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Morgana is the Salem the Cat of Persona 5.

…You may be on to something.

I love getting yall interested in these groups oml I’m so happy you’re starting to dig VIXX!!!! grab a snack and sit back baby girl~~~

Meet: VIXX aka concept kings aka the giant group of kpop (they’re all over 6ft asgdhhfjfj)

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♡  a 6 member group that debuted in 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment 

♡ they’re very close / are besties with like every group that debuted in 2012, esp BTOB and EXO
♡  like I said in plenty of my other posts, there isn’t a concept they can’t pull off, and they’ve done just about everything you can imagine
♡  at first, they weren’t very close and were kinda awkward around each other but they’re about as close as any group can be and they high key ship each other 

Meet:  N aka mama Hakyeon 

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•  leader, oldest, the mom-iest of any group leader tbh he loves and spoils those kids so much 

•  he does this thing where he grabs the back of their necks and scolds them while a smile is plastered on his face
•  Hakyeon comes up with most of their dance routines and if you know vixx at all, you’d be giggling right now if you didn’t know this bc you know what I’m talking about lmao
•  for some reason this man is able to keep a sultry smile on his face during really difficult performances, and still somehow wink and smirk at the camera while doing so
•  he’s an amazing actor btw and has starred / been involved in many dramas since debut
•  he’s so sweet and humble and spoils Starlights so much, one time he even sat with them during one of LR’s performances awwww

Meet:  Leo aka grumpy cat 

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•  this grumpy giant needs at least 5 caffinated lattes a day to keep him going 

•  is a literal cat and has hissed and growled at the other members when they annoy him and it’s the most amusing and adorable thing ever
•  he writes and composes most of their songs alongside Ravi, who he’s in a subunit with- LR (stands for Leo & Ravi lmao)
•  wants to body slam Hyuk 25/8 bc he’s the one who bothers him the most…….he probably used to but that baby grew up too fast yikes
•  he also does theater on the side and I’ve heard he’s a very talented actor on stage!!!!!
•  voice of an angel tbfh and those high notes will have you soaring 

Meet:  Ken aka aegyo king 

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•  where do I even start with this fool jfc……..he literally is the most adorable and gentle thing that ever walked this planet 

•  just wants everybody’s attention bc he’s got so much love to give, but also can snap to being annoying and clingy in just .00003 seconds
•  he knows Ravi is in love w/ him and is always showing off and being extra aegyo-y around him
•  listen he’s the main vocal for a reason HIS FKIN VOICE can reach so many high and low notes that it will take your breath away I promise
•  like leo, he also has acted in some plays and those backstage photos of him in costumes kill me tbh who else relates
•  in the hyung line but not really bc he’s the fake maknae since he’s so childish and cute

Meet:  Ravi aka president of the Ken fanclub 

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•  besides being in vixx and LR, be probably low key runs a blog about his love for Ken and why he resembles a puppy 

•  you’d probably think he’s all badass and gangster and swag since he’s the rapper, but he’s just an awkward cabbage tbh 

•  besties w/ Taemin and Kai and they always hang out and brag about it smh
•  publicly stated that he’d date N bc he hates cheaters and thinks N would never cheat bc he’s so reliable wow goals
•  has a younger sister and he’s so protective of her that he didn’t even let his fellow members meet her for years lmfao “I wouldn’t let any of them date my sister, esp not ken”
•  the only soloist of vixx, and he’s released so many BOMB tracks that everyone should go listen to 

Meet:  Hongbin aka why are you always cringing 

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•  his talents vary and he could do just about anything tbh, he can rap yet be a vocalist at the same time wow

•  he can’t do aegyo or act cute to save his life, like he’ll visibly cringe and will crawl on the floor like a child before you see him doing any aegyo
•  besties w/ Hyuk and they go to the same uni together, plus the maknae line +Ken is always up to no good
•  yet another talented actor in vixx, and he always plays the cute and sarcastic characters so what’s new
•  obsessed about taking pictures of everything and everyone, actually a hella cool photographer
•  this kid is also obsessed with Park Hyoshin and fanboys about him whenever he gets the chance 

Meet:  Hyuk aka satan himself

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•  you ever wonder why most maknaes are evil???? he’s one of the reasons why!!!!!!! is2g do not trust his cuteness 

•  this is vixx’s baby so ofc he grew up spoiled, even now he manhandles his hyungs like they were feathers since he’s so much bigger
•  one time he was supposed to go to Laos for a TV show with vixx but it kept raining so you might actually feel bad for him for once hmmmmmm
•  generally he’s quiet and well-mannered when appearing on variety shows, but yall know that ain’t the truth when an episode of Vixx TV is uploaded
•  one time he dressed as a girl with the rest of Vixx when they pretended to be Wonder Girls and slayed us all tbh
•  can’t act cute either, but somehow the other members can’t stop calling him adorable and pinching his cheeks bc he’s their baby 

