jfc no one likes you styles

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what do you think of a lot of the su criticism going around? i'm kinda tired of it myself, and while some had good points, i think the majority are overblown, and i wanna hear from someone else who actually likes su

hhh i’ve tried to hold my pettiness about this trend…. but i’ll do one post, because i’m the worst and can’t contain myself.

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ok but the funny thing about styles that are "simple" or "easy to replicate" is that people make them out to be bad? like y'all realize that animators get PAID to draw pictures consistently in ONE STYLE. having a cartoony/cute/"simple" style isn't bad. in fact if you ever go into making shows/cartoons, they'll prob ask you to simplify your style anyway?? plus most of y'all w ""tumblr"" styles are minors jfc ppl need to get better hobbies than bullying kids on the internet

papa bless u,,,

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Why do they all look like they belong in a 90's educational rap video

Be grateful they didn’t go 80s-style

(You can thank @jamesgunn‘s awesome post HERE for this one)


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idk what kyman is but if it's that bad i don't wanna associate with people who ship it what fandom is it from

okay, so let me tell you about ky///man,,, like sure it comes from a fucked up fandom anyway (sp) but the thing about THIS ship its abusive. like really fucking abusive. cartman is anti semitic and calls kyle (who’s jewish) slurs all the time, like literally if there an episode in which he doesnt call kyle a jew in a bad way its a weird episode, he talks bad about kyles religion and constantly picks on him, dresses up as hitler and idolizes him and the nazi culture, forms his parties to destroy all the jewish people, and forces kyle to do awful and disgusting things with him, sexually harassed kyle (making imagination!kyle suck his balls in imagination land when kyle didnt want to and have everyone watch) and fart on his face and gave him aids and … theres literally a really really long list on why this ship is the most disgusting ship.

like, there are a LOT of disgusting ships around. like, i really hate rey/lo or jess/killgrave, but my hate for ky//man is just stronger. u wanna know why? because for, lets take rey/lo as an example, 90% of the fandom agrees its a fucked up ship. we all know its awful, theres just a small part of the fandom who ships it and the rest of the 90% just downwards knows its a horrible ship and talks about why its a bad ship.

let us take ky/man tho, its like, ,… i dont knOW 30-35% of the fandom ships it? maybe even more??? who knows. its a really damn popular ship. and people write fics like world war ii AUs??? which is just downright disgusting. and the thing is, when .e.g somebody calls out a rey/lo shipper, its not much they can do right. but nah the ky/man shippers ,,, dude they have like a fucking army behind them  and are like “let people ship what they ship!!!” and i have read so many ugly ass headcanons for this ship and form this fandom (like,,, imagine kyle being fucked by hitler uwuu) ????, and actually DEFEND the ship. as in saying its not abusive… honey,, nineteen seasons proof nineteen seASONS i could make a list of why this ship is disgusting and wrong and you would sit here until tomorrow

also the things that i hear as excuses like, “okay but ky/man isnt abusive, style is because of stans alcohol problem” okay but consider this: stan and kyle are childhood best friends?? whats wrong with one person of a ship having depression and alcohol problems? are you saying alcoholics arent allowed to be in a relationship jfc.. or things like “ky/man isnt abusive, creek is” like? okay, dude, honey, bruh, creek had two fights but those were just a fight…. no like i need much more time to describe why that is so wrong…

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Im asking all the ziams blogs this favor, i want you to put YOUR TOP 20 ziam moments (10 fetus /10 recently) with a gif is enough,well it will be like a xmas present for me thanks:)x

HEKC YEAH THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!! im so excited omfg *how recent is /recent/ tho bc im just going to go with 2013** OKAY here goes!!


10: visibly checking out eachothers asses when asked to twerk

9: zayn giving liam a rose (x2* can this only count as one pls)

8: the twister gangsta tweet

7: saying in an interview they’re wearing matching ‘i love you’ bracelets (x)

6: liam carrying zayn bridal style

5: playfighting/wrestling in Amsterdam more like amster-frickiN-DAMN tbh that was some hot shit

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Do you have any clexa fanfic suggestions??

Off the top of my head, anon, here are some of my absolute favorites!

