jfc i love this song so much

This Just In: I Still Love You ( JHope x Reader fic. )

Brief summary: You were completely content with your job- a magazine editor and interviewer, until you have to interview a group called BTS on their inspiration for their some of their songs, aka their love life. You’ve interviewed many idols before, but what tosses you off so much about BTS? Are they intimidating? Are you extremely nervous? It’s probably because one of the members is your ex-boyfriend, Jung Hoseok.

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Word count: 6244
Genre: Fluffity fluff fluff maybe a hint of angst

It was nearing 11PM and you were still sitting on your desk at work finishing up translating some documents to seal up a contract of collaboration with a magazine back at the states. It was a hectic day from the moment you woke up to right now- trying to not knock out on your desk. Somewhere around 2PM, which was your lunch break, you got called into the main office and received a new job: an interview. The meeting took up most of your lunch break which meant you only had time to hit the vending machines out in front for a can of iced tea- you’re interviewing who? Some group called BTS. Apparently it’s their way of saying “thanks for writing a good review on our music!” on your company’s last issue. The interview is supposed to be about the story behind their music and what motivated or inspired them to write songs like “I Need U” or “Dead Leaves”- you’re basically going to be interviewing them on their love life; how fun- not. Especially when one of the members of BTS is your ex-boyfriend, Jung Hoseok.

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  • Lovino: i love you tonio
  • Antonio: aww i love you too!
  • Lovino: no, you don't understand
  • Lovino: i just can't stop thinking about you! my heart starts hurting when you're not with me & I can't stop smiling over stupid love songs that remind me of you & overall i'm always grateful when you're around.. i miss you so much
  • Antonio: ugh okay. i get it.
  • Antonio: i'll make pasta instead of paella for dinner jfc
  • Lovino: ooh i just love you so much

Okay so at the end of Captain America: Civil War, about half way through the credits we here a song. On my 3rd time through the movie (jfc I’ve spent so much money on this damn film) it occurred to me to Shazam the song playing. The Russo Bros sure do love puns, although idk if Bucky would appreciate the irony behind the song name…