relationship - not because Otabek is sexualizing Yurio, but because Otabek is allowing Yurio to take control of his image on his own terms, and is supporting him in that endeavor.

“Welcome to the Madness” is a provocative piece, yes, and it’s meant to be. Because Yurio wants to be able to be provocative. But it’s not sexual. That is, as far as we’ve seen of it, nothing about it is euphemistic of sexual acts. He is showing off his body and his flexibility in a way that is sexy, and that’s the point, and he’s allowed to do that. That’s part of bodily autonomy. If you find it arousing, that’s all on you, because the piece wasn’t meant to be titillating fanservice, it was meant to be showcasing a young man taking charge of himself, his body, and his image as a skater. You don’t get to shame the creators for recognizing that a 16-year-old boy deserves bodily autonomy and the right to dress and skate how he wants.

Curiosity Door

Teen Wolf x Stranger Things Crossover
Because I just finished my re-watch of Stranger Things Season 1, and Teen Wolf just finished forever, and I have no self control.

Set between 6a and 6b for Teen Wolf and an undetermined time after Season 1 for Stranger Things.

Stiles is the first to notice the lights flickering. He’s the first because he’s the only one awake, his insomnia striking hard after the Ghost Riders. At first he thinks maybe it’s just the power being shitty again, but then the lights go out entirely. And then he thinks maybe someone’s come around the corner too fast and taken out a power pole, and he should probably be getting to bed anyway, it’s like three in the morning, maybe this is a sign from the universe that he just needs to go to sleep -

But then the lights flicker back on, and off, and on again, in a weird pattern that moves around his room, and Stiles realises that nothing in this town could ever have natural, normal causes.

Carefully, quietly, he gets up from his desk chair and walks across his room. He’s stealthy, he’s like a ninja, he’s an unstoppable force in the night - until he trips over a bag on the floor and crumples, swearing the entire way down.


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why do people reblog gifsets and add tags like “i dont like this couple // i don’t ship this” and then continue to explain why they don’t like the ship/couple..

like y’all if I wanted your opinions i’d ASK

  • me: I'm bored
  • me: *has 1234567890 list of activities, homeworks, and projects all due tomorrow*

Let’s discuss this ship for a minute.

Now, valvert is where the Les Mis fandom seems to be divided (though I think there’s more for than against it), with a lot of people more obsessed with the Amis, and believing that any kind of relationship b/w Javert and Valjean is implausible and/or flat-out gross and OOC.

While I totally sympathize with and understand this view, I think a lot of anti-valvert people are off-put in part simply because they’re never seen it done “correctly” …

long rant/discussion under the cut~

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If you really twisted my arm and made me choose an all-time favorite character, not just from FMA, but from anything, I think I would have to choose Lust.

Her development weaves beautifully with the show’s major arcs; unique, but still so connected to the most central themes of the series in spite of her limited interactions with the protagonists. Her quiet, deeply personal journey of self-discovery and internal philosophizing blows the tired trope of “What makes a human?” out of the water and breathes nuance into it. Hers is an arc of intense self-questioning usually only given to male characters, and it revolves heavily around men without ever subtracting from her own agency in the plot.

But writing is only part of the battle in a TV series, and BONES beautifully sells Lust’s shifting demeanor throughout canon through her expressions and body language alone. Pictured above is basically all of this character’s screentime. Comparatively, there isn’t a whole lot, but none of it is wasted, even though the truly head-turning segments of her arc don’t show until the series is already three-fifths over.

Episodes 1-34

Lust is effectively sold to the audience as the femme-fetale and the puppetmaster. Although there are whispers of a person who is in control of the homunculi, we are never given the impression that Lust has no control over the situation. She hides in the shadows, smirks and muses to herself from a distance, plays coy with the humans. This facade cracks only once: when Edward accuses her of being hungry for nothing but power. It is perhaps the first moment of unguarded emotion we see, and it is over as quickly as it begins, leaving use questioning, leaving us wanting more. 

But we aren’t going to get it for another 12 episodes.

Episodes 35-42

The tumult of her character’s journey. We see Lust through her own unguarded eyes and in her own environment rather than through the eyes of other characters. She’s not just showing up to stir the pot when it’s convenient, anymore. From the viewer’s perspective, she starts to remember her human life, but from an in-universe perspective, this first started happening to her two years ago. Beginning with her ruined reunion with Lujon and concluding with her first betrayal of Dante and the subsequent death of Scar, Lust is exploring. She is answering questions about herself, (Where did she come from?) only to be met with harder ones (Who is she, really?). She confronts the only remaining fragments of her past head-on, and it ends in disaster and a fall from grace with the only party she can call an ally. Played by Dante’s intentionally provoking decisions in Lior and desperate for answers and humanity, she throws away her allegiance to the other sins only to lose the spark of hope and connection to the past she has discovered for herself.

