jfc stop hating on them

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i respect your argument that you don't want tina and newt to adopt, but realistically, why wouldn't tina want to adopt? she was orphaned as well. most likely adopted by a family member. why would she be unwilling to adopt a child who had been put into a similar position to herself? have you thought that through?

Why wouldn’t Tina be open to adopting if she was probably adopted after her parents died?? Just a thought lol

but tina was an orphan herself, right? i know you’ve made your stance on this really clear, but i do think it’s a bit… disjointed, if you will, for tina to be so unopen to adoption when she knows firsthand what that feels like. because she and queenie raised each other and i know they were probably taken in (or even adopted) by another family member. i don’t know, that’s just my thoughts on it. sorry people are being arses…

I don’t know if I should be honoured or depressed that my unpublished fanfiction is coursing such discourse.

She might just not WANT to adopt, you know. Just because she herself was an oprhan, doesn’t mean she’s going to want to adopt. You could even argue that she may have had a bad experience in the adoption/foster care system and so doesn’t really want to be a part of that again.

To add, Tina is a career woman - I honestly don’t think she would put her whole life on hold to deal with the time it takes to adopt, the paerpwork etc. , THE FUCKING EXTRA TIME NEEDED TO BOND.

I’m sorry, it’s just how I feel.

Merlin, I’m sorry, but I’m getting sick of it. PLEASE stop sending me messages like this. I know you are trying to be respectful, but please respect that it’s MY headcanon, MY opinion.

To conclude:

  • Tina might just not WANT to adopt - it is not for everyone. In my fic, she makes it plain that she’s not going to leave Newt because of his inability to have children, and that should they not be able to have a child together then FINE, that’s perfectly fine, she’s not that fucking desperate.
  • “I want our child” - not an uncommon thing to want when you’re in love with someone.
  • She may have had a bad experience with adoption/fostering as a child, been treated badly in the system or something, and so she might decide “no, I don’t want to be a part of that”
  • She’s perfectly content with just Newt and their creatures and being an auntie to her sister’s babies.

I am aware that I’m being aggressive but I’m sick of this to be honest. I just don’t tink they would choose to adopt - that’s my opinion and my headcanon, please respect it. Adoption is not some magical pixie-infested land where everything is lovely and great - it can go horribly wrong, it’s complicated, and some people might just NOT WANT TO ADOPT.

If it bothers you that much, then you’re not obliged to read the fucking fic at all. I have seen another Newtina infertility fic where they didn’t adopt and NO ONE complained about that.

I have a friend on here who I had a similar conversation with earlier, and if they would like to reblog and add to this then they know who they are.

Shipping Discourse

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s about the whole shipping discourse. I get it, you’re trying to help. I understand and I’m sure you’re hearts in the right place. However I’m sure there’s a more calmer and positive way to go about things. Im saying this for shippers as well. When youre calling people “pedophiles, child molesters, and abuse apologists etch etc” you don’t know who is behind that screen.

It may not seem like it, but words take toll on a person. You can only hear things oh so many times before you start to believe it. And while that may seem positive for you, it isnt for who ever is reading you’re anon messages or call out post.

I know that you want to help, I understand and I appreciate you’re efforts. However you’re most likely doing more harm than good. You want to protect minors, but you end up hurting a lot more than you’re protecting.

Me, for example. I shipped RickMorty. A well known and most likely hated ship. When I first started shipping it, I ignored all anti post and messages. Whatever, I knew the ship was bad but who cares. Reading more and more posts through the rickmorty tag I started to question myself. Maybe, just maybe I shouldnt ship it. I’m gross for liking it, I’m disgusting, I thought. That thought pattern went on for a month. I still continue to ship it now, however me seeing anti shit in tags caused something in me. I cant look at other kids my age anymore. I’m 14 damnit. I’m supposed to have crushes and think my fellow classmates are cute but I can’t. I just can’t. I look at someone in my class and say “wow she/he is cute, i should talk to them” However immediately after that I scold myself. “Stop being disgusting, they’re like 14/13” And it’s hilarious because Im the same fucking age. And maybe, just maybe tumblr, if you went at things like civilized adults and spoke to people calmly and with respect, maybe kids like me wouldn’t have this problem.

Maybe instead of automatically calling everyone pedophiles and child molesters you could simply explain to them why they shouldn’t ship whatever. If they disagree so be it. Block and ignore. Instead of taking the hostile route, you could speak to whoever is behind the screen like a human. These people who just so happen to ship something problematic is just as human as you and me. And when you send those death threats, and suicide baits and hate. You never fucking know what could possibly go through their mind when they read your simple three worded message.

Fight back when provoked, but never attack on sight. Because your words hurt, and can have bad affects on whoever’s behind the screen. Just keep that in mind.