💖💖 I hope you’ll love them like I do babe!!! 💖💖

look i know there’s been some back and forth about will’s sexuality, and while i have several feelings about that, i want to mention the most important thing that happened (for me at least) in season one.  the few times where will’s sexuality is brought into question, the idea of him being gay is very clearly shown to be a negative thing (troy calling him a “fairy” and lonnie calling him a f*ggot).  BUT what matters SO MUCH to me are the other characters reactions, mainly Joyce and the kids.  when Hopper asks Joyce if Will’s gay, she doesn’t say “of course not!” or act offended by the idea.  instead, she simply yells “does it matter?” and goes back to the problem at hand.  Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are clearly pissed off when Troy and his groupie are making fun of Will (at his fucking memorial service, jfc, these kids) but they NEVER ONCE jump to “shut up, don’t say that, he’s not gay,” or anything along those lines.

even though gay is used as an insult against will, his friends and family don’t ever try to defend him by reaffirming his “straightness.”  they defend his character and his worth, because that’s what matters.

Femslash February 2017

@anon: Farah/Amanda? (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency)

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so sam and eileen had one hug in one episode where eileen tried to kill him with a knife and people ship them together (understandblle, they are adorable!) dean cas have had multiple hugs/deep moments/scenes that show as romantic and yet its less readily accepted? obvs everyone is welcome to their own opinions i just find it interesting ,,,,

YUPI love Saileen so much.

I ship it so hard. All it took was 2 episodes. That is some good writing, but basically it’s not that hard, you just have to use all the right tropes to make it obvious…. 


I’m sorry, I don’t usually appreciate Bucklemming that much, HATE their misogny and non consent issues and on occasion (I’m looking at you 12x13) facepalmed so much I think I hurt my brain. 

Perhaps that’s what made me love 12x17, because I LOVED 12x17! What?!

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We have 8 years of narrative build up, romantic storytelling and UST between two of the main characters that still hasn’t been addressed, being paralleled extensively within this 2 episode’s clearly romantic portrayal?

Literally, all the romantic tropes they used were heavily paralleled with what we have been actively saying in fandom for years? And the textual parallels as well as the subtextual ones. 

Stabby stabby meet cute.

Someone, a hunter, someone who knows the life?  Eileen being a BADASS fighter and all “we don’t care” - remind you of anyone else who has no tact? The beer clinking scene? 

The directly paralleled dialogue (where’s Eileen? Heard from Cas? / Dean calling Cas and worriedly fondling his phone in worry while Sam and Eileen chat in the foreground)?  Oh, I’m just gonna add that this is a recurring theme and completely intentional this season (see 12x15′s ‘I love you’ purposefully overlapped with Dean’s goodbye to Cas so viewers all had to pause and rewind to figure out who said what?!).

Nearly every Eileen scene has a Cas reference. 

Even the first Eileen scene (in the car) is directly followed by the first words of the next scene about Cas. The way Eileen holds way more eye contact with Sam than Dean, the way when Eileen answers Dean that she is not OK, Dean looks straight to Sam as he is the one with the closer bond - these are all things that we have been picking up on with Dean/Cas for years. 

The way Eileen and Dean are clearly totally platonic and NOT romantically interested in each other, but still like each other a lot, shown through the exact same way Sam and Cas are? The brother in law relationship I’m always harping on about for Sam and Cas - totally paralleled here with Dean and Eileen.

And also, this totally validates our point and the brother in law thing?!!!!


So, Sam and Eileen, a new pairing, clearly romantic and clearly paralleled with a ‘shipping but not canon pairing’?

What is this?

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This thing with Saileen is it is both a fantastic pairing in its own right but also, its either:

1. A fantastic way to open casual viewer’s eyes to what they’ve been seeing in the last 8 years with Destiel to move forwards with making this canon. You can literally see Dabb and co thinking, how can we ease people into this gently? How can we go back and say hey, remember when that happened? Yeah, that was on purpose, that was a thing, we totally did that on purpose.

2. Or the biggest most awkward no-homoing the show has ever done and a middle finger up to everyone who has read into the narrative they’ve been writing for Dean and Cas to say hey, lets use this exact same long drawn out narrative, condense it into 2 episodes and make a hetero couple canon. Pff. I don’t see this happening for PR reasons. Can you imagine.

3. Or another pairing that just doesn’t quite get there for *reasons*. *Reasons* that can only now be really that they’re too chicken to go forward with Destiel because why would you create this romantic pairing for Sam and make it so clear, jamming it all into 2 episodes (well, 1 really as 11x11 wasn’t that obvious) if not, you just wouldn’t bother.

Come on show, I have faith…

here is my show champion experience

Everyone is beautiful.

