jfc look at her

  • Mother, attempting to take phone away: Get off your phone, I ne-
  • Mother: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Mother: Well make sure they wear condoms because they can still get diseases.
  • Me: ... O-Okay, mom...

y'all i shit you not i was just in a conference with an incredibly high level commissioner for the city, like this lady deadass worked for the supreme court and took time out of her day to meet with us, and instead of paying attention to her my colleague (also super impressive, accomplished, brilliant, etc.) is literally on ao3 reading stucky fanfic under the table!!!????!!! ?? ? oh my god?????? don’t let anyone tell u fandom is not for adults i’m crying this is some next level trash

concept: a female character wearing flowery shirts and blouses and soft cardigans, armed with a gun or a sword or a bow, kicking ass and taking names and not letting anyone tell her what to do or who to be.

This is a thing that can and does happen. I don’t know why the stereotype of soft and flowery = feminine = weak is still a thing.

Star Wars came out in 1977 and featured a female character who wore a flowing white dress and was physically tiny and spent the entire movie defying the bad guy and ordering the good guys around. That was 40 years ago. Come on. Get with the times.


Top 20 Alex/Norma Moments | 6. Alexander Romero bringing back Norma’s car

(as voted by the Normero Fandom)

+ bonus


OK let me take a moment to talk about how good Amara La Negra looks with these platinum blonde crotchet braids please????

Like….jfc!! LOOK. AT. HER.

But still you got people hating because she’s Dark-Skinned wearing such a bright color, comparing her to a mop. They mad af xDD I bet the mop they compared her to is the same one they used to clean their envious ass tears up off the floor and drool from their man’s mouth as she walks by.