S3 Canon Compliant/Canon Divergent/Fix Its

  • I have lost my pain by thrace - An exploration of the City of Light, artificial intelligence storyline without Lexa effing dying. It’s ongoing and is basically my new S3 canon.

  • maybe they will sing for us tomorrow by @dontholdthiswarinside - A super cute Clexa reincarnation story. This was posted like a day after I had written about wanting to see reincarnation on The 100, Gall Force style. So obvs the heavens opened up and the fanfic gods blessed me. hahahahaha

  • An Education by @danger-eux - This story GAVE ME LIFE. It’s written by one of my favorite authors/human beings and is so sweet and so amazing. You will smile the entire time you read this!

Post S2 Canon Compliant/Canon Divergent

  • this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by @chrmdpoet - I feel like everyone probably already knows about this story, but it’s one of my all time favorites. I love the pacing, the writing, the romance. JFC. A+++

  • Rise Into Ruin by @denchlikejudi - This story is basically everything I wanted in S3. Really stays true to the dark, gritty world of canon while developing Clarke and Lexa’s relationship. Without spoiling anything, Clarke’s decision in the story regarding the Ice Queen and Lexa made me squeal.

  • Within Me An Invincible Summer by thrace - Clarke and Lexa finding their way back to each other years later after the Grounders and Skaikru achieve peace, with flashbacks to how Clarke grudgingly forgives Lexa after Mt. Weather.

Alternate Universe

Pretty much everything by @coeurdastronaute. But if I had to pick my favorites from her extensive collection, they would be:

  • The Terminal - Bomb-disposal expert Lexa and Doctor Clarke have a chance meeting during a layover and fall in love right before Lexa is deployed overseas for a year. It kind of reminds me of a romantic version of The Hurt Locker. And as strange as that may sound, it works. The story doesn’t shy away from Lexa’s PTSD and I loved reading about how Lexa and Clarke persevere through the ups and downs.

  • FtWD - The ultimate Elyza Lex/Lexark fic, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Emergency Room - Single mom Lexa and Doctor Clarke. It’s cute, okay!? Hits me right in the mom feels too.

  • Greencard - Marriage for immigration purposes. As a former immigration lawyer, this should make me cringe. But I freakin’ love it. So sue me!

Silly Blue Costume by @theahhamoment - Superman AU. I’m too much of a comic book geek and this was too adorable.

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Omg mini blurb it! If you feel it like I do, do it. What baking with with harry fucking styles leads to. Just the idea of the dress bunched up and the way he'd move your panties aside absolutely ruins me. Just that alone. Jfc you can literally kill me to the point of insanity I'm gonna need a straight jacket I love you and don't like you at the same time. P.s I'm rereading your one shots no fucking joke I can't take this it's like I have no choice

(hahaha thank you!!)

There’s something so insanely attractive about Harry hovering in the kitchen with you, smudged with flour, hair tied back in that cute half ponytail and his hands busy with a bowl and hand mixer. When he had found you pulling out mixing bowls and measuring spoons, he’d immediately asked if he could bake with you, and he’s been his usual sweet and silly self, yet attentive and surprisingly adept at following your instructions. And seeing him lick brownie batter from his thumb, winking at you when you come by with the pan to pour it in, makes you feel hot under the collar and not just from the oven preheating behind you.

“Baking is fun. I can see why you like it,” he tells you, leaning back against the counter and watching you pop the pan into the oven. 

“It isn’t always fun. It can get tedious.” You turn and smile at the way he’s looking at you, arms crossed over his chest. “But it can be fun when you’re with the right people.” You go to him and rise on your toes to kiss him, leaning your chest against his. He smirks, one hand rising to swipe a bit of chocolate from your cheek.

“Am I the right person?” Instead of wiping the chocolate away completely, he drags his finger down the side of your neck and leans in to lick it off with slow licks. Your eyes flutter closed.

“You’re always the right person…” Harry’s teasing licks turn into shiver-inducing kisses and then tiny suckles that make you mewl into his ear and cling to him. With a smoothness not rarely seen in his lanky body, he switches your positions so your back is against the counter and his hands are pushing your dress up to your waist to reveal your tiny bright panties. Finally satisfied with the mark he’s left on your neck, he leans back and watches his own fingertips trace the hem of them. The grin he shoots at you is absolutely sinful right before he pushes the fabric aside like it’s nothing, and then his fingers delve into you.

