jfc i could not color this

…to my defense:

I doodled this while I listened to the whole album for the first time. I didnt have any references. Only the few things I remembered from constantly seeing fanart on my dash. So you can imagine the tears when I found out that this is not what he wears during that scene. 

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i saw on twitter that you mentioned you were drawing another superhusbands with arms around each other and im laughing at your distress because it is such similar poses omg (this is not meant to come off as mean its genuinely funny and the art is so good who could actually be upset about it!!)

asdfhgadfjh I KNOW omg as i was drawing it was feeling deja vu and i was like….hold up one second…..



so these are some trickster designs i came up with a million years ago (back when i did that tricksterkat??? wtf that was an eternity ago). and i found these somewhere in the depths of my save files and thought “hey, alex, maybe you could practice coloring, you fool, you colorly inept fool”.
and so i did, and this is the result. the line art is from like six months ago take it with a grain of salt.
also if you’re interested this is the original color scheme? it mostly stayed the same but i like to think this shit is more harmonious now.

Volt Prime Sketch + Color

holy butts i’m tired
this was SUPPOSED to be a quick sketch but I actually tried pretty ahrd on this aaa

Lines could be better but jfc I’m not messing with them right now sorry ;;

seriously I wasn’t even expecting to get something post worthy out of this

If you have Warframe and want to- pm and I’ll totes friend you


“We went on the roof in order to resolve the live concert idea, because it was much simpler than going anywhere else; also nobody had ever done that, so it would be interesting to see what happened when we started playing up there. It was a nice little social study.
We set up a camera in the Apple reception area, behind a window so nobody could see it, and we filmed people coming in. The police and everybody came in saying, ‘You can’t do that! You’ve got to stop.‘”

-George Harrison.

“The prince is undeterred. Let him amuse himself with his pet project.”

Jfc Leliana, he’s not painting Kirkwall a different color, he’s trying to help after a big chunk got blown out of it.   

I suppose there’s some irony in this. She’ll never know how similar Sebastian’s situation was to hers.

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Do you like the character of Tony in MCU? I heard some comic fans did not like it bc he's a lot more naive and reckless and venerable than in comic universe. Also which iron man movie and which cap america movie are your fav?

Yes, I do. I absolutely do. He’s my baby and it would be nonsensical of me to say that I prefer 616 because MCU Tony’s the reason I got into Marvel and fell into the stevetony ship. 

I’m going to go to a cut because I have a feeling this might get long. Oh, and my favorite Iron Man movie is IM1 hands down no competition. My favorite Captain America movie is TWS by a close margin that mainly boils down to the presence of Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson tbh.

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re: that dumb "things guys look for in girls" video

Felt I should make this because it bothered me a lot. These three 15 yr old boys made a video listing all the things they expect and want from the girls they date. Among the expectations listed in the video are naturally long brown hair, funny but not loud or obnoxious, hairless, freckles, long socks with a skirt (wtf), dimples, not too much make-up, natural eyebrows, etc, etc. These three boys (most notably Nash Grier from Vine) additionally stated that “The chase is so important…if you play easy, it’s like, ugh, she’s a whore”. This is extremely flawed thinking. This is misogynistic and sexist. It oppresses women. It is wrong and I am very angry.

Why the fuck should girls have to meet your ridiculous qualifications??? Do not tell me to wax my fucking arm hair. My arm hair does not grow for you. My arm hair and leg hair and facial hair as well as the rest of the god damn hair on MY BODY was grown to keep me warm, you self-obsessed lil shits.

If I do decide to get rid of any of the hair on my body, it will not be because you think I am gross and not dateable and disgusting with it. If you don’t like my arm hair, don’t look at my arms. If you don’t like my leg hair, don’t look at my legs. If you don’t like my frown, don’t look at my face.

Don’t tell me to smile.
Don’t tell me to wax.
Don’t tell me to shave.

You do not own me or any part of my body and you have NO FUCKING RIGHT to tell me what I should and should not do with it. 

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I would like a story which I can reblog with the following tag: In which one of these fuckwits is a dragon and keeps hoarding things in the local duke’s signature color in the hopes that he will ride out to confront him in person because look these knights are cute and all but he’s a dragon they don’t really stand a chance okay so could you please come talk to me in person look I have a whole cave full of your fav color, that’s how human courting works right?

I hope you know I just sort of stared at this for like a minute before cracking up laughing.

Was supposed to be a drabble but was accidentally over two thousand words.

Absolutely ridiculous crack. And reposting as an actual post, since posting as an ask messes the formatting up. (It’s also now on AO3.)


(Edit again: AND A PODFIC JFC.)

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What the fuck!? Is Frank wearing a leather vest in that picture? It never fails to astound me how horribly the mcr guys can fail at fashion ( except Ray, he usually just sticks to jeans and t-shirts and always looks pretty good). Do their wives not ever look at them before they go out somewhere and be like, "honey, no."

like i said….it was frank’s worst look to date. 

and yea. ray. what a blessing. what a constant force to keep me grounded. it’s harder to date ray pictures because he never wore makeup, was the only one in the band without the ‘hopeless hair’ i mean ray’s hair is legendary but he didn’t fuck with it like the others (aside from when he straightened it. iknow if i don’t mention that i’ll get 3 asks saying ‘ACTUALLY ray did straighten his hair once sweaty :)))’)

and no. their wives encourage them. like why didn’t lindsey make gerard brush his fucking hair? i mean she was probably busy with bandit  a lot that year since she was a baby but??? idk??? how do you let your husbands hair get to that point? i should be asking gerard the same about himself but personal hygiene was never his forte. she let him dye his hair the color of PEE jfc. i mean he was probably in the process of bleaching it so he could go red bu twhATEVER he was in PUBLIC with YELLOW HAIR AND A HAWAIIAN SHIRT. I WAS ON VACATION IN MYRTLE BEACH AND I HAD TO SIT IN OUR CONDO ON TUMBLR TO YELL ABOUT IT LIKE???? YELLOW, GERARD. YELLOW. i could have been enjoying my vacation but NO gerard had to make a public appearance looking like a tropical scarecrow. i fucking hate him.

why did jamia allow the pornstache to go on for so long???  why did she allow that awful trucker lumberjack outfit? they encourage them. it’s terrible.