jfc i love this song so much

lil things i love about firebringer

this accidentally became rly long. lmao sorry

• molag’s turtle shell shoulder pads

• when they go to use a modern-day idiom but they stop halfway through because a word in the idiom wasn’t a word yet (“i don’t wanna be around when the shit hits the … i don’t even know what”)

• tiblyn bowing down and dancing & stuff with her arms still in the air

• “keeri JUST invented dancing”

• EMBERLY’S HAIR that must have taken forever to brush out

• chorn can only SAY chorn but it can SING other words

• “it’s not yet been scientifically proven how big the turtle we live on top of really is”

• jemilla’s freakout when she finds out the duck isn’t a god

• keeri just fucken gnawing on a rock in the background

• meredith cutting off the band to change them to another musical theme

• keeri copying zazzalil’s movements


• at the end of welcome to the stone age “chorn!” “ha, yes!”

• “it’s happening!!” “what a lion is befriending a little baby pig and now they’re hanging out ??”

• schwoopsie’s squirrel tie and dandelion microphone

• emberly’s really frantic body motions all the time she literally can’t calm down

• “you know how sometimes there’ll be a pack of coyotes feasting on a rabbit, and there’s one small coyote who’s being kept from the meal?” “yeah,” “I’m like the rabbit”


• ducker’s face when tiblyn puts her arms down and the sky doesn’t fall

• “she is the spirit of the river! i know this because i saw her standing by a river once”

• “don’t be mean to lauren!”

• smelly balls dancing alone onstage at the beginning of the night belongs to snarl

• sexual tension between keeri and zazzalil JESUS



• the “light that flame” sequence

• the one guy in the band who has two vital lines in the show “time is frozen now” and “did you see that spark upon the wall”

• when smelly balls looks at the flame and says “what is that, a man?”

• in the night belongs to us when jemilla sings “I” while the tribe sings “we”

• choreography in climate change omg omg

• lauren’s super sassy flirty dancing throughout the whole show

• keeri’s supreme love of animals

• jemilla & zazzalil’s two completely different reactions to clark wrapping his arms around them

• “it’s grunt to see you too, grant!!”

• the slide noise when grunt holds up his self portrait

• when grunt asks emberly if he can paint her and it’s the most pure thing in the whole world wtf

• emberly’s lil dance in paint me aw

• “we TRUSTED YOU ZAZZALIL!!!” “who the fuck are you?”

• chorn & smelly balls brotp for life

• “emberly, you just shat out a fire.”

• “well, well, well, look who was wrong!!!”

• clark preaching from the band

• the whole song “together” jfc sorry it’s so gay & pure and i love everything about it

• ba-dum ch everytime schwoopsie says her own name

• when they’re petting snarl and the band starts playing the night belongs to snarl but in a major key

• snarl saying “tell my wife trunkell i love her” as he dies

• chorn’s weird body suit

• how much do u wanna bet they were having a “who can make the ugliest face” contest when chorn taps their foreheads. lauren & brian won


• those high notes jamie hits in chorn!!! get it!!!

• jemilla’s line “they need you as much as me” which could be interpreted as “they need you as much as they need me” or “they need you as much as i need you”

• jemilla & zazzalil proposing at the same time and then ducker marrying them seconds later

Why don’t more people talk about Will Connolly’s solo albums ? I swear they’re so calming and really nice to listen to when you’re sad or tired or smth and why aren’t more people talking about this ? Like yeah, his work on bmc was great and all but these albums are SUCH a different vibe and I love it so much and please go listen to his solo albums

GOT7: walking in on you dancing to “Magnetic”

the dance practice for Magnetic always cracks me up because I see BamBam’s outfit and his hair and I just can’t deal with it

But Jinyoung’s moonwalk !!! why does no one ever talk about it 

also I want to apologize for how meme this got idk how to explain it I just went nuts


a/n: my favorite gif of him just look how fluff he is I’m gonna scream

Mark would know something was up when he heard “Magnetic” blaring from the other room and would probably think you were trying to prank him or something, awh. When he tentatively opened the door to see you throwing yourself around to the rhythm, he’d lose his shit because not only is this hilarious, it’s also really really cute oh my god. When you asked him to join you, he’d gladly oblige, jumping around the room and totally disregarding the original choreography 