The smell baking fudge brownies is in your nose, and the soft ticking of your kitchen timer is barely heard in your ears as Harry’s fingers expertly stroke you from the inside and his thumb plays with your clit. He kisses your jaw, your neck and shoulder where the strap of your dress has slid down, and grinds his growing bulge into your hip. You whimper his name, fingers caught in his hair and in his shirt, begging him without words until he finds the right spot inside you and rubs at it without mercy at the same time that he grinds the heel of his palm into your clit, and you cum with a shaky shout.


The timer goes off and Harry’s mouth curves in a satisfied grin around his fingers as he sucks your juices from them.

“Brownies are done.”

Okay but when Silver finds out that they have signed his name as ‘Long John Silver’ you just know this little shit is going to steer every conversation so that he can make at least 3 dick jokes.

Like maybe one day Flint calls Silver a “little prick” and Silver is all like “Captain. I assure you that, much like my memory, my prick is anything but short.”

(And Flint probably just short circuits for 0.3453247 seconds. Because HE. CANNOT. FUCKINg. FLIRT. TO. SAVE. HIS. LIFE. (Jfc his style of flirting is staring at his hands, which won’t stop fricking moving they might as well have a life of their own or smiling at you for 10+ years) how the hell is he supposed to respond to blatant flirting?!?)

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Omg pls share some of your riarkle headcannons!!!

screaming thank you sm I don’t want to just post random bullet points without being asked

Okay since you didn’t ask for a *specific* headcannon and I was talking about that Riley-stealing-Farkle’s-clothes one earlier imm just do that

