jfc the best show


“Property gets frozen in dispute, so you fill it with tenants. The kind of tenants who don’t ask too many questions. Keep the rent low, so no one asks for a contract, then you stand back and you watch them flourish, with their iPads and their smartphones and their widescreen TVs. And then you harvest them. All of your stuff will be on sale in a pub in Ordsall by 12 o'clock and there is nothing you can do about it.”


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

  • Simon: baz bitch, i know you're plotting something. you've been writing in that notebook all day. so what is it, huh? an elaborate plan for my downfall?
  • Baz: jfc snow leave me alone
  • Simon: hell to the no you best show me what's in that notebook
  • Baz: SNOW go away it's nothing
  • Simon: *grabs notebook* alright, let's see what this plan of yours is
  • Simon:
  • Baz:
  • Simon: you just wrote BP + SS inside a heart a bunch of times...
  • Baz:
  • Simon: rest assured, i WILL decode the meaning of this evil plan! your days of plotting against me are oVER spazilton bitch. OVER.
  • Baz: *faints*

thesilvertophat  asked:

You talked about how Frisk responds to Farris dating Sans, how does Papyrus feel about it?

super supportive! he’s hoping they’ll make him get off his lazy butt more often.

as long as they s t a y  g o o d