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“We’re all playing under the same conditions. Focus. If you lose focus, they’ll punish you. Stay focused!”

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut iโ€™m literally about to recommend 54 blogsโ€ฆwooow.

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Jealousy (idk what to call this lol)

Request: Dang I’m late but can you do a cute Philip x Reader where he gets jealous? Thank youu

Warnings: none

Tags: non

Notes: man i suck at writing about people being jealous lmao but i got you my dude (psst- it’s a modern au too but like,,, it’s kinda obvious)



A lot of things are associated with that word; the color yellow*, fofos*, heck; it’s even a deadly sin*. Overall, being jealous is not a good thing.


Wish you would tell that to Mr. Philip Hamilton over here, glaring at others that hung out with you or showed any kind of affection towards you. Of course, you noticed nothing at all; seeing all these acts of affection and love as acts of friendship and care. But of course, Philip could not see it as that at all.

It all started when Philip realized an important smidge of information about you: he had a crush on you.

A really bad one.

So it’s no wonder why every time he sees you with someone that wasn’t him, he gets this feeling of…hatred towards the person.

He never planned to be like this, but he was just a shy boy who wanted to ask you out.

Was that too much to ask?


Philip was lying around in his room, playing some lame nerd game on his phone that some dude introduced to him a while ago. As he was playing, he dropped his phone on his face as he received a text from you. He shouted in surprise as the tiny box thing hit his face. He sat up and rubbed the spot where the device hit him before seeing what the text was about. He almost dropped his phone on the floor as he read what you sent him.

From: (Y/N)

hey yo dude- you wanna get some food later? all my friends are gone and i’m lonely :(

He audibly wheezed as he read over the message over and over again. You, the person he had a crush on, was asking him, some lame boy who didn’t know how to confess to you, to get food.


Philip scrambled to his phone again to see what you sent this time.

From: (Y/N)

haha whoops forget to add this-

i was gonna go get food now

His eyes widened as he read the word “now”. He quickly texted you a “yes sure where should I pick you up?” and ran to look for something decent to wear and found nothing. He cursed the gods for preventing him from doing his best. He quickly went through his roommate’s things and put together something nice. He scribbled a apology for borrowing their clothes without notice and left it on the bed. He grabbed his phone, car keys, and wallet before rushing out the door and to your house.

When he arrived, he parked the car and got out. He was just a tad bit nervous, but he managed to get to your door just fine. He pulled out his phone and quickly texted you before knocking.

To: (Y/N)

Hey- i’m outside your door :)

He waited for a couple minutes before he heard the doorknob turn to be opened. He was greeted with you face; something he could never get out of his head. Your eyes brightened when you saw Philip at your door.

“Ah hey- welcome! But uh…” You furrowed your brows in confusion before looking back up at him. “What’re you doing here?” Philip was now confused.

“You said you wanted to get food-” You squinted in confusion before cursing under your breath.

“That must’ve been Theo- she took my phone earlier and-” Philip waved to shush you.

“No no it’s fine- still wanna get food?” He asked hesitantly, giving you a shy look like. You nodded and a wave of relief washed over him.

“Yeah sure- I’ll go change. Go ahead and come inside; make yourself comfortable.” he nodded before walking in and taking a seat on your couch. You quickly ran upstairs to change. During this time, Philip looked around at the living room and found a couple of pictures of you and others. Seeing those pictures made that feeling of jealousy rise up again, but he kept it on the down low. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly turned to face you, a smile gracing his features when he saw you. He got up and walked out the house with you to his car.

Soon enough, the two of you went out to get some food and now you were walking back to his car; hands entwined. He didn’t mean for it to happen- it just did. He had his head turned away so you couldn’t see the red on his face from him being flustered. You just grinned happily, not minding the hand holding. Soon enough, you spotted a classmate of yours and you waved him over. Philip blinked before turning to face you again and was met with another person. Philip’s smile turned into a scowl as he realized who this person was. It was George Eacker.

“Hamilton.” George hissed out. Philip sighed.

“Eacker.” You blinked.

“You two know each other?” Philip and George nodded, the hatred for each other not leaving their eyes.

“So what’re you doing here with my (Y/N)?” George angrily breathed out and Philip felt himself grow angry at hearing that my.

“Excuse me- she’s not yours.” George scoffed.

“She’s not yours either.”

“Uh hey guys-”

“Not now, (Y/N).” George dismissively said, pushing you back. That was crossing the line for Philip. Philip grabbed your hand yet again and stormed off but not before throwing some sick insults and profanities (he learned that from his dad :) ) at George.

Once Philip got far enough away from George, you crossed your arms at him. Philip still had a angry aura around him, but he pouted slightly when he saw that you had that look on you face.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Don’t you ‘what was what’ me, mister.”

“It was nothing.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“…he pushed you.” You sighed before rubbing your temples.