  • It starts innocently enough in 9th grade after Riley didn’t check the weather and was freezing to death one late October afternoon
  • So Farkle just lends her that little denim/hoodie thing he has because it’s warm and he’s a good friend
  • “Yeah just give it back to me tomorrow or whatever. I don’t need you somehow managing to get hypothermia in Autumn”
  •  Next day he climbs through her window to study with her or some shit and she’s just sitting on her bed
  • Staring at him
  • Still wearing his jacket, arms crossed protectively
  • “Farkle Minkus, if you think you are ever getting this jacket back you are sorely mistaken.”
  • And he just rolls his eyes in relief because she had such a grave and serious expression on her face he was literally expecting her to tell him that someone had died
  • So he lets her keep it (bc he’s rich and it’s one jacket and she clearly really likes it so what’s the harm?) but every time she enters a room wearing it after that, he goes out of his way to roll his eyes at her or make a joke about it
  • We’ve reached December and Farkle got so swamped with school and family related stress that he just totally forgot it was her birthday and didn’t get her a present. So to make up for it they’re stargazing at the planetarium on his ceiling because Riley has become even more of a space hoe
  • Riley actually thinks indoor stargazing with take out Chinese food and cuddling with him and his cats is a great birthday present but she refuses to give Farkle a sense of satisfaction and jokes about him forgetting her birthday all night
  • At some point he goes downstairs for some reason so she gets up to look around and holy shit his room is a mess there are clothes everywhere. She finds his NASA shirt hanging off a tv screen. How did it get there? Why was it left there? How long was it there for? She is filled with so much judgment
  • But when she picks it up she notices the fabric is hella soft and it doesn’t smell rancid like she was expecting, just like normal-Farkle-scent, so she stuffs it in her bag on impulse and the poor boy doesn’t even notice
  • That is until she shows up to school wearing it (under his jacket too) and he’s like???? Riley what the hell??? But she insists that it’s her shirt that she bought and absolutely did not steal from him
  • “Really you just happened to buy the same shirt I own in my exact size but for yourself? “Y u p”
  • So he lets it slide- like he knows it’s his fucking shirt but he finds her denial to be adorable so what’s the harm??
  • The next morning, he wakes up to find three more shirts missing from his room
  • In place of where they were was three orange roses
  • He’s confused but when he shows up at school Riley’s wearing one of them and he’s like “What the fuck???? How did you even get in my house???” and she’s like “I have no idea what you mean Farkle I just bought some new shirts for myself I’M A TEENAGE GIRL WE EXPERIMENT WITH STYLE ALOT” and he’s like “Riley I wore that shirt yesterday” but she still denies she stole them from him
  • Maya’s laughing hysterically at the exchange
  • Night 3: Farkle double checks all entrances into his house are locked tight AND the security system is set before he goes to bed
  • When he wakes up, 5 of his shirts are missing, and oddly enough, the ninja costume he wore that past Halloween. Orange roses lay in their place
  • Shows up to school to see Riley, surprise surprise, wearing one of his shirts and he’s like “Honestly woman why are you doing this to me”
  • “No idea what you’re talking about, Farkle.”
  • “How are you even getting in my house??? What’s with the roses???”
  • But she doesn’t answer and this continues on for mONTHS
  • It doesn’t happen every single night though, and she starts stealing more that just his shirts too
  • Like one day he asks her about it and she’s like “you have NO PROOF I stole anything” and he’s like “RILEY YOUR ENTIRE OUTFIT TODAY USED TO BELONG TO ME”
  • She’s wearing his jacket, shirt, beanie, jeans that are clearly much to big for her being held up by a ridiculously tight belt, and even his shoes
  • “Those are my boots! I’m like four shoe sizes bigger than you how are you not walking out of them?”
  • “Farkle Minkus for the last time you have absolutely no proof these are yours! However, theoretically, if someone was very determined it probably wouldn’t be that hard to stuff them to fill the extra space…”
  • And he’s just standing there staring at her thinking to himself “Goddamn this girl is completely insane why am I so in love with her
  • This whole thing goes on for so long that it gets to the point where Farkle lowkey starts questioning his sanity like “maybe she isn’t stealing my clothes. maybe someone else is. maybe nothings been stolen at all and I’m just stressed and I’ve been hallucinating the past 5 months.”
  • But every time Riley denies an accusation, no matter how believable her voice is, she always ends the confrontation by giving him a little shit-eating grin and that smile assures him of his sanity and fuels his determination
  • Also Maya and Zay seem like they’re in on it from the way they laugh every time it’s brought up
  • So one day Farkle’s like “two can play at this game” and climbs up her fire escape at 2 in the morning, bouquet orange roses in hand(he’s still confused about them) with a solid plan in his mind about how he’s gonna get all his clothes back and get out without waking her up. He’s sure of this plan. He’s the master of this plan. He is unstoppable.
  • He fucking trips coming in the Bay Window and face plants on her floor.
  • She’s awake in a second like “Oh my God Farkle what are you doing here are you okay???” and he just mumbles into the carpet “LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE” because he’s so embarrassed
  • She just starts laughing hysterically and grabs the bouquet out of his hands and he stands up and starts brushing himself off and he turns to see what he even tripped on and
  • This girl had set a fucking trip wire at her window
  • She was anticipating his break in. She was a step a head of him. He turns to look at her, stuttering in shock and she just smirks and says “You’re really gonna have to try harder than that.” before shoving him out the window.
  • In almost a decade of friendship he has never seen Riley Matthews smirk like that and he really doesn’t wanna admit to himself that he found it pretty hot
  • So now Farkle has pretty much accepted that he can never defeat her but he still wants answers because like??? His dad is a billionaire??? If one 15 year old girl can break into his house anyone can. He’s really concerned.
  • (Little does he know that Stuart gave both Riley and Maya keys and the security system code in case of an emergency lmao)
  • Okay and then one day Farkle and Lucas are just chilling, playing videos games or whatever and Lucas is like “Does Riley seem different to you?” and Farkle’s like “what do you mean?” and Lucas is like “I don’t know something just feels a little off. Has she been dressing differently lately maybe? Or maybe she got a haircut?”
  • And Farkle is just staring at him because jfc Lucas it’s May and Riley has given up her old style and worn literally nothing but Farkle’s clothes for six months now how are you just noticing
  • So after explaining this whole weird game he’s somehow caught in to Lucas, Lucas agrees that he should be concerned about people breaking into his house and says he’ll *subtly* talk to Riley after school the next day. Farkle’s not expecting much to come of it tbh
  • So Lucas is waiting for her to grab her stuff out of her locker bc Maya’s in detention for a paint bomb and Farkle and Zay have later clubs so he’s driving her home. And he’s all “I’ve been meaning to ask you about your new wardrobe lately” and this bitch is leaning on the lockers trying to look all cool and casual and Riley just slams her locker door shut and she’s like “Really??? Is Farkle trying to use you for Intel or something??? I’m not admitting to anything.”
  • “He just wants to know how you’re breaking his security code, Riley.” “I have ways, Lucas” “I’m sure Mr. Minkus would be pissed if he found out about this.” “Please, if I was breaking into their house by finding a bug in the security system, Mr. Minkus would congratulate me and buy me a personal bunny farm out of pride.” “…Okay that’s probably true.”
  • “Okay but why do you keep stealing Farkle’s clothes??? I won’t tell him, I’m just curious!”
  • “Are you honestly trying to tell me that this outfit doesn’t look better on me?”
  • And Lucas just looks her up and down and is like “FAIR POINT” bc damn Riley really is rocking the look
  • End of the year exams are approaching so Farkle’s all over the place cramming bc of all the AP and honors course he’s taking
  • It’s 4 in the morning- the latest he’s ever stayed up- and he’s awake struggling to knock out an English paper that is worth 90% of his final grade when suddenly his door opens up and in slinks Riley Matthews
  • Orange Rose bouquet in one hand
  • Dressed in his fucking ninja Halloween costume
  • And she jumps when she sees him awake bc she clearly wasn’t expecting him to be. And they just stare at each other for a long moment. Like it drags on so much longer than it should. Both of their faces completely blank and unreadable and neither wants to break eye contact first.
  • And finally Riley just says in a super casual voice “So, do you think you could help me with my thesis for that English paper?”
  • And Farkle just fucking loses it, falling out of his chair from laughing so hard and she quickly joins him bc even though she started the whole thing she has to admit it’s a ridiculous situation
  • They cannot stop laughing for the longest fucking time and when they finally do they just end up laying on his floor looking at the planetarium ceiling
  • Farkle can’t even bring himself to ask her for an explanation because every time he opens his mouth he starts laughing again. He eventually falls asleep to the sound of her giggling.
  • When he wakes up, she’s gone, and he almost wonders if he dreamt the whole thing. But there’s a flower crown made out of orange roses placed around his head and he has the biggest grin on his face when he wears it to school, his grin only getting wider when Riley innocently asks where he got it and acts like last night didn’t happen.
  • He’s completely in love with a madwoman  
twenty years from now...
  • Me: So sweetie do you want ham or cheese on your--
  • Radio: Alright you old Directioners--
  • Me: oH MY GOD!
  • Daughter: Not again...
  • Radio: Here's a classic for you. This is, Little things.
  • Me: Turn the volume up.
  • Daughter: Oh shit...
  • Radio: "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me..."
  • Daughter: Mum, please stop. Get of the floor please! jfc
  • Husband: What is going on here? Why is your mum on the-- Oh hey, i'm on the radio.
I was bored