Rainz. Ugh. I feel guilty for not really paying much attention to them despite my pd101 loving ass. They’re all so cute and couldn’t hide their smiles every time the crowd screamed. I think I’m going to have to pick up their album while I’m here.

I double bias in JBJ now because Sanggyun is beautiful and amazing performer. Hyunbin is a giant puppy. That boy could not keep a straight face any time we cheered for them. Donghan needs to stay the eff away from me because jfc his eyes contact.

BTOB are as goofy as you would expect. Changsub was easily the silliest. Eunkwang is an amazing leader and I could see him analyzing the stage and making sure everything was right before their performance. It made me happy to see them win because I love them a lot (even though I don’t blog about them enough). I hope I get to see them in concert because they were seriously so good.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Jangjun from Golden Child and Daeyeol looks so much like Sungyeol it’s freaky. They’re all adorable and I normally don’t like groups like them but Jangjun is seriously making it hard.

A.C.E were v sensual. I still don’t know much about them but their chereo was v sexy and I might have blushed a bit tbh.

I now want to go to the fanmeeting in Seattle to see SF9 again. I already mentioned Rowoon being beautiful. Taeyang is an amazing dancer. I wish I had gotten to see more of their performance but they only did about half.

Jackson looked pretty sad. (Edit: I found out his grandfather passed away and really wish JYP would give him more than two days off because he was very visibly upset) Youngjae was v serious. Yugyeom was a literal ball of sunshine and looked the happiest. Mark made jinyoung laugh and it broke the ice. I’m definitely going to be paying more attention to Bam Bam from now on because he is v much a performer.

Nu’est W had the loudest fan chants that I literally thought my ears were going to burst holy shit. The girls behind me were all Minki stans. I made eye contact with all of them but Minki and I thought I was going to pass out. I just need Jonghyun to always be wearing fuzzy sweaters.

Loves continue to be a gr8 fandom and turned their lightsticks blue when BTOB won.

Overall, it was an okay experience. Most of the performances were prerecorded as a lot of them were comebacks so most groups only did about ½ or ¾ a song. Many of them were just on stage dancing as their prerecorded stuff was playing on TV. It was my first music show experience so I’m just going to assume that’s how they all are!

But honestly, getting to make eye contact and smile at Jonghyun was completely worth it for me.

I might have to come to terms with the fact that he’s creeping up on Sunggyu for ult bias status

the falsettos set (another v long post)

i think the set is really interesting in that most of the time it’s made of these foam pieces that make up a big cube, like everything is a little bit made up, like it’s just playing house, or as whizzer once puts it, “family charades”, until whizzer gets sick and then all of a sudden it’s real furniture, like everything was just a game in comparison to the disease whizzer is fighting, in comparison to the coming tragedy the family is now pulling together to try to face

i also think it’s interesting that the cube and its pieces represent the tight-knit family, and also kind of what marvin wants–actually, the set is like this playground that they’re all playing in and being children in, and marvin is sort of trying to force it to be a certain way, like he wants their family to fit in the way all the pieces fit into the cube, but he just cant force it because they’re not play pieces

in “marvin hits trina”, he literally physically knocks it all apart when things dont go his way, like he’s throwing a tantrum

in “falsettoland/about time”, the set is set up like little house and the men are boxed in, and i feel like that symbolizes the stereotypes they’ve been boxed into, and the things society expects from them, and the things marvin himself used to think and believe and expect from them and from himself, and then the men start to move their frames around, trying to get out of the box, and eventually he knocks it all apart, not in a tantrum this time but because he realizes it’s time to grow up and stop playing around and stop trying to force everyone to be what he wants them to be, and so everyone sits on top of their blocks, no longer forced into or expected to be a part of this game, but still, they kind of want to play with him, and it’s fun, and they stay and continue using their playset, right up until “something bad is happening”

then, as i mentioned, shit gets real and they stop playing to attend to one of their family members and stay by his side

after whizzer passes, they return to their playset, and the cube fits together and the family fits together, finally the way marvin wanted when he was being childish, but one of the players is missing now and he cant be replaced and everyone feels his loss in their family, and they pull out one of the central pieces of thr cube and use it as his gravestone, and jason puts the chess piece on it in remembrance

and he’s still part of the family, part of the game they will probably return to playing, even if he’s gone, because that marker is made of the same stuff the rest of the pieces, the rest of the family, is made of, and they’ll always remember and feel his loss and love him

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Dan is so extra, he filtered the photo to be blurred out slightly so the main focus is the glitter nails.

dan loves his glittery nails so much he wanted to frame them exactly right and he spent so much time making sure the lighting was perfect and showed phil 15 different possible filters and phil thinks dan’s nails and dan’s enthusiasm are both very cute so he humored him for the most part but eventually was like oh my god dan shut tf up and post it so that i can go back to talking to you jfc and dan just ignored him as he played around some more with the exposure and the brightness and the blur and then he finally posted it like 37 mins later because he needed the debut of his sparkly s o f t boye .。*゚✧.*.。self to be perfect in all ways and then phil just shook his head in disgruntled fondness and hugged him afterwards facts only 


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

You know what? I just need to randomly vent for a minute. Idk, just having some feelings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It burns me up so much that this show has no standards for its fanbase.