Jaebum would be surprised to walk in on you… dancing… to one of his songs and, like Mark, would think it was really adorable. You wouldn’t have to ask him to dance with you, because he’d just sort of start jamming right then and there. I think he’d try to teach you some of the original choreography, teasing you about how much you love the song the whole time. Oh, on that note, he’d tease the crap out of you for this incident, but whenever “Magnetic” came on from that point on, he’d smile and remember and feel all fluffy inside


Jfc Jackson would have so much fun with this. When he caught you dancing, he’d start screaming and cheering you on, calling himself your fanboy and asking for your autograph jfc why so extra tho. Of course he’ll dance when you ask him to, but would probably be even more extra than you, exaggerating his every movement beyond what you thought was humanly possible. He’d probably stray from that at some point, though, and try to act as sexy as possible to make you fawn over him don’t do it girl


Jinyoung would act like he was annoyed with you at first, but you’d be able to tell he was joking around. He’d watch you for a few minutes, a small smile on his face because wow he loves you a lot, you dork. He wouldn’t dance unless you asked him at least five times, though. But when he did, I get the feeling he’d go hard. You’d be one of the lucky few on this planet to see Jinyoung get lit af. I’m very jealous


Youngjae is here for this, okay. He’d think you were absolutely adorable when you were jumping around all happy to one of his songs and would have the most joyful expression on his face as he joined you, taking your hand and spinning you around the room. Having an extra af dance session with this boy would be very cute and would probably involve at least three dance competitions filled with the worst dancing the two of you could manage


Did you say extra??? BamBam lives for extra. He would laugh and make fun of you when he first walked in on you dancing, but would think it was really cute anyway that doesn’t mean he’s not videotaping this tho. When you asked him to dance with you, you better expect some dabbing because that’s his thing, it’s his life. After that, I can see him attempting to teach you the choreography, but he wouldn’t be very great at explaining all the steps, so you would both just sort of descend into a dab-filled hell


Ok, so Yugyeom, like BamBam, would tease you mercilessly for this, but of course he thinks you’re adorable because moments like this are his favorite part of relationships. That said, he will do one of two things when you ask him to dance with you: either he will be absolutely ridiculous and dab the whole time omg no or he will dance seriously and try to impress you

oneofthemillionarmy  asked:

can you introduce me to b.a.p. and their music please? share with me your top five favorite songs, introduce me to the members, and a video of them that you love to watch :)

Members: (oldest to youngest)


  • such a caring leader (the way he just silently takes care of the members makes me all soft)
  • honestly if you have a hard time picking out his face just look to the face that the very deep whale voice came from
  • his vlives in bed are so boyfriend GOD BLESS

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  • definition of a visual tbvh (he literally looks like a model istg)
  • he needs love and protection pls protect him
  • is known to be blunt and a sav
  • his personality can come off as strong at first but in no time you’ll see just how much he cares for babyz and the members

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  • A FUCKING SINNAMON BUN (during a recent vlive he literally exposed his body and had the AUDACITY to act all cute after)
  • the most luscious lips ever lIKE HOLY SHIT also probably the easiest way for you to identify him
  • has an amazing vocal range his high notes are life
  • he loves BABYz so much

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  • ok he literally looks like a teddy bear he’s so cute, probs why him and daehyun are bffs and cause my death but that’s not the point (admin k)
  • idk he reminds me of the sun? but he’s a traitor don’t trust him just look at what he does to b.a.p in their one shot m/v (JFC ADMIN K DON’T SPOIL THE DAMN MV)

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  • looks cute and like he’s a sweetheart but he’s a lowkey savage ok he betrayed b.a.p watch their skydive m/v (STOP SPOILING)
  • has cheekbones that can cut 
  • he has a really nice butt
  • he’s an amazing dancer

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Zelo (Junhong):

  • honestly you’ll be stuck between wanting to protect this tol smol and wanting to fight his rude ass
  • an actual giant
  • also very quiet and shy he’s a bean
  • search zelo tattoo…you can thank us later
  • great dancer despite his height

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Favorite Songs:

  1. 1004(Angel) (my absolute favourite out of all their songs I love it so much you don’t understand)
  2. Entire Rose Album: Dystopia, Wake Me Up, Diamond 4 Ya (THERE’S ONLY 3 SONGS BUT IT’S A MASTERPIECE AND SAVED US OK)
  3. Badman (this shit makes me feel badass af)
  4. Excuse Me (ZELO’S LTE RAP you better be ready to…”get down” im actually a loser bye)
  5. One Shot (this song is just- if you plan on getting into bap you have to listen to this AND IT’S A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE MUST WATCH)
  6. JUST LISTEN TO THIS (you’re welcome)

Favorite MVs:

Wake Me Up 

One Shot and Skydive a.k.a B.A.P being snakes

Favourite Videos Of Them:

Reaction to reaction videos about them(they’re short!):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Weekly Idol (this episode was wild idek)

Extreme Dilemma Discussion (they’re so smiley in this i cry)

*There’s a whole series of videos on youtube dedicated to reasons to love bap just search “Why We Love BAP”*

Fun Facts:

  • the bffs are by age group so: yongguk+himchan. daehyun+youngjae, jongup+zelo
  • a lot of their music deals with social issues so defs check out their translations
  • if you’re wondering about the bunnies (a.k.a Matokis)… basically B.A.P are aliens sent from planet B1A4AP224 to take over the universe and use the screams of their fans as a source of energy pls don’t ask us why just learn to accept it
  • they’ve been through a lot together (slave contracts, a lawsuit, mental health issues) and they need more love tbvh they love BABYz so much
  • they’re supposedly having a comeback in the summer nfpcwinare

so in conclusion:




Yep Day6 did it once again, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m still not over how can I say and now I SMILE IS THE SONG OF THE MONTH ITS A BOP I LOVE IT SO MUCH I LOVE DAY6 APPRECIATE REAL TALENT APPRECIATE AMAZING VOCALS APPRECIATE VISUALS AND STAN DAY6

Thoughts on the concept songs performances

ok so it usually takes me a while to process the performances, and also I wanted to rewatch them again while writing this, so a bit late but I wanted to share my thoughts on the performances~ Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree with me, but remember that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion ^^

ok so overall I really loved all of the songs and I think that all of the boys did really really well! Oh and I didn’t watch the full episode btw, only the performances uploaded to youtube ^^

Oh Little Girl - except for Jihoon and Jinyoung, all of them are in my top11, so I’m already a bit biased towards them. The song itself was cute, the performance was adorable and I really love them so much ;-;
Can we just talk for a second about how beautiful Minki is? Because I’m having flashbacks to 2012 when Nu’est debuted and I thought he was one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen (so much that I never bothered getting to know the other members until now lmfao oops).
My precious Sewoon and Gunhee did so well on this performance, I love them both so much and I hope at least one of them ends in the final group ;;;;;
Also, sidenote, I had no idea Jihoon was a rapper???? I’m not sure if I’m completely out of the loop and he’s been a rapper all along or if he only took this position for this song, but he’s actually kinda good?? I feel so confused.
(btw did Hyungseob even have any lines at all? lmfao he basically did nothing other than being cute oh gosh but he’s still so adorable)

Never - ok so let me start by saying that I’m a Universe (Pentagon’s fandom) so this was the song I was most excited for, mostly because HuiDawn wrote and produced it lol. And it really didn’t disappoint me at all! It’s such a good song and the boys did it justice!
Jaehwan is such a good vocalist, I really hope he can make it to the final group because he’ll be such a great addition to the group! His voice really reminded me of Hui in some parts, or maybe I imagined it because I know he wrote it lol but either way he was really good and from what I’ve heard he got a lot of praise from Triple H on his highnote? which makes me super happy ;-;
The performance in general was just amazing, and Woojin did so well considering how much he was suffering before they performed, and I just hope he’s doing better now ;; It saddens me that he had to perform in his condition but I understand why he did, and he was great considering everything! I’m proud of him <3

