jfc i love this show so much


fite me fandoms who ship fucking Clary and Alec or Nico and Thalia you have so many fucking shows with opposite sex couples that have so much build up but nooooooo you have to come over to shadow hunters like
‘i ship clalec!!! didn’t you see the way Alec helped Clary???? they are soulmates!!!’

go to spec savers jfc

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so sam and eileen had one hug in one episode where eileen tried to kill him with a knife and people ship them together (understandblle, they are adorable!) dean cas have had multiple hugs/deep moments/scenes that show as romantic and yet its less readily accepted? obvs everyone is welcome to their own opinions i just find it interesting ,,,,

YUPI love Saileen so much.

I ship it so hard. All it took was 2 episodes. That is some good writing, but basically it’s not that hard, you just have to use all the right tropes to make it obvious…. 


I’m sorry, I don’t usually appreciate Bucklemming that much, HATE their misogny and non consent issues and on occasion (I’m looking at you 12x13) facepalmed so much I think I hurt my brain. 

Perhaps that’s what made me love 12x17, because I LOVED 12x17! What?!

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We have 8 years of narrative build up, romantic storytelling and UST between two of the main characters that still hasn’t been addressed, being paralleled extensively within this 2 episode’s clearly romantic portrayal?

Literally, all the romantic tropes they used were heavily paralleled with what we have been actively saying in fandom for years? And the textual parallels as well as the subtextual ones. 

Stabby stabby meet cute.

Someone, a hunter, someone who knows the life?  Eileen being a BADASS fighter and all “we don’t care” - remind you of anyone else who has no tact? The beer clinking scene? 

The directly paralleled dialogue (where’s Eileen? Heard from Cas? / Dean calling Cas and worriedly fondling his phone in worry while Sam and Eileen chat in the foreground)?  Oh, I’m just gonna add that this is a recurring theme and completely intentional this season (see 12x15′s ‘I love you’ purposefully overlapped with Dean’s goodbye to Cas so viewers all had to pause and rewind to figure out who said what?!).

Nearly every Eileen scene has a Cas reference. 

Even the first Eileen scene (in the car) is directly followed by the first words of the next scene about Cas. The way Eileen holds way more eye contact with Sam than Dean, the way when Eileen answers Dean that she is not OK, Dean looks straight to Sam as he is the one with the closer bond - these are all things that we have been picking up on with Dean/Cas for years. 

The way Eileen and Dean are clearly totally platonic and NOT romantically interested in each other, but still like each other a lot, shown through the exact same way Sam and Cas are? The brother in law relationship I’m always harping on about for Sam and Cas - totally paralleled here with Dean and Eileen.

And also, this totally validates our point and the brother in law thing?!!!!


So, Sam and Eileen, a new pairing, clearly romantic and clearly paralleled with a ‘shipping but not canon pairing’?

What is this?

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This thing with Saileen is it is both a fantastic pairing in its own right but also, its either:

1. A fantastic way to open casual viewer’s eyes to what they’ve been seeing in the last 8 years with Destiel to move forwards with making this canon. You can literally see Dabb and co thinking, how can we ease people into this gently? How can we go back and say hey, remember when that happened? Yeah, that was on purpose, that was a thing, we totally did that on purpose.

2. Or the biggest most awkward no-homoing the show has ever done and a middle finger up to everyone who has read into the narrative they’ve been writing for Dean and Cas to say hey, lets use this exact same long drawn out narrative, condense it into 2 episodes and make a hetero couple canon. Pff. I don’t see this happening for PR reasons. Can you imagine.

3. Or another pairing that just doesn’t quite get there for *reasons*. *Reasons* that can only now be really that they’re too chicken to go forward with Destiel because why would you create this romantic pairing for Sam and make it so clear, jamming it all into 2 episodes (well, 1 really as 11x11 wasn’t that obvious) if not, you just wouldn’t bother.