“He’s like that Philip.”

“But you didn’t deserve to be pushed!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine Phi-” A thought crossed your mind. You stared him down. Philip looked away, coughing nervously.

“Were you jealous?” He coughed out a “wha- no-” and you moved closer to him and he began rambling.

“YesIwasjealousbutit’sonlybecauseIreallyreallyreallyreallylikeyouandandand-” You held up a hand for him to stop. You heard something in there that made everything click together.

“You like me.” Philip’s hand flew to cover his mouth.

“Did I really just say that-” His voice a bit muffled from behind his hand. You nodded. He paled and you laughed. Philip moved his hand away from his mouth and gave you a questioning look.

“So you like me-” You stated once again. He covered his face in embarrassment.

“Stop bringing that up-” You placed a hand on his shoulder and he peeked at you from behind his hands.

“That’s too bad-” you hummed, rocking back and forth on your heels. 

“Because I like you t-” You never finished that sentence as you were smothered in his arms in a bear hug.





“Philip. I need to breathe-” His eyes widened before letting you go so you could catch your breath.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend-” His eyes brightened. “On one condition.” He blinks confusedly an urges you to go on with his eyes.

“If you give me a kis-” And there he goes- he leaned down to kissed your lips mid sentence. Your eyes widened in surprise before pulling away. You cursed yourself internally; you asked for this. He smirked at you and you wheezed on the inside.

“Hey you look pretty hot in your frocks- how about we go back to my house and strip down to ou-”



*yellow is actually the color associated with jealousy, not green (idk i read it on Yahoo Answers lmao)

*fofo is a type of yellow flower that is also associated with jealousy (again, Yahoo Answers)

*Jealousy is a synonym for Envy, one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The other ones are: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Sloth.


Wow hey I finally finished this
I had like…no idea what to write for this
This is harder than I thought like
How do people coughTayah+Finnycough write so much like jfc

mm headcanons - painting your bedrooms

//i just painted my own bedroom white and i couldnโ€™t stop thinking about this?? whoops - also i use Sevenโ€™s real name and thereโ€™s swearing in his section//


  • his mom probably made him help when they were ever painting a room in their house.
  • he knows what to do but isnโ€™t really that good at lining the molding or spreading the paint evenly so he just leaves that to you
  • heโ€™s the dj
  • he puts slathers a bunch of paint on and then you smooth it out w a roller
  • he goes to cut the top of the wall but isnโ€™t tall enough on his own so he uses a lil step stool
  • afterwards, even though he didnโ€™t do too much, heโ€™s got paint literally EVERYWHERE. itโ€™s on his t-shirt (yoosung looks really good in that t shirt too btw), his shorts, his hair, and even his socks but?? he wasnโ€™t wearing any socks??
  • โ€œMC i think im getting the hang of this!!โ€
  • โ€œsorry to burst your bubble, but i can see patches of beige (letโ€™s say youโ€™re painting a beige room green??โ€
  • โ€œhehโ€ฆ wellโ€ฆ thatโ€™s why youโ€™re here i guessโ€
  • โ€œand not because we live together?? and youโ€™re my boyfriend??โ€ jfc yoosung

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“We went on the roof in order to resolve the live concert idea, because it was much simpler than going anywhere else; also nobody had ever done that, so it would be interesting to see what happened when we started playing up there. It was a nice little social study.
We set up a camera in the Apple reception area, behind a window so nobody could see it, and we filmed people coming in. The police and everybody came in saying, ‘You can’t do that! You’ve got to stop.‘”

-George Harrison.



also i had a bunch of new screen tones i wanted to try and a whole damn lot of free time so yay some pretty simple stuff (open them in a new tab to properly see them as usual yes thank you) I’ve got another three or four sketches but maybe those im going to color I dont know have these for now


mayuzumi-san no egao #2 (what, you think i’ll stop doing these things)

nebuya keeps shouting MUSCLE MUSCLE!!! and hayakawa keeps speaking gibberish (its really cute tbh he’s so pumped up for training) and even tho its funny it is really distracting practice, our Cool Senpais™ cannot concentrates.

M: “what are they saying…”
K: “something about ‘muscle muscle’ huh… well hayakawa can’t say 'ra-ri-ru-re-ro’ so…”
M: “…haa?” (holy shit i laughed so hard during this….why tf do you look THAT offended mayuyu jfc control your face)
M: “yeah well, 'muscle’ is the only thing that guy (nebuya) can say.”
K: “is that so.. well, shall we begin training too?”
M: “…yeah.”

mayuzumi smiled twice this game is truly a gift

Tagged by: @thekatthatspurple (thanks bud I hope ur day isn’t as boring as mine lmao)

-Relationship status: Taken :p

-Favourite color: A gray blue (something like #94B5C0)

-Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

-Last song I listend to: Ghost Rule by DECO*27 (the Merry Kohaku cover tho ‘cause those are some strong vocals for an utau jfc)

-Last movie watched: Star Wars Rogue One. It hurt my heart but I loved it.

