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So I’ve finally reached 100 followers. I have no idea how it happened nor what you guys are doing but I’m just glad to have you all around here. It’s been a couple of harsh months and being in Tumblr again after so long made things seem a bit easier for me. So this is a big thank you for every and each one of you who’s still here reading this crap. You’re awesome and I love you.

Now, let’s jump to the fun part! I’ve promised I’d make something special at the 100 followers mark, so let’s do this!

To join our little game, it’s simple: rule n. 01: Reblogs&likes will count. Go ahead, I’ll wait. All good? Let’s move on. Rule n. 02: you have until May 02, 2017 6PM GMT to enter. Plenty of time, huh? Rule n. 03: you don’t need to be following me but that’d be hella nice, yea.

On May 03 I’ll be announcing 3 winners! You guys will be chosen randomly and there are the prizes:

3rd place: a ficlet/oneshot – example
2nd place: a moodboard/aesthetic – example
1st place: a moodboard+oneshot – example

(Any pair or alternative universe, if desired, will be of winner’s choice. Go wild, kiddo.)

Good luck and thank you very much! You guys are great!

Little Muse Things


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WHAT DOES YOUR MUSE SMELL LIKE? The most noticeable scents on Radonis’ person are some perfumes that he taps on his wrists, neck, and behind his ears. He prefers intense, strong, dry fragrances with a certain pungent shade, or fresher, citrusy scents that do not forsake a biting note. Such as spruce fir, bergamot and orange/lemon (stuff that we might call the basic Eau de Cologne), rosemary, mint, amber, labdanum (which has a dense, leather-like scent), cloves, burnt wood, sandalwood and patchouly, nutmeg. It’s a very forward kind of perfumes, they have a presence, though lightened by the citrus and mint and marine notes. Other than that, he’ll smell of soap, very classic and unscented soaps (marseille or plain stuff, basically). There is, then, the scent of clean and/or starched clothes and the sharp sting of lyrium. We’re not gonna mention his time in the legions. The frontlines and camps in Seheron smell like wet jungle, shit, and mud, and tbh he did too.

HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR MUSE BATHE/SHOWER? ANY HABITS? Now with the reminder that his Seheron days are not to be mentioned (he did bathe whenever he could even there, but then it started raining or the fog clung to his skin and… yeah), Radonis bathes once a day or once every two days at the worst. What he does every morning is washing himself with a certain haste but thoroughly, in a smaller tub within his apartments. Considering that there’s magic everywhere and there are fountains that work without plumbings because of said magic, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had also a sort of shower to be extra fast when there’s the need. It takes him fifteen-twenty minutes and then he is free to get ready for morning receptions and other duties. Now, the evening is when he takes the time to go to the palace’s thermae. Long, warm baths with bubbles, shoulder massages, foot massages, possibly a drink and guests. But since he can’t always indulge in that kind of activity, he might simply have his feet washed in warm water and then go to sleep.

DOES YOUR MUSE HAVE ANY TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS? Damn this one is quick. Neither.

ANY BODY MOVEMENT QUIRKS? (E.G. KNEE SHAKES?) Radonis raises his eyebrows like he was born for it. It’s an expression and a movement that is at times somewhat subconscious, a resting raised-eyebrows-face. It’s rather phlegmatic, accompanied by all the politeness of his smile. He is also extremely used to wielding a staff in his left hand most of the time as a symbol of status (and as a weapon), which means that if he has no staff to wield for whatever reason he might still sort of bend his arm at the waist, close to his body, and keep his fingers in a position similar to a very loose fist. 

WHAT DO THEY SLEEP IN? Option a, naked. Option b, in short silky breeches. Option c, he adds a silky or cotton or woolen shirt, possibly with accompanying trousers. The embroidery on these clothes is minimal as well as minimalistic and they are usually in shades of cream and green. If it’s really that cold, the bed will be furnished with a heavier duvet.