Knock - oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Performance wise, it was probably the best one. The vampire-ish concept, the mood, their clothes and make up, everything. The song in itself is good too. All in all it was a really deserved win and I can’t wait to see them on mcd next week!!!!
Daniel pretty much stole the whole performance, even though Yungguk was the center it didn’t really seem like it lol. But maybe that’s also because I’m biased towards Daniel since he’s one of my favorites? (also it’s funny that he basically got this song as a penalty but in the end it worked for the best for him l o l)
And Kenta. JFC why does this boy not have more popularity are people blind or something??????? Yes I’m biased af because now that Jung Jung is out of the show Kenta is my no.1 but still ??????????????? da fuck. how. why. LOOK AT HIM LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL AND CHARISMATIC HE IS AND HE’S DOING SO WELL AND I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH I’M SO EMOTIONAL
tbh I could talk about each and every one of them so I’ll try to do it short - Dongho was so amazing jfc his vocals are perfect in this song and just. wow. Haknyeon was really good, from what I saw on twitter he was really struggling and Dongho helped him a lot? And he was really good in the end! Youngmin was amazing and I hope this really helps him silence the antis because he doesn’t deserve this kavfndpjadovni Seonho did really really well on this too wow I was really bitter about him this entire time because he’s not as good as some of the others who are less popular than him and I still don’t think he’s ready to debut, but he improved so so so so so so so much and I’m proud of him! And as for Youngguk - ok so I just realized now that he looks like a tiny wearwolf and now I need an AU of this lol ok bye (no but really he’s so precious and even though Daniel totally stole the show on this one he was still really good as a center!)

Show Time - ok so as far as the song goes, this one was probably my favorite, and the performance in general I think was probably my second favorite after Knock! I just love these cute and bright concepts and I think that everyone fit it so well! 
I really hope Samuel finally gets the recognition he deserves, because this boy is seriously amazing and it saddens me how much Koreans are sleeping on him. From what I’ve seen he did pretty well on the on-site voting so let’s hope he did even better at the online votes!
Also… Jisung what. How. Wow. I love this man so much and I’m a bit confused because when did he turn into a rapper he wasn’t a rapper before but he’s so good????? also his chemistry with Sanggyun (who I’m really warming up to, I’m not a fan of ToppDogg but he’s so precious I can’t help it) and just ;;;;;;;;; I really hope Jisung ends up in the final group because I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH
also I just realized that before the dance break Jisung was dancing the girls’ pick me lol he’s so adorable I can’t
And baby Woojin looked so mature in this like ??? he’s still a baby but idk he grew up so much on this show I’m a proud mother ;;

I know you know - THE UNDERDOGS!!! ok so personally this was my least favorite song, but the performance was good and the boys all did so well and I’m really sad that they got such a low score :( They deserved way more than that ;; And I’m really worried for some of them now, especially Taedong, Donghan and Yehyun (who I have a soft spot for because he’s from Snuper’s company and they’re my underrated babies) and just ;;;;; I hope they’ll get more votes on the online voting, but I’m kinda preparing myself for at least half of them to be eliminated.. ;;
But can we talk about HYUNBIN’S RAP OH MY GOD the boy did such a huge mistake not taking the rap position last mission vafkdnjpvadoi I mean I loved him in downpour and it’s good he’s trying new things but why did it take so long to hear him do actual rap because he’s really good at that and wow??????
(sidenote, Moonbok’s hair looked PERFECT I’m jealous lol and it’s such a big improvement from the horrible braids he had last time, and the highlights at the tips wow whoever did his hair this time did such a good job!)

ok so! This was longer than I expected tbh but hopefully you enjoyed reading :) I’m always down to talking about produce so hmu if you wanna talk!
I’m not emotionally ready for the next elimination and I’m REALLY not prepared for the last episode ;; I’m excited to see who the final group will be but I’m so stressed about it kavfdnjpnovdis

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Ok, so. I have a bunch of friends who are huge disney nerds, and who have a tendency to ship some very weird pairings. So they told me, the history and psychology nerd, to come up with reasons why various ships would/would not work. The pairin they gave me was Tina (from Princess and the Frog) and Mulan. Oh my GOD was this a pain in the ass for so many reasons.
1. I know more about ancient Egyptian history than ancient Chinese, so I had to go digging for the information on that. The original story of Hua (Fa) Mulan dates back to 386 AD, at which time China was under the rule of the Wei imperial dynasty. Now, homosexuality was not outright taboo in Imperial China, but most of the stories I found were about men, so I’m not sure if the inequality between the sexes at the time would have applied.
2. The Disney version of the fairy tale The Frog Princess takes place in New Orleans sometime after WWII as far as I can tell. It’s definitely pre-civil rights movement, or in the very early stages. So there would be several major issues the women would face: racism, sexism, and homophobia being the big three.