Come on show, I have faith…


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Dan is so extra, he filtered the photo to be blurred out slightly so the main focus is the glitter nails.

dan loves his glittery nails so much he wanted to frame them exactly right and he spent so much time making sure the lighting was perfect and showed phil 15 different possible filters and phil thinks dan’s nails and dan’s enthusiasm are both very cute so he humored him for the most part but eventually was like oh my god dan shut tf up and post it so that i can go back to talking to you jfc and dan just ignored him as he played around some more with the exposure and the brightness and the blur and then he finally posted it like 37 mins later because he needed the debut of his sparkly s o f t boye .。*゚✧.*.。self to be perfect in all ways and then phil just shook his head in disgruntled fondness and hugged him afterwards facts only 

Thoughts on the concept songs performances

ok so it usually takes me a while to process the performances, and also I wanted to rewatch them again while writing this, so a bit late but I wanted to share my thoughts on the performances~ Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree with me, but remember that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion ^^

ok so overall I really loved all of the songs and I think that all of the boys did really really well! Oh and I didn’t watch the full episode btw, only the performances uploaded to youtube ^^

Oh Little Girl - except for Jihoon and Jinyoung, all of them are in my top11, so I’m already a bit biased towards them. The song itself was cute, the performance was adorable and I really love them so much ;-;
Can we just talk for a second about how beautiful Minki is? Because I’m having flashbacks to 2012 when Nu’est debuted and I thought he was one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen (so much that I never bothered getting to know the other members until now lmfao oops).
My precious Sewoon and Gunhee did so well on this performance, I love them both so much and I hope at least one of them ends in the final group ;;;;;
Also, sidenote, I had no idea Jihoon was a rapper???? I’m not sure if I’m completely out of the loop and he’s been a rapper all along or if he only took this position for this song, but he’s actually kinda good?? I feel so confused.
(btw did Hyungseob even have any lines at all? lmfao he basically did nothing other than being cute oh gosh but he’s still so adorable)

Never - ok so let me start by saying that I’m a Universe (Pentagon’s fandom) so this was the song I was most excited for, mostly because HuiDawn wrote and produced it lol. And it really didn’t disappoint me at all! It’s such a good song and the boys did it justice!
Jaehwan is such a good vocalist, I really hope he can make it to the final group because he’ll be such a great addition to the group! His voice really reminded me of Hui in some parts, or maybe I imagined it because I know he wrote it lol but either way he was really good and from what I’ve heard he got a lot of praise from Triple H on his highnote? which makes me super happy ;-;
The performance in general was just amazing, and Woojin did so well considering how much he was suffering before they performed, and I just hope he’s doing better now ;; It saddens me that he had to perform in his condition but I understand why he did, and he was great considering everything! I’m proud of him <3

Knock - oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Performance wise, it was probably the best one. The vampire-ish concept, the mood, their clothes and make up, everything. The song in itself is good too. All in all it was a really deserved win and I can’t wait to see them on mcd next week!!!!
Daniel pretty much stole the whole performance, even though Yungguk was the center it didn’t really seem like it lol. But maybe that’s also because I’m biased towards Daniel since he’s one of my favorites? (also it’s funny that he basically got this song as a penalty but in the end it worked for the best for him l o l)
And Kenta. JFC why does this boy not have more popularity are people blind or something??????? Yes I’m biased af because now that Jung Jung is out of the show Kenta is my no.1 but still ??????????????? da fuck. how. why. LOOK AT HIM LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL AND CHARISMATIC HE IS AND HE’S DOING SO WELL AND I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH I’M SO EMOTIONAL
tbh I could talk about each and every one of them so I’ll try to do it short - Dongho was so amazing jfc his vocals are perfect in this song and just. wow. Haknyeon was really good, from what I saw on twitter he was really struggling and Dongho helped him a lot? And he was really good in the end! Youngmin was amazing and I hope this really helps him silence the antis because he doesn’t deserve this kavfndpjadovni Seonho did really really well on this too wow I was really bitter about him this entire time because he’s not as good as some of the others who are less popular than him and I still don’t think he’s ready to debut, but he improved so so so so so so so much and I’m proud of him! And as for Youngguk - ok so I just realized now that he looks like a tiny wearwolf and now I need an AU of this lol ok bye (no but really he’s so precious and even though Daniel totally stole the show on this one he was still really good as a center!)