Oftentimes I feel that this is the main reason why Caryl hasn’t happened yet. 

The majority of the audience wants it, would be happy if it happened, would absolutely love it, and there is infinite proof to support that fact. 

And yet, when you hear NR talking in interviews, he’s all, “ohh people will be mad if it happens, people will be mad if it doesn’t, there are two sides, you can’t win either way”. JFC!! That’s so upsetting to me because I hate how people involved in this show (mostly NR) talk about Caryl like it’s this huge thing. I mean, yes, it’s huge in a good way. But why does it have to be controversial? Why can’t it just be talked about for what it truly is: iconic? What is so gasp, scandalous!! about two middle-aged folks being in a happy, healthy, romantic relationship with each other? 

The thing is, we all know why it’s considered controversial - because MMB happens to have grey hair, and NR happens to have brown hair, and sometimes people are just that ageist and really, really dumb. Nothing anyone can do to stop people from being that way, but WHY feed it? WHY pander to these disgusting human beings?

Really I just wish that people (*NR*) would stop talking about Caryl like it’s something contentious, when in reality, the show would only benefit from making this relationship romantic. Sure, they’d probably lose the tiny portion of the audience that hates it passionately (but seriously? they should want that portion gone because WHY in the world would they want people like that watching their show ffs)? but imagine what they’d gain. 

They’d gain so fucking much from this beautiful relationship that nearly everyone adores. They’d gain ratings and respect, but with the way they talk about this ship, this goldmine - like it’s such a risky move and they are so hesitant about making it canon because ohhhh such mixed reactions - they don’t even deserve any of the good things it would bring them. They don’t deserve Caryl. 

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I love reddie fanfics so v much,,, but like,,, why does nobody acknowledge that it's sooooo difficult to make out with glasses lol, especially coke bottle glasses like jfc I have big glasses that are kinda like modern coke bottles just not as thick and when I kiss my girlfriend a lot they get sooooo annoying lmao I just wanna see a fic that shows the truth™ (also they get really smudged too so Eddie carries around a glasses care kit in his fanny pack but if you asked him he'd deny everything)


If Richie and Eddie are ever kissing Eddie tries to take his glasses off gently before he goes in and put them somewhere near them, or in his fanny pack if theres no where to put them. He knows how mad Richie’s mom gets when he breaks/scratches his glasses (especially since it’s such a common occurrence) that Eddie’s really careful with them. And yes, he totally would polish them before giving them back (and never tell anyone that he does that)


fite me fandoms who ship fucking Clary and Alec or Nico and Thalia you have so many fucking shows with opposite sex couples that have so much build up but nooooooo you have to come over to shadow hunters like
‘i ship clalec!!! didn’t you see the way Alec helped Clary???? they are soulmates!!!’

go to spec savers jfc

The way (some) people involved in this show (and this is referring to Hardwick’s comment in this video. I know he’s not tptb but he is involved with the show) talk about Caryl makes me so angry. 

Moreover, the way they talk about Carylers.

“People keep trying to make Carol and Daryl happen.” Oh, how awful! JFC, what the fuck is wrong with some people?! Loving a beautiful relationship between two characters? Wanting this relationship to become romantic? WHAT! Where do these crazy, rabid fans get these ideas? Like???? It’s not like this relationship is constantly promoted as something more than friendship! It’s not like it’s listed in the couples section of the ultimate guide to TWD as “will-they-won’t-they”, or anything. Pffft. Shippers, amiright? 

I know this isn’t Gimple. I know this is just idiot Hardwick being his idiot self. But really, he works for AMC, he works for the people who should be kissing our asses right now because they fucking need us. 

And yet, they won’t admit it. I’m just so tired of being disrespected this way. It’s 2017. Carol and Daryl have been each other’s person since season 3. We’ve been shipping them since season 2. This fucking show has gained so much from this relationship and us, the people that love it, the people that are so invested in it that we still watch this shitshow. 

They want to make it seem like we’re ridiculous, delusional stans. Like we’re pesky little shippers. Hilarious, because for so many of us, if we didn’t love Caryl so much, we would have abandoned this show long ago. 

But yeah. Keep acting like you don’t need us. Keep talking about us like we’re burdens to the fanbase. I hope the disrespect and ungratefulness is worth the 1.0 mil you’ll probably be looking at by the end of this season! I’m sure TWD will be much better off with no annoying fanbase to stand in its way.