jfc i love penguins


hair and skin brighter than my future tbqh


Fandoming isn’t ride or die.

You don’t have to agree on everything your fellow fans or shipmates post.

Different viewpoints or even the occasional disagreement among other fans is perfectly fine. Not everyone is going to be an exact replica of one another. To be upset by our differences is an example of backwards intolerance at its finest.

For instance, I just got blocked by a fellow Nygmobblepot shipper (who I actually followed priorly as a fellow Reylo shipper) because I made a rebuttal to their post on how tired I essentially am over seeing my fellow shipmates unjustly hating on the Gotham writers.

I guess I should be sorry for being one of those fans that doesn’t go though fandoming with nothing but shipper goggles on. That I’m wrong for caring more so about the story, its characters, and how it progresses than my own fanon desires.