WHAT’S THEIR FAVOURITE PIECE OF CLOTHING? Uh… the Ring of the Ferryman? No but really, the ring that represents his rule and office is the only item he never takes off unless he’s bathing (and even then, not always). But, in general, Radonis has a preference for outfits with a rigid and high collar, somewhat structured, with clean lines and leather, but also with an overabundance of cloth so that you could say there’s some drapery and multiple layers. He usually covers most of his skin but in summer, when the heat allows for naked arms and/or shoulders depending on the occasion. A teal outfit with ivory details is one of his favourite and oldest ensemble in his wardrobe. All of them, in true Tevinter fashion, could be considered half armour and half clothing, to different degrees of functionality and protection, and all of them are enchanted. He also really does like riding gear for a trip with a dracolisk.

WHAT DO THEY DO WHEN THEY WAKE UP? His normal routine is fairly simple. Sort of. He wakes up at 6, no later than 7am, or is woken up by his maid. His slave assistant, Flavius, brings him the private correspondence, which Radonis either reads immediately or will have placed on his desk. He pets his cats, then goes to have his quick bath/shower (while Flavius gives him further daily news and/or reads the letters aloud and/or reorganises that day’s schedule), then gets dry with towels and a bathrobe. he chooses the breakfast outfit or is brought the official regalia, depending on how early he must be in the Senate. He gets dressed, sits by the mirror where his beard is styled a bit with some oil and possibly also trimmed at need. He wears kajal and sometimes perfume. He sits by the desk and takes care of the most urgent administrative issues, prepares for the morning’s meetings and for the session of the Magisterium. Leaves his apartments and reaches a private and small dining room where he has breakfast with that morning’s most influential guest. Washes his mouth with peppermint, cleans his teeth with a liquorice stick. Moves to the reception chamber and meets people and petitioners until it’s time to go to the Magisterium. Sometimes he can sleep in (with Urian), and in such cases it’s likely that he’ll be in bed until 9-10am. …Having slaves who help in his routine sure makes it all easier.

HOW DO THEY SLEEP?  POSITION? He sleeps nicely and changes position often. It’s not rare that he’ll wake up in a position other than that in which he fell asleep. Generally he lies on his side or on his belly though, and that doesn’t really change whether he’s alone or has company. But if he has company he likes to use his partner as a pillow or to big-spoon them and hug them from behind.

WHAT DO THEIR HANDS FEEL LIKE? Elegant like a nobleman’s, neat, with clean fingers, clean and trimmed nails. The palms, however, have some minor calluses because of the constant staff-wielding and there is a sort of echo of his time in the cavalry legions — like a couple of barely visible scars. The back of them is sun-touched and his wrists perfumed.

IF YOU KISSED THEM, WHAT WOULD THEY USUALLY TASTE LIKE? Likely peppermint and slightly of liquorice from what he uses to freshen his breath and clean his mouth and teeth. And idk, depends on what you eat if you just finished lunch or dinner too. Maybe tea during the afternoon? He likes his tea.


#tidappreciationweek17: day four ≡ favourite platonic relationship

“I cannot leave you to face death alone,” Will whispered, but he knew he was beaten; the sands of his will had run out.
Jem touched the parabatai rune on his shoulder, through the thin material of his nightshirt. “I am not alone,” he said. “Wherever we are, we are as one.”


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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teachers who lie
  • Teacher: It's mental illness awareness week! We need to work harder and support all our struggling students and recognize when students are mentally ill
  • Me, someone with adhd: *is struggling*
  • Teacher: Why don't you ever do your homework!? How could you not understand this? I've explained it three times!!!! You need to try harder 😠
Basically me when I enter a Fandom
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *entering a fandom*<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh no.. Here we go again..<p/><b>My mind:</b> I came, saw and shipped<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

S t r a n g e L i t t l e G i r l s –> a Janstar fanmix

listen to it here (x)

(in case u can’t read the track list)

  1. Sleepover-Hayley Kiyoko
  2. Kiss Me-Sixpence None the Richer
  3. I Miss You-Blink 182
  4. Lovesong-Adele
  5. I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers
  6. Drove Me Wild-Tegan & Sara
  7. Strangle Little Girl-Tori Amos
  8. Us-Regina Spektor
  9. Girls Like Girls-Hayley Kiyoko
  10. Shooting Star-Owl City
  11. Who We Are-Allison Weiss
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand-T.V. Carpio