(This isn’t even touching on the fifteen centuries difference between their lifetimes JFC.)

3. Now, personality-wise, I think it could work. Both Mulan and Tina are intelligent, courageous, and incredibly stubborn. In the song ‘Girl Worth Fighting For,’ Mulan states that she would prefer “A girl who’s got a brain, and always speaks her mind”. Tina certainly fits that bill fairly well.
4. Mulan’s family plays a much larger role in her story than Tina’s does, and I would like to believe they’d be reasonably accepting if their daughter declared she was in love with another woman. So there’s that.
Overall, if the timeline differences were shoved aside, I think the ship would sail. Any comments/additions would be welcome.

“ Why do you even like him? He’s so ugly and looks boring.”
  • First of all how dare u
  • He was the first one to join BTS
  • Hes the reason BTS even happend
  • If you bias Jungkook then thank Namjoon
  • Jungkook joined the group thanks to him
  • IQ of 148 m8
  • Have you heard his voice?
  • His relationship with GOT7 Jackson Wang
  • He still looks handsome with radiant pink hair wtf
  • He composed 21 century girls like how the hell
  • He has an obsession with a fucking bear named Ryan, how is that not cute???
  • He supports LGBT rights
  • He can jump from conversation topics in a blink of an eye
  • He made a whole song about how soceity does not control what you want to do and who you want to be
  • Leader goals as fuck

ย Also:

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rules: list ten of your favorite songs and then tag ten mutuals

jfc this is cruel to pick, these are gonna be like my most recent faves

both sides now by joni mitchell

timshel by mumford and sons

i dare you by the xx

saint pablo by kanye west

father and son by yusuf/cat stevens

vincent by james blake

for you by tracy chapman

ready for your love by gorgon city

my type by the chainsmokers

pyro by kings of leon

if you asked me to write this list tomorrow it would change loads so this is never gonna be my solid top ten of all time it’s too fucking hard

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Listening to RnB and Hiphop from the 90’s and 00’s is such an ambiguous experience because I love some of these songs so much they were such anthems of my teens but damn were they misogynistic and sexist and I can’t not cringe.

Jungkook as a bestfriend

Group: BTS

Member: Jungkook

A/N: thank the beautiful soul @yovng-j for helping me. hes a very nice beautiful sweet human being. also he is the king at stuff like this so bless him and I’m trying to make my posts more gender neutral how am I doing??

  • pokemon battles
  • calling him ‘kookachu’
  • “you don’t know what I go through on a daily basis bc #maknaeprobs”
  • pleading him to wear something other than black on black and timberlands
  • him getting defensive and saying he wears white too
  • messing with him and hiding his timberlands
  • can’t you just hear the squeals??
  • you messing with him while he’s sleeping
  • you can’t take your eyes off of him while he’s sleeping because he’s so beautiful
  • him darting his eyes open
  • “I know I’m hot but stop staring at me”
  • *falls back asleep*
  • always dissing his hyungs
  • but also love his hyungs so much
  • “You know Yoongi hyung is such a hard worker and I get that he’s really tired but I wish he wouldn’t take up the entire couch when he naps. Like someone tell him he has a bed.”
  • “Hold up our genius leader broke the rice maker again jfc”
  • “Just let Jin hyung do it man”
  • doing trot versions of all his songs
  • you calling him when you can’t sleep and him automatically asking what song you want to hear and he’ll sing mary had a little lamb if it will help you sleep whatever you need
  • him telling you about anything from him feeling insecure about a performance that he didn’t get 100% right or when he’s not feeling like he’s not good enough compared to his hyungs
  • you have to remind him that there are millions of fans out there that think he’s more than enough and his biggest fan sitting right in front of him
  • you guys met by a dare
  • the rest of the boys dared him to come up to you and ask you on a date
  • “H-Hi, I’m here to ask you on a date but it’s a dare so if you could just look disgusted and turn me down that would be great.”
  • a very dramatic “whaT NO WAY” then you throwing your stuff down
  • he turns and looks at the boys almost crying from laughing too hard
  • but you guys meet up for pizza and video games later
  • “dude just get together already geez.” -jimin
  • Jimin ALWAYS teasing you and Jungkook about you guys being together
  • “I mean you guys hang out 24/7, it’s like you are already dating.”
  • bunny smiles
  • whenever he smiles you can’t help but smile because his smile is just so contagious
  • cute little giggles from him
  • “Hey I know it’s kinda of late but can you come over and watch my new dance?? I’ll buy Chineseeeeee~”
  • Jin driving you places like mall and we he drops you off “have fun my cute little kids. be good text me when you need me to pick you up~”
  • you guys only stay in the video game store (leaving of course to stuff your faces with pizza from the food court)
  • when you finally leave after the manger kicks you out something about ‘you have to buy something or get out’
  • you decide to go try on that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while and drag him along
  • when you walk out of the dressing room you see Jungkook start high tailing it out of the store and hug some plant for safety
  • ‘what the hell is he doing??’ you think while changing back into your original clothes
  • *buzz buzz* “you looked really good, buy it ;-)”
  • you teasing him non stop about how he thought you were hot for the rest of the day
  • you still teasing him after like “awhe Kookie you like meee~~”
  • “yes yes!! ok!!! I did!!!” *blushes*
  • when mama Jin picking you guys up and both of you are super silent and Kookie’s face is still super red
  • “did you did have fun? Kookie what’s wrong?”
  • *silence*
  • “okay then.. well I have to stop and grab some eggs for dinner tonight.”
  • when Jin gets out Kookie sighs really loud he slowly grabs your hand and leans in a kisses your cheek
  • “I hope this doesn’t change anything between us but I really love you.”