Show Time - ok so as far as the song goes, this one was probably my favorite, and the performance in general I think was probably my second favorite after Knock! I just love these cute and bright concepts and I think that everyone fit it so well! 
I really hope Samuel finally gets the recognition he deserves, because this boy is seriously amazing and it saddens me how much Koreans are sleeping on him. From what I’ve seen he did pretty well on the on-site voting so let’s hope he did even better at the online votes!
Also… Jisung what. How. Wow. I love this man so much and I’m a bit confused because when did he turn into a rapper he wasn’t a rapper before but he’s so good????? also his chemistry with Sanggyun (who I’m really warming up to, I’m not a fan of ToppDogg but he’s so precious I can’t help it) and just ;;;;;;;;; I really hope Jisung ends up in the final group because I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH
also I just realized that before the dance break Jisung was dancing the girls’ pick me lol he’s so adorable I can’t
And baby Woojin looked so mature in this like ??? he’s still a baby but idk he grew up so much on this show I’m a proud mother ;;

I know you know - THE UNDERDOGS!!! ok so personally this was my least favorite song, but the performance was good and the boys all did so well and I’m really sad that they got such a low score :( They deserved way more than that ;; And I’m really worried for some of them now, especially Taedong, Donghan and Yehyun (who I have a soft spot for because he’s from Snuper’s company and they’re my underrated babies) and just ;;;;; I hope they’ll get more votes on the online voting, but I’m kinda preparing myself for at least half of them to be eliminated.. ;;
But can we talk about HYUNBIN’S RAP OH MY GOD the boy did such a huge mistake not taking the rap position last mission vafkdnjpvadoi I mean I loved him in downpour and it’s good he’s trying new things but why did it take so long to hear him do actual rap because he’s really good at that and wow??????
(sidenote, Moonbok’s hair looked PERFECT I’m jealous lol and it’s such a big improvement from the horrible braids he had last time, and the highlights at the tips wow whoever did his hair this time did such a good job!)

ok so! This was longer than I expected tbh but hopefully you enjoyed reading :) I’m always down to talking about produce so hmu if you wanna talk!
I’m not emotionally ready for the next elimination and I’m REALLY not prepared for the last episode ;; I’m excited to see who the final group will be but I’m so stressed about it kavfdnjpnovdis

look i know there’s been some back and forth about will’s sexuality, and while i have several feelings about that, i want to mention the most important thing that happened (for me at least) in season one.  the few times where will’s sexuality is brought into question, the idea of him being gay is very clearly shown to be a negative thing (troy calling him a “fairy” and lonnie calling him a f*ggot).  BUT what matters SO MUCH to me are the other characters reactions, mainly Joyce and the kids.  when Hopper asks Joyce if Will’s gay, she doesn’t say “of course not!” or act offended by the idea.  instead, she simply yells “does it matter?” and goes back to the problem at hand.  Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are clearly pissed off when Troy and his groupie are making fun of Will (at his fucking memorial service, jfc, these kids) but they NEVER ONCE jump to “shut up, don’t say that, he’s not gay,” or anything along those lines.

even though gay is used as an insult against will, his friends and family don’t ever try to defend him by reaffirming his “straightness.”  they defend his character and his worth, because that’s what matters.