-Top favourite TV shows: (at the moment,) Boku no Hero Academia, Nanbaka, Osomatsu-san, and Over The Garden Wall

-Top three characters: Katsuki Bakugo (Boku no Hero Academia), Frederick Chopin (Classicaloid), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny)

-Top three ships: Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100) x happiness, Katsuki Bakugo x peace and rest, and N (Pokémon) x love and support

-What are you currently reading/rereading: nothing really?? I don’t have the attention span to just sit down and look for something to read lmao

Tagging: idk, whoever?? Just do it if you feel like it and say I tagged you or somethin.


i love to suffer

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i hope you don't mind but i'm pretty new to colouring and paint tool sai, can i ask how you colour erza's hair since it is a gray in the manga? ? ? ? thank you ! sorry if you already have a tutorial i am a new follower ^-^ kinda

To be honest, depending on the result I want/my mood, I have different ways of coloring Erza’s hair

1) you can do this thing, but it can be quite troublesome - click

2) OR you can do this thing [that’s what I do most of the time because I’m too lazy to redraw it all the time]:

∟ k, so we have Erza here, but without any hair color yet.  If you make the lineart transparent [here is how you do it] you can simply put colors under it.

∟  Put the base color of the hair on a new layer under the lineart .It will look like this - slightly grayish, but don’t worry, it will even come in handy later.

∟ then you can use some darker color to shade it. Make a new layer above the base color layer, set it to multiply and, well… shade it a little. Or you can simply work on the base layer and use a brush that blends with the base color.

∟ then switch back to the lineart layer and erase some parts from it. It will end up looking like highlights.

∟ make a new layer above the lineart, set it to Luminosity/Addition and using a Marker/Brush tool draw some more highlights. To make the hair more interesting, use a yellowish/beige color to do it [at least for Erza].

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can we please get a riarkle head cannon for them raising their daughter