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okay guys, hear me out……… sportarobbie the parent trap au

sportacus and robbie got married young and had their small gaggle of children (how?? irrelevant) but then their wildly clashing personalities + polar opposite parenting styles + immaturity led them to divorce and split their children. sportacus took stephanie and ziggy while robbie got pixel, stingy, and trixie

of course the kids all meet at summer camp and inevitably come to the realization that our dads used to be married???? we’re all kinda siblings??? and they know that their dads are lonely and now that they’re older they could totally work things out!! so of course they switch places with the goal of getting to know their other dad plus subtly trying to find ways to make sportacus and robbie a) interact again and b) fall in looove again

obviously both sporty and robbie feel very conflicted in this situation. sportacus tries to be neutral, even positive, in telling the kids that “your dad and i loved each other very much, but sometimes things just don’t work out” in that Wise, Life Lesson way of his, meanwhile robbie doesn’t trashtalk sporty directly but he reacts much more grumpily to the kids (especially peristent stephanie) constantly bringing it up, and he may be heard muttering about ‘sportaloon’ under his breath. but both sets of kids spy on their dads when they think the kids have gone to bed looking at old photos wistfully, maybe even talking to themselves a bit (’it’s too late, it’s done now!) and robbie definitely comfort-eats a whole cake. 

annoying new partner for one of them is definitely not necessary, which smooths the way for the eventual reunion. obviously they first very awkwardly meet up to deal with the logistics of switching children, but are convinced by the kids to stay in the same place for a little while because they’ve just met their new (old) siblings and want to get to know them better!! which of course leads to lots of sportacus and robbie discussing (arguing) about parenting methods (a big part of what broke them up originally) and really everything under the sun - but there’s no venom behind it, they’ve both mellowed out a lot and they’re more willing to negotiate rather than fight (which doesn’t mean anything, stephanie, your dad and i are not getting back together). there’s a moment when sportacus watches robbie theatrically entertain all five kids with a story, with costumes and silly voices for all the characters, and his heart definitely flutters but it’s nothing - and robbie walks in on sportacus working out shirtless and, okay, sportacus is definitely still in as good shape as he was ten years ago, and robbie is not at all horrifically distracted by those arms and those pecs that he forgets what he even came to say. all of those small moments are meaningless, really, because they’re just focusing on being better co-parents, only for the kids’ sake. if sportacus inquires about whether robbie’s insomnia is still bothering him, it’s just out of politeness, and if robbie dutifully makes a disgusting healthy sugar-free cake alongside his regular ones it’s just because he still has that old recipe lying around and it would be rude to exclude sportacus. really. 