yes i got very carried away

yes it is very long

yes you will be unstable by the end

yes larry is real

ok we’ll jump right in..


this wasn’t necessary louiS

you can see they are trying hard not to smile

but they are failing

but did they forget there are 3 other members of one direction??

now i can’t see through bodies but im sure louis pushed poor zayn’s hand off harry???

like i sad i can’t see through bodies

where do I even begin with this?????


louis was being a little shit haha

well it was obvious they were singing to each other bc they were looking at each other the whole time and lets not forget lyric changes???

now take this how you will but idk if he was joking or not but yeah idrk

we can hope and pray he was telling the truth

i think louis thouched harry’s thigh??? bUT HARRY’S FACE AFTER JC


so you should watch this interview if you haven’t already bc i think they are talking about more than mario????(especially if you pay attention to the others’ reactions ha)

did you really need to move your hand loweR???

i dont even want to talk about this

i told you i got carried away, didn’t i oops

well im pretty unstable hbu?

i dont need to say anything


there was no need






ahh yes

more thigh touching





i cant breathe


why aren’t they allowed t hold hands bc it is so obvious they are dying to


now i really need to talk about this because louis does the sign for ‘beau/lover’

and then harry just touches wear louis just touched bc he feels loved

and then



lets move on to some whispering

louis actually smooths harry’s cheek and cups his face??/?

