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What's the moustache enthusiast thing all about? What does a moustache enthusiast do? Is it just a sexual fetish or do you do something else? Is it all moustaches or just certain types of moustaches? Or just certain guys' moustaches? Or just Conrad Veidt's moustache? (I can somehow never recognize him when you post pictures of him with a moustache.) So many questions but I am dying to know. -A secret admirer, thinking of growing a moustache, but needing to know what kind gets the ladies going.

My goodness, that’s a lot of questions about moustaches… It’s not a sexual fetish for me at all, actually, and I by no means find moustaches attractive on just anyone and everyone. For some reason some people can just pull them off, others look weird without them, and then there are some who just make them sexy, somehow, no matter what. Oh, and of course, we mustn’t forget that there are those who use them for comedic effect *tips bowler hat and twirls cane* 

For instance, people like Clark Gable, Basil Rathbone and Anton Walbrook *owned* the moustache look so completely that it almost feels weird to see them without one, right? They just look less of themselves because the moustache gives them a little extra something without which they’d be slightly less memorable, slightly less watchable, slightly less *them*. Charlie Chaplin - and thus laughter - became synonymous with his little toothbrush one. And then you have Conrad Veidt, who on the whole I prefer without one, but then there are certain characters of his that just wouldn’t be the same without a wicked brush of hair luxuriating upon the upper lip. Never big n’ bushy or anything like that. Just something to frame the face, accentuate the features and add a little menace. I think that’s what I like the most - the neatly trimmed, close the the skin, dark and mysterious line that draws attention to the mouth. And if you have a bestial mouth, as Conrad Veidt most insatiably did, then it makes for quite the hypnotically alluring and perversely irresistible thing.

I guess essentially what a moustache does is to… accentuate its owner’s character. So with Charlie it becomes a point of comedy, with Clark or Baz or Anton it becomes a little extra confidence, and with Connie it becomes a goddam pussy trap. (I’d apologise for the crudeness, but if you follow my blog you’re most likely well accustomed to it by now.)

So yeah, went on a bit of a ramble there didn’t I, but I hope I’ve answered your question(s) at least a little. Good luck with growing your own, if you indeed decide to do so.

I leave you with my two favourite moustaches - Torsten (A Woman’s Face, 1941) and Jaffar (The Thief of Bagdad, 1940)

So when do I get grossly indulgent tropey fic of the dashing Terrifying Renegade swooping in and carrying Blue Diamond’s Pearl off to freedom and romance in her strong swordfighting noodlearms?

Will I have to write it all myself?

Please send help.

Look, I love you guys (on occasion) and I’m not exactly a ray of sunshine and positivity myself, but jfc some of you are the most negative people ever, how do you even live? Can’t let a single post go by without commenting some bullshit bragging about how much you hate everything. Anti this, anti that, being so proud of yourselves for not caring about this popular thing, that popular thing, this OTHER popular thing, my god, can’t you guys let something go every now and then? Keep the stormclouds to yourselves?



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Jfc how do you even draw such dynamic characters like that like at what point of studying human anatomy did you just go like "welp time to draw all these beautiful toons" I nEED TO KNOW PLS

As a lover of wacky cartoons, since the beginning of time all I thought was, “HOW CAN I MAKE THIS POSE WACKIER?”

I actually didn’t study human anatomy until my last year of high school! That helped me realize that studying anatomy was crucial for my artwork and also gave me the ability make even more dynamic poses!

Having a better grasp of anatomy helped me realize how much I can exaggerate a pose without completely breaking the human body hah hah.

Don’t be like me, kids. Study anatomy first, THEN practice making silly poses. UvU