meanwhile the kids have a lot of fun scheming to get sporty and robbie back in a romantic scenario that takes them back to when they first fell in love. or i dunno, maybe they orchestrate some sort of emergency situation which forces sportacus and robbie to work together to save the day. they get so so close to admitting their feelings when one of them (lbh, robbie) decides that this has been an interesting experiment but it’s time to get back to their own regular separate lives. the kids (and sporty) are devastated but eventually the two families part ways - except robbie immediately regrets it, because he’s only running because back in the day it was sportacus who initiated the breakup, not him and he’s terrified of being left again. robbie’s gang sees this and can tell being apart isn’t what robbie really wants, so they contact stephanie and ziggy and the five of them convince sportacus to chase after robbie and admit his feelings. cue the romcom declaration of love, possibly in the rain, with yelling and a little crying and at least one “because i love you, you idiot” and finally the dramatic reunion kiss with kids cheering from the sidelines. so of course they get back together properly, and all move into a big house as one happy family. and then they sing the bing bang song. the end. 

Observations from the VIP section

Okay, I just got back from the concert, ate dinner (finally) and took a long shower (finallyyyy). I’m suuuuper sleepy but I’ll jot down every interesting I remember from #EpilogueinManila before I forget anything. Leggo!

- Next to Nams, I think he did the most talking to ARMYs. He memorized fairly lengthy English sentences and even Filipino phrases. Thank you for the effort, bb! <3
- A fan threw an Army Bomb stuffed toy to the stage and Jin was so amused by it. He chuckled as soon as he saw it, picked it up, and kept it. Haha! Maybe he’ll stop stealing Army Bombs from now on

- During the introduction, he did that thing again where he slowly took out his earpiece and waited for the whole room to tear our their lungs screaming for him. So much sass I love it.
- He threw water on himself like 3 songs into the concert. Cypher Pt. 3 was about an hour away so I was a bit surprised. He was so lit jfc this boi
- Being the extra that he is, when they asked Hobi to do a bit of the Butterfly choreo during a ment, midway through, the hyper grandpa joined in and slayed
- Da grandpa can body rolllllllll

- Nams did most of the talking in all the ments. It was expected since he knew how to speak in English the most but the effort was really appreciated all the same.
- DAT BOI SLAYED HIS SOLO (“What am I to you, girl? What am I to you? I do love you crazy o do you??”)
- His presence is just. I went to the concert with my two friends and by the end of the whole thing, they were already half in love with him even if he wasn’t their bias. He was all they could talk about afterwards.
- During the last part, he came out with these cute round glasses. When the confetti was being dropped, a piece went through the lens-less frame and he semi-panicked for one second and it was so cute.
- He did this Namjoon-y “body wiggle” during Miss Right’s “your sexy mind and your sexy body” and it was so funny and I was so caught off guard that I did this harsh laugh thing and the girls near me sort of gave me the side eye.

- Whenever there’s a part of the song that is acapella and the crowd can be clearly heard, he’d just stand there and close his eyes for a while.
- He’s so good live. Like he is such a performer and he slays all his raps I just can’t
- He also threw water at the crowd (during Cypher Pt. 3).

- Another born performer. HE IS SO HOT ON THAT STAGE I CANT
- There was a ment right after Butterfly and for like a minute, he was nowhere to be seen and then he suddenly pops up just in time to demo the Butterfly choreo. My guess is that he had some sort of wardrobe malfunction.
- During Fun Boyz, he went to Yoongi during his rap and Yoongi threw an arm around him (#YOONMIN). Kookie tried getting his attention (#JIKOOK!) but he ignored him (#PLOTTWIST!!!) and continued basking in the rap god’s presence.
- He was so cute during the throwing the plastic balls part. He aimed for the 3rd floor like twice. Failed twice. He did a weak chuckle and gave up haha.