like harry was just going to put his hand up

but louis wanted to be cute and loving i

louis is literally squirming

i would give up my parents life savings to know what he was saying

WARNING: the next couple gifs are very upsetting

they put their heads down the same time ((mirroring))

they were asked the same sort of question..

louis looks at harry

harry looks at louis

they all look sad

i am sad

apparently they kissed heRE???

it really looks like it 

louis deffinetly puts his hands around harry

the rest is unclear Sigh

ok imma talk about how awkward louis looks with this girl (i lAUGHed)

it may be bc she is a fan

or may be bc he is gay


just something for you to think about

(he looks so cute) but lets not forget about the day harry couldn’t sit down bc paiN 


now lets finish off with my fAVE larry moment

(prepare yourself)

so they both look at each other the same time

and harry is already smirking

then so does louis







um this took me like 3 hours to make?? oops.

Sooo recently i suppose you could say that I’ve been having some really bad and strange depressionish mood swing like things and idk but I had a sorta cute idea based on other posts I’ve seen around and w/e so here goes nothing

I printed off a Heckie ton of star paper, and they’re all like super cute designs like

Super cute abstracts n some pokemon and look a vocaloid themed style too omg so cute (I want some kagepro themed ones and I might make some later tbh because i need more kagepro in my life)

and so, whoever reblogs this I will take your url like so

(I spelt my own url wrong at the end jfc omg)

And I’ll fold it all up into a cute mini star and put it into this cute lil bag that I carry around with me

and whenever I’m really upset, I will unravel the star and send you a inbox msg saying thank you because you reblogged this whatever and it sorta showed you cared or w/e and it will probs make me really happy too n stuff. So yeee,

TL;DR reblog and i’ll make you a cute star and eventually thank you for your time u v u

Have  a good day \(^▽^@)ノ


LAUGHING SO HARD OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Larry shippers need to chill ! Do you even know how many pictures HARRY posted of niall ? Like the topless one a few months ago or the vines ??? Or Harry’s obsession with niall in general ??
​how can you say Larry is real even though they denied it hundred times and see how Harry loses his chill around niall ??

sex w/calum would include:


-leaving hickies on his collarbones

-spanking maybe?

-raspy, morning vOICE OML

-lazy sex

-doggy style probz

-him calling you babygirl

-probably a lot of blowjobs

-him praising you for how good you’re sucking him off


-not letting you cum at times

-”admit i’m the best bass player.”

-”calum ur the only bass player i know. now let me cum please”

-cuddling after rough/gentle sex :’)

since lots of ppl kept liking my last one w/luke, i decided to do another. i’ll do michael and ashton later on. especially since its like 11 at night, and i got school. so, let’s see how many notes this gets, and we’ll see when i get home. love u all xx :-)


So I tried comics-ish style for my Elsaba this time. Took a while tho lol :3

Inspired by:


Title:To Live Is To Learn To Fly
Characters: Elsa, Elphaba
Rating: G
Word Count:
Notes: This is… a thing forarniearns16. I don’t generally write stuff like this but hey, it’s just one drabble. Why not!

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dedicated to: elphiethedelirious & nievereina

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I love how Studio Deen was able to scatter around background black characters but refused to colour an african island with a mainly black population as such. And that was a sarcastic "love" by the way...



Like seriously, if you read the work that comes from Himaruya himself it’s much better since his African nations look actually African (Despite Cameron not even showing up in canon gdi) 

And like characters like Spain and Portugal are actually lightly tanned and not default studio seen color (seriously, every character had the same skin it was weird af) 




I’m really fucking glad the animated show improved their art style though. I mean now the characters look a little more normal and they’ve got the color right for the characters 

Like you have to admit 

But jfc that previous art was just horrible man 

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yeah.. because... you totally own the semi realisic painting style right... no one else can do that... or they're copying!!!! how dare people!!! I've seen people who have never even heard of you be accused of stealing your style, like jfc

You misunderstood, some people that I’ve seen DO copy my art style, they use my brushes, my techniques, my textures. People send me asks asking HOW to copy my art style, dude in art It happens & it doesn’t bother me. However, that thing that went around where random anons were jumping at other artist, who half was people who never even heard of me, and the other was young artist who had just started posting, is bullshit, and something I’ve never supported.