jfc it's so obvious

tw finale theory since everyone is still trying to figure out how stiles managed to get the jeep when I’m pretty sure it’s obvious: Malia drove Scott to meet Deucalion in her car. Meanwhile Stiles rocks up back in BH and goes to the mccall house only to find out no ones home. Having seen the jeep in the driveway he takes the keys and tracks scott via phone gps.

Guileless son,
I’ll shape your belief
And you’ll always know that your father’s a thief
And you won’t understand the cause of your grief
But you’ll always follow the voices beneath

mathieu bellamont

panic attacks suck because by the time you realize you’re having one, it’s already too late. like yeah you can follow your doctor’s advice and maybe possibly get calmed down a little faster, but the damage is done, and then afterwards you feel shaky and sore and dizzy and tired and you just have to carry on like normal even though everyone can tell that you are Not Okay

So I’ve been obsessed with ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap ever since our Hazza got the lyrics tattooed on his arm and I was introduced to the song. 

But recently I realized…. I had no idea what the fuck Dougy Mandagi was even saying most of the time.

I mean, I knew it pertained to Larry in some way, but I wanted to know how.

So, I looked up the words. Ok, great. But what the hell do they mean?

Sooooo….. I went on lyricinterpretations.com because I was too fucking lazy to figure it out myself. 

And I found this as the most accurate interpretation:

“One of the main messages in the song Sweet Disposition is that you should not only live in the moment, but share it with someone else as well. The song is written as if it would be about a couple, by lines like "a moment, a love/ a dream, a laugh/ a kiss, a cry/ our rights, our wrongs (won’t stop till it’s over)”. I think that this is about people in love because all the things in the previous verse could be things connected to being in a couple. The first verse in the song, “Sweet Disposition/ never too soon/ oh reckless abandon/ like no one’s/ watching you”, is talking about being alone like someone left them. The choruse which is, “Just stay there/ cause I’ll be comin over/ and while our bloods still young/ it’s so young/ it runs/ and we won’t stop till it’s over/ won’t stop to surrender” is talking about how they’re young and they won’t give up until it’s over. Overall, the song is about a couple in love who is fighting to be together and they won’t give up.“

Please excuse me while I cry myself into oblivion. 

This was written by a non-Larry shipper, guys. And he pretty much explained their relationship WORD FOR FUCKING WORD.

This interpretation was posted on September 23rd, 2010. One Direction was only two months old, to the day. There’s no possible way it was written by a shipper.

'Overall the song is about a couple in love who is fighting to be together and they won’t give up’

If you still don’t think that Larry is real after Harry got the lyrics to THIS song permanently inked onto his body, I honestly am ashamed of your existence.