Watching Apéritif really reminds me of how different the show became in its later seasons and how much I adore everything about it

  • Will trembles so much (he needs to be cuddled asap)
  • Jack is like an overprotective mentor who probably refers to Will as ‘his baby’ in his head
  • On his airplane trip back home, Will probably bought the middle seat so he wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone
  • Will’s little ‘hello’ to stray!Winston made me cry
  • His ‘that’s right’ after correcting one of his dog’s misbehaviors and the dog listening to him was pure alpha male and I can’t stop imagining him saying that to Hannibal and Hannibal swooning
  • Will creeping out Team Science–CLASSIC
  • This show is so pretty gawd
  • Beverly not taking any of Zeller’s shit
  • Zeller not knowing how to react to this cute/creepy boy who Daddy Jack invited over 
  • Hannibal dining by himself and smiling not knowing he’s about to have his entire life fucked up by the rudest and more adorable man ever
  • And here is the appearance of my favorite Hannibal suit–the bight blue lovefest of fabric
  • Jack sucking up to Hannibal and Hannibal not buying it is great
  • Love at first sight–Will can’t stop staring and neither can Hannibal and I might be crying don’t look at me
  • Will is so rude to Hannibal and Hannibal is already ‘I want to take you to Paris and ruin you and get rug burn on my knees’
  • Will making a comic book joke–does this mean he’s watched all the MCU movies? does he read the comics? is he #teamsteve or #teamtony???
  • I love you Jimmy Price
  • Will’s hair is A++++
  • Oh yes, the sexy back scene that inspired so so much breast clutching
  • Will don’t be jealous that Uncle Jack found another boy he likes
  • Will naked and showering and imagining a stag leering at him–yes this show is for me
  • Will and Hannibal’s first date, it goes about as well as one could expect with a just-woken-up Will, like goddamn Will be nice jfc he’s your future husband
  • Will being sassy and Hannibal making him laugh is pretty much the best thing ever
  • Also, Will wasn’t wearing his glasses during his breakfast date with Hannibal *flails*
  • ‘What are you smiling at?’ Will says, teasing this strange man just a bit but unable to keep the hostility in check.
  • The woman at the construction site needs her own show, she is done with everything and everyone and she is perfect
  • Hannibal you lazy ass dick, pick those files up
  • Hannibal ‘Im gonna fuck the world up because I can’ Lecter
  • Will covered in blood does things to me and definitely to Hannibal
  • Hannibal take your time helping out, no rush, go get a latte, no worries here *Will has a breakdown and Abigail is running out of blood*
  • I wonder who drove Will home and if they tried to console him/start a conversation with him and did Will proceed to vomit all over their car
  • THE SONG, oh god this is the best song ever and I just want to listen to it for the rest of my life
  • Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever
  • Will looking at Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever, wondering where they all fit in, how he fits in, to this odd little scene

okay but in all seriousness i need a fic of dean buying benny a cell phone and showing him how it works so they can keep in contact and the whole time benny’s like wtf is this new age technology shit and dean just rolls his eyes and uses his own phone to call benny’s to show him how to use it and such and benny has to sit down for a hot second because he’s thoroughly amazed so sometimes he just randomly calls dean out of the blue just to hear the sound of his voice and talk with him late into the night about absolutely nothing and benny insists that he didn’t mean to call and that he just ‘accidentally pressed the wrong button and it dialed dean’s number’ i have a mighty need jfc

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Why is the promo team so bad at their job?? They are DRAGGING out this damn love triangle. I like clace and want it to be back, but could they promote the actual story line with valentine and downworlders revolting. I want 2b to get here asap so these god awful promos stop.

Honestly, Anon, I have NO idea what is going on with Freeform’s promo team. I just…. I don’t understand. 

As you pointed out, they are pushing this damn love triangle, and especially the damn C/limon part of it, to an absolute maximum. And I am just sitting here, wondering, do they even know their key audience? 99,9% of the fandom doesn’t want romanic!C/limon. People have complained about this and how much they doesn’t like this ship since the end of 2a already. And yet, Freeform continues with it. I mean… isn’t there one genius in the pr team who is like… “Okay, we clearly can’t change the scripts. But maybe we should promote something other than throwing C/limon over and over into the faces of the Shadowhunters fans? Otherwise they might lose interest at one point?”