Save for Gluttony’s love and undying trust (Gluttony, whom she left behind to pursue her goals), she is now, effectively, completely alone.

Episodes 43-47

Lust breaks slowly, quietly, and with such grace that she finds meaning even in her measly death on an abandoned factory floor at the hands of a confused child. Her final weeks are like the last, no-holds-barred stand of a dwindled army. In a darkly appropriate full circle, she’s dragged from the desert back to Dante with her head hung in defeat. If there could be one added scene in the series, I would want it to be her capture between 42 and 43. There is so much potential for interaction between her and her fellow homunculi in those off screen moments, but we do get a pretty good idea of how it went down simply from body language. Pride and Sloth are quite pleased with themselves. Gluttony is terrified. 

And Lust is in a state of broken silence that never completely leaves her from this point forward.

There are genuine smiles, now, but they’re sad, weighted, and tired. She has dared to lower her walls a hair, only to have them stripped away and exploited. All she has left is a shaky alliance with the Elrics, and we know how well that goes.

Can there ever be dignity in death? It is a debatable question, but Lust comes damn close to it. She has exhausted every option, explored every feeble opportunity for hope beyond her life as an enslaved homunculus, but the cards were stacked against her from the start. She faces death with her memories of humanity and a gentle smile. It may not be a traditional blaze of glory, but it is a transcendence from all that has caused her suffering in her doomed second life. 

She’s free.

Cloth and Processing

This is going to be long.  This is going to be dense.  Go get food now.

We’re about to hit the ground running and take you through cloth production from sheep to sheets.

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You should have gone to bed before 3am. I’ll fight you. Sleep.


Uhhh hi. I know I should probs be just as active as Mod Mikey but uh,, I have so many school things to worry about. Esp with my AP history class. Oh shit and I’m supposed to be memorizing my lines ahhh fuck. And I have to wRITE MY ESSAY JFC ITS DUE TOMORROW

Anyways, there’s my excuses. I’m super sorry <:’( Ily guys <3

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What kind of naughty stuff does alpha dark like doing to omega anti? bonus points if anti's being fussy or cheeky

//Good question! Once they’ve mated, Anti won’t be able to have anymore children after the first batch? Litter?, since he’s more ‘male’ than female it’d be very tough for him to have more. (He is still a young omega too, he had children at a young age.)

The good thing is his heats stop too! They were a big issue for not only Anti but Host and Wilford too. (In my HC they own Dark and Anti.)

Heats are…very messy and you never know what mood Anti’s gonna be in, sometimes Wilford would see that his furniture has been torn up or Anti’s eaten/torn up Host’s books. They’re very happy they’ve stopped.

That doesn’t mean Anti doesn’t stop feeling aroused, he’s just not up to it as much or isn’t as needy. It’s difficult for Dark to find a good time, sometimes they’ll be play fighting and Alpha might be a bit too frisky with Anti and he’ll have to hiss at him to make Dark stop. Kind of like, 'I am the mother of your children! You must show me respect!’

When they DO find a good time, it’s either slow and passionate or rough, no in between. Dark won’t use his knot as often unless Anti wants him too, usually when things get rough. (Wilford had to install soundproof walls because he was tired of hearing them yowling.)

Most of the time it is gentle as Dark does not want to risk hurting his mate, that frustrates Anti a bit because he’s like, 'What are you waiting for? Do it already!’ So Dark obliges. He finds out Anti likes his neck being bitten and licked, he also likes it when Dark claws at him a bit and strokes the base of his tail.

When it gets a bit rougher, you’ll definitely hear them yowling at each other. (Anti is louder.) There’s claws and biting, even resulting in blood sometimes but never a lot, you know when Dark’s knotted because Anti will yelp.

This was long than expected oml.

crazy person speculates wildly on awkward relationship between people she doesn’t know

Part Two: Sho continues to  be clueless, but suddenly Jun forgives him - rainbows appear, flowers bloom, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria

(via shibito)

Under the cut, see more of my wild speculation and then THE THAWING OF THE ICE AGE HUZZAH!

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i feel so, so dumb right now

i always thought dragonspyre was just putting together “dragon” and “spyre”. (idek what i thought the word spyre was supposed to be i’m dumb ok)

but no it’s “dragons” and “pyre” which is the same as “dragon’s pyre” which is the same as “dragon’s fire”

it took me 5 years to figure this out

going back to school reminds me that i actually really like school. like anxiety aside i love learning and i love homework and doing essays and studying and jfc im a fucking nerd its ridiculous 

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the beginning of last year my group of friends and i were in our scene phase and we all didnt want to be, and i remember in english we'd write band fanfictions for our essays and our teacher loved it jfc all of us are out of the phase besides one omg