- Just like Hobi, he would close his eyes whenever ARMYs could be heard clearly. It made me feel all “awwwwwww”
- He did PSY’s Gangnam Style dance for Fun Boyz and did his usual aegyo while at it
- His first words to Filipino ARMYs were “Kilala niyo ba ako?” (“Do you know me?”). It was so cute. And of course we all went crazy. Because it was so cute.
- The third person (I saw) throwing water at the crowd. I can’t remember exactly when (Rise of Bangtan?). Anyway, I was so flattered ‘cause it means they think the crowd was litttttttt

- Thighs
- He sneezed like twice (somewhere in the beginning and in the middle of the show). IT WAS SO CUTE YOU GUYS. He sneezed like a little puppy I just a;isjdbfalbfvae. But I was also high-key hoping it wasn’t the start of a cold.
- During the free gesture part of the show, most of the time he’d be in the middle of the extended stage and just trying to make eye contact with as many of the fans there (including me hngggg)
- By the end of the show, he somehow got a hold of this cute stuffed toy bunny with a “Jeon Jungkook” name tag on it. For the final goodbye, he used the bunny’s arm to wave goodbye to the crowd. Again: it was so cute.

That’s it! If I remember more later on, I’ll add it here. Good niiiiiiight!!!

10 Songs Tag!!

The wonderful @blissfulspringdays tagged me! Thank you~~~

Rules: Write 10 songs that you’ve been listening to recently and tag some mutals 🌸

This is gonna be super fun, I love talking about music ^^ (these aren’t in any particular order)

  1. Literally anything by Dodie Clark (mostly She and Would You Be So Kind. also In The Middle and Burned Out and Freckles and Constellations) (jfc i need to stop 😂)
  2. Hands Up by B.A.P (freaking stan themmmmm)
  3. Queen by History (I will actually never be over their disbandment they were so freaking good wtf)
  4. Run by BTS!!!!!! (It might be my favorite title track by them)
  5. Electric Kiss by EXO (I love this song so much! I haven’t really liked EXO’s recent Korean tracks, but their Japanese shit is quality)
  6. Stuck with Me and Scary Love by The Neighbourhood (I couldn’t pick one 😅 They’re seriously a really good band! I recommend the album Wiped Out! the most but all their songs are good~)
  7. NCT 127 (excuse me while I list their entire discography…. Ofc all the title tracks, along with Mad City, Good Thing, Back 2 U, Baby Don’t Like It, and Whiplash)
  8. My I by Seventeen’s Jun and The8 (fucking Chinese version!!!) (I love svt and the fact that my bias and bias wrecker made this art is both distressing and great)
  9. O Sole Mio by SF9 (actual international kings.)
  10. Critical Beauty by Pentagon (this came out in June and I’m still not over it. E'Dawn is my everything.)

There are still soooo many songs I wanna recommended so here are some honorable mentions (and plenty of girl groups because I barely mentioned any ;-; )

  • Dramarama by Monsta X (first win hell yeah!!)
  • Any of Blackpink’s 5 songs (salty? Who, me?) (i was promised a January comeback and i’m holding yg to that T.T)
  • Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet (queens. enough said.)
  • Yes I Am by Mamamoo (i’m so gay) (their voices are gorgeous)
  • DDD by EXID (can we talk about Hyerin real quick plz and ty)
  • Crazy by 4minute (another disbandment i cry over daily) (i never get tired of this song)
  • Something by Girl’s Day (smooth af)
  • I Got A Boy by Girl’s Generation (fashion on point!! dope aesthetic)
  • The entire Love Scenes album by Diana Krall
  • Red Light by f(x) (LUNA.)
  • Please Be My First Love by Imfact (they’re all beautiful and talented and i fucking love my sons)
  • Mamacita by Super Junior (catchy chorus 👍👍👍)
  • Voodoo Doll by VIXX (they’re soooo good!)
  • Bad by Infinite (hella hype)
  • Rolly by Good Day (a great new girl group~)
  • Why Don’t You Know by Chung Ha ft Nucksal (another reason i’m gay)
  • DamDaDi by Golden Child (more new groups 🌟)
  • Baby by Astro (i’m not huge on astro but i really liked this song!)
  • Dream In A Dream by Ten (more NCT~)
  • While I’m talking about NCT… Around by Hitchhiker and Taeyong 👏👏


Y'all asked for 10 songs. I gave you 105.

My multifandom ass needs help.

Anywayyyyyyy I’m tagging:






If you don’t like me tagging you in stuff, just lemme know and I’ll chill 😅

This is all voluntary, so no pressure!! ❤

Hopefully you enjoyed this mess of a post ^^;