jfc the eyes

But, I mean… you guys…

Iain MacKelpie tho

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Like, I just can.not.even. 

IMO, the hottest character Martin has played to date. I’m a sucker for the FreeScruff and the rogue swoop and that Scottish accent 🔥🔥🔥


my heart just did about 1 million flips 💞 

I… I’d do anything for you, Diana……

God, this was SO fun to make even if it took like 5 days ahaha… You can open it in a new tab to see the details.

Steven Yeun is really really hot and deserves to be a leading man. Enough with the Chris Evans Pratt Pine Hemsworthlesses.

Look at him.

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The pretty please bit in s3 kills me for obvious reasons, but I'm always sent tumbling into imagining how Hannibal is so fucking doomed bc all Will has to do is bat those baby blues at him and Hannibal will give him anything he wants

Hannibal is absolutely doomed by how much he loves Will. I mean, he did just sort of let go and allow Will to attempt to kill him at the end of season 3. Boy’s got it so bad he thought his only way out mid-season 3 was to eat that which he loved most. Will Graham is the deadliest thing Hannibal has ever known. 

But UGH that moment where Will says please is just EVERYTHING. I mean yes, it’s definitely fair to assume that Hannibal is going to do anything Will wants him to at this point, but also??? Hannibal asking Will to say please was more like Hannibal asking Will to put on a show. He knew it was performative, and Will knew it was performative, and Will knew that Hannibal knew that he knew and??? Hannibal was, as always, being Hannibal, with a big heaping side of Murder Husbands foreplay, and I will never be the same again tbh.

Anyway here nonny I made these just for you…


hair and skin brighter than my future tbqh