jfc i just love him

to our beautiful 준이, happy birthday!
even till the end of the world, army will never stop supporting and loving you ✨


somehow, I can imagine that when Spock hears something that he finds really hilarious, inside him there is a boy who is laughing like that but from the outside his amusement is very subtle.. and only some people can see that laughing boy inside him.
In my mind, this is one of the first things Nyota understood about him: his subtlety being like his own language to understand.

after 7 grueling hours,,,,i have finally been able to semi achieve the manga style

also can you tell i used this pic as ref hahahaaa 

You wanna know what we need more of? People actually talking about APH Sweden’s relationships with the Nordics OTHER THAN APH FINLAND like there is so much potential and yet everyone seems so focused on portraying him as following Fin around everywhere and being completely obsessed with him to the point where it’s creepy

Can we talk about how Ryan’s initial response to seeing a decapitated pig’s head is to fucking wear it

           A joint dangled loosely from his lips as Topher set the needle down on the surface of the  vinyl record and adjusted the dial to the correct speed. Abbey Road. It had always been one of his favorites, one he’d made sure to pack in his trunk every year since he received a charmed gramophone that worked within the walls of the school. The crackling hum of the album’s first few notes floated through the open air of the astronomy tower as the boy took a few steps back from the machine, head tilting back as he inhaled deeply and filled his lungs with smoke. He turned to face the rail that overlooked the Black Lake, noticing as he did that someone else was ascending the staircase to the top of the tower. The blur of robes informed him that it was another student, though he couldn’t be sure of what house, and he decided against stamping out the joint, instead twisting it between his fingers as he offered the new found company a smile. “Should’ve guessed the night would be too gorgeous for me to have the place to myself— not that I’d ever complain about company.”