  • mmkay so with Penny they start college when she’s, like, 8 months old
  • So there’s a lot of carefully planned out juggling of responsibilities there
  • Well on Riley’s end anyway lmao she always makes up detailed game plans and Farkle just always forgets something it makes her so mad
  • He always messes up what time he’s supposed to pick her up from daycare or he forgets to buy the right brand of diapers, he may have accidentally taken his daughter to class a few times
  • Riley’s just exasperated every time because jfc Farkle I made a color coded list and schedule of everything you need to do this week it’s so simple do you need me to fucking alphabetize it or something
  • But for the most part, for the first couple months they’re fine. They manage to keep the kid alive, well fed and in good health so they’re like ‘ayyyyye we aren’t awful at this parenting while in school thing’
  • But then she like, starts walking and talking and stuff
  • And they’re like….shit. This is a person. We have to like. Teach her stuff
  • So now they’re like fUCK WE AREN’T ADULTS WHAT and Farkle’s taking out a bunch of parenting books even though he probably already read them when Riley was pregnant
  • And Riley’s freaking out and researching every single teenage parent statistic ever recorded so they know what they need to avoid because she will not be a statistic God damn it
  • Penny’s official first word was ‘Maya’ (can you guess which God parent coached her into that?). Riley found it hilarious but Farkle called Maya at like 3 in the morning yelling “THIS IS SO RUDE”
  • Once she starts walking-walking, not like toddling walking, they take her to the playground every free moment they have
  • By 'every free moment’ I mean they’ll be on the playground with her and a textbook for whatever class they need to study
  • They both read out loud when they’re hyper focused on studying so Penny’s always parroting random equations or science-y terms or political terms and they just think it’s the cutest thing
  • “Oh our kid can eat solid food now we better take gourmet cooking classes to make sure she always eats healthy”
  • Of course when they’re all out together they usually get at least one judge-y look from Older Parents
  • It really bothers Riley but she doesn’t want Penny to pick up on that so she bottles it up
  • Farkle’s just ready to fight everyone tbh he’s like “today after 12 hours of work I managed to bathe and feed my daughter while doing complicated math problems at the SAME TIME and then I HEALED her stomach bug through SHEER WILL POWER so do you really wanna shoot me that look, bitchy mom on the playground??? Where tf’s your husband??? I AM SUPER DAD HEAR ME FUCKING ROAR”
  • Like listen Farkle’s so aggressive about this subject it’s hilarious
  • Riley signs her up for any and all community actives/sports teams she can to help her be more social
  • Penny’s just as super-genius smart as Farkle so she starts school like a year early
  • And holy shit when she starts school
  • Like Riley would go to pick her up and all the judging moms would be shooting her looks and condescendingly bringing up her age if she tried to talk to them
  • And while it still bothers her now she’s just fucking pissed
  • So she becomes like. The most aggressive PTA mom ever 
  • Highkey that woman who makes sure she’s in charge of organizing everything and if someone steps out of line she’ll roast them into oblivion
  • The mom’s all hate her but the Teacher thinks she’s a saint and even the bitches gotta admit they’d probably get very little done without her
  • Makes sure she has dirt on all the other parents so if someone pisses her off she can just be like “It’s okay you’re acting like such a bitch right now, Sharon, I’d be upset too if my husband was fucking our dentist”
  • “Deborah, we all know your baking skills have gone down hill since Craig ran off with your brother, that’s why I offered to bake the muffins in the first place, honey!”
  • “Barbra, maybe if you stopped hitting the happy juice once in a while you’d know when the meeting started!”
  • Like holy shit she’s so passive aggressive about everything, but simultaneously so actually aggressive, and every time she gets worked up like that Farkle’s like “wtf who even are you” but he knows it just her way of blowing off steam from having to deal with all the young parents stigma
  • Either way she rules the PTA and all other parent related committees with an Iron Fist while simultaneously finishing up her masters degree so like “fuck off Susan my brownies are better and we both know Penny can and will kick Braelynn’s ass in the spelling bee”
  • Farkle Minkus still not understanding or caring about sports but showing up to all of Penny’s soccer games with a homemade flag
  • Whenever they help Penny through a particularly hard problem, like fighting with friends or something like that, they’re super proud of themselves and high five afterwards lmao
  • They firmly believe in letting her dress however the fuck she wants unless they’re going to an explicitly formal event, so more often than not Penny’s running around in galaxy leggings and rainbow tutus paired with long cardigans omfg she’s so cute
  • Farkle tries so hard to figure out how to do girls hair and it’s always horrible omfg
  • Penny will ask him to do a simple ponytail and he’ll spend 20 horrific minutes trying his best before he gives up and asks Riley for help and she’ll literally have Penny in a French braid in the time it takes him to blink lmao
  • Penny loves cuddling up to Riley when she’s trying to type out something for class/work and reading along with whatever she’s working on so this kid knows a lot more about astrophysics than most lol
  • 'Farkle’s shoulders’ are her fav form of transportation awwwww
  • They’ve got a scale model of the solar system hanging on her ceiling
  • They just like. refuse to let their kid have any self esteem issues omg they go above and beyond to build her up and make sure she’s aware of how great she is but also stress you can love yourself without being stuck up like they’re on top of that issue
  • They do get the occasional date nights but a lot of nights on the town they have Penny with them
  • And some people are like “Omg hire a babysitter don’t you get tired???? Why do you always have your daughter with you?”
  • And Riley and Farkle are like???? Because we like her????
  • like they definitely aren’t the type of parents that talk down to the kids you feel me
  • Occasionally vetos and approves their fashion choices if they’re dressing up for some event lmao
  • “Yeah we could listen to the Wiggles CD for this entire 3 hour care ride or I could put on an Alt Rock station and teach her about real music!”
  • Penny helped Farkle plan his proposal to Riley it was super cute
  • They’re both always so torn between “wow our kid is awesome” and “what the FUCK STOP GROWING UP SO FAST GO TO YOUR ROOM YOU’RE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU STOP AGING”
  • riarkle ahhhh kill me

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What are your fav taohun gifs if you could only pick a few? :3

This is difficult because I usually don’t really pick favs for this..

I definitely really like THESE here^^ I explained it HERE why XD

this one here:

I really need to fix the gif set it belongs to.. jfc..

those here:

[gif set]

another one would probably be this:

External image

[gif set]

Reason for that: it made incredibly happy that day to see that they really get along well because I always hoped that they get along^^ I just had the feeling that it would fit and I was sooooo right XD

Tao squeezing Sehun’s little finger during My Lady!!!

[gif set]

another set I need to fix the coloring of.. XD anyway..

One of the greatest moments ever… Tao basically asking Sehun if it’s okay what he is about to do XD

[gif set]


also this one obviously:

[gif set]

the caption is self-explanatory XD

and this super cute moment which kinda hurts because this happened during “Promise”..

[gif set]

and before anyone doesn’t read my tags again: Sehun was not looking at Tao but the way he looks and smiles at the end shows that he realized Tao was staring at him! XD

And obviously.. the ISAC BACK HUG!! (and HERE bc Sehun’s happy face when he could let himself fall into Tao’s arms^^)

honorable mentions:

holding hands in the dark

staring at Sehun with so much love I felt like I watched something really private

the thirst is real

the thirst is real 2

greeting the in-laws

Choosing just a few is hard so this is what I chose.. mostly my own gifs but that’s mostly because of the moments displayed and because I don’t use other people’s gifs!^^ There are probably many more but those are the ones I immediately thought about.. mostly XD