(Seriously, I am actually asking these questions myself ngl.)

Besides, even if you ignore this particular love triangle: Does the promo team really think that people will tune in to watch another stupid and ugly and annoying love triangle? Because clearly… never done before on tv. 

I don’t know about you, Anon, but I watch a show (or start to watch it) because the overall plot sounds interesting/promising. Yes, I, myself, need something to ship, too, but mostly the plot needs to be good otherwise I lose interest and won’t watch it anymore (yes, The Flash, I am looking at you f.e.). It’s that simple. So instead of promoting this amazing and so so promising looking story in 2b, they decide to push the fucking love triangle. Why oh why….

f-f-f-fight replied to your post “f-f-f-fight replied to your post “#the first spell that ever showed…”

congratulations on niagra falls, maia jfc. (but really i misread the first reply as him magicking up a dog and… that is Worse and I am Real Tears rn. either fucking way… this boy needs a hug and a home. and one day his magic leads him on a journey to the silent bros and they aren’t much fucking help in that regard either. god…and to think this boy who was so unloved through all his years grows to be someone who is so full of love and compassion)

GOD THAT IS WORSE™ WTF i didn’t think about that but now that you pointed out, i can see it absolutely?? magnus making himself a little glowing blue dog friend that follows him around and curls up with him at night.

and you know the bittersweet thing about that is eventually, he would let it go. like kind of the way you would an imaginary friend, you know? like a few years later when he finally discovers other warlocks and starts to sell his magic, and he’s feeling really okay with himself. and he realizes he doesn’t need his doggy friend anymore to not feel alone and he would tell him goodbye and let him fade away.

centuries later, alec learns about this and buys magnus a tiny blue crystal dog and magnus puts it on his nightstand.

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This is not a judgement ask or anything, but why do you crave the angst so much? Personally I dread it.

Hey anon! It’s ok 😂

I mean - its not so much angst in general that I crave. I want the Good Angst™. I made a post about this a while ago, where I said that it’s only Good Angst™ when it hurts because they love each other so much.

Like. I just enjoy the angst that, at the root of it all, is storytelling about their love. So even if it’s them struggling to make things work, or fighting, or breaking up - I enjoy it, so long as it’s told in a way that shows it’s not over. You know how they say the opposite of love isn’t hatred, it’s indifference? It’s like that. As long as they’re still making each other Feel Feelings, I’m happy.

(This is why - and jfc I haven’t shut up about this recently - the Donny period sits so horribly with me. That whole break up feels a lot more like indifference than hatred, up until the whole Cain kidnapping Robert thing. I don’t like it and a lot of it doesn’t sit well with me, because a lot of it is played like they hadn’t just gotten each other through a traumatic experience and confessed their love to one another just a few months before - it feels more like they banged once or twice and then drifted apart. It feels like the show didn’t want to tell their story any more, basically.)

So. Yeah. It gives me a little weird thrill when they’re angry at one another or threatening to kill one another or fighting or whatever. It’s fun and dramatic and messy and it’s also just a big soapy sign that the show still cares. Plus the performances are always SO GOOD.

Also I enjoy when they yell at one another.


Congratulations to Tatiana Maslany! 2016 Emmy Winner as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her Lead Roles in Orphan Black ♥ Clone Club couldn’t be prouder of you! #EmmyforMaslany

Acceptance speech: “Thank you so much, there are so many people I feel so indebted to… Graeme Manson and John Fawcett - I love you, guys - thank you for this incredible dream job. My team, Jennifer Goldhar and Steve Alexander. Everyone at BWR. Stephen Lynch, Kathryn Alexandre, our incredible writer’s room. My beautiful cast and crew, I love you, guys. My Tom, my family, thank you so much. I feel so lucky to be on a show that puts women at the center. Thank you so much to the Academy. Thank you.”


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)