jfc his face on the last one

L: We are both enemies of the guard, you’re not going to tell me your little secret?

N: I don’t believe you!

L: What do I have to do for you to tell me everything?

N: Set me free.

L: Count it as done

A: Leiftan opened the cell, but knowing him…This is not a good sign

N: I-

A: With a movement, he gripped her throat and lifted her up

L: I’m going to ask you one last time: How did you corrupt the crystal?

N: Va…va..

A: (She scratched his face. Leiftan throw her violently to the ground)

L: Take care of it, she annoys me

A: At last a bit of fun

okay but a happy AU of Batfam just using social media like their Facebook pages are open to the public to like and watch them do funny stuff:

Dick uploads a picture of Damian curled up on his couch and tags Bruce in it with a caption of “Is this yours???/Are you missing something???”

Tim uploads pictures of his coffee order on Instagram, his name always spelled wrong because Jason bribes the guys at Starbucks to do it.

Jason always tweets his brothers for the littlest things, like “@dickgrayson21 why did u leave the bathroom lights on” or “@timmydrake i know u ate the last of the Captain Crunch u little shit” and “@theonetruewayne get ur cats out of my room for the last time jfc”. His bio is probably just a bunch of emojis and Halsey lyrics.

Cass’s snapchat stories are legendary, as she always has her phone at the ready. She caught the moment Dick fell of the banister and broke his arm when he trying to surf it, and the time Tim fell asleep at breakfast and his face landed in his breakfast, and when Damian and Colin ran past in the living room and a vase began to fall but Alfred caught it without even looking. Her most revered snapchat is the one of Bruce’s room when the boys all fell asleep in his bed- Tim drooling on his adoptive fathers chest, and Damian’s little fist clenched in his shirt, and Jason using Damian as a human pillow and Dick just spread across everyone. 

Just, the batfam being the Kardashians of their Universe but more cinnamon roll like.

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(jfc I keep sending jealousy prompts/asks BUT I swear this the last one [from me at least]) but Harry, don't you worry about being so vocal about your sex life??? I mean, sooner or later, someone might get a lil too interested in Draco and may attempt to steal him away????? (aka me)

(LOL, nooo, it’s alright! It’s fun for all of us! XD)

Harry: *turns red in the face*

Harry: *jumps to his feet* Come, let’s have a little chat.

Draco: *grabs his hand* Where are you going?

Harry: *overtly bright smile* We’re just going to take a walk.

Draco: It’s late; just come here, come sit down–

Harry: No, let me just have a quick word–

Draco: Stop being so Gryffindor, Merlin, just calm the fuck down

Harry: I am calm, look at me, aren’t I calm?

Draco: You’re not blinking. Why aren’t you blinking?

Harry: No, listen, I’ll just–

Draco: For Christ’s sake , just sit down, Harry!

Insecurity | Part Two

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.075

A/N: honestly, my emotions are all over the place. you guys have sent me SO MUCH love in the last 24 hours and I don’t know how I can thank every single one of you. this feedback I’m getting is incredible and my head just won’t accept the thought of people enjoying my writing that much that my phone won’t stop buzzing from all the notifications I’m getting. I’m so thankful and jfc I’m starting to ramble so enjoy the second part! please don’t hate it omg

 Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

“I think we should take a break”, he mumbled, giving you one last glance before leaving out of your front door.

As soon as the door closed and you heard his car drive away, you crashed down onto the wooden floor. Tears streamed down your face and sobs erupted through your body uncontrollably. Your whole body started shaking and your lungs stung from the lack of air you were getting.

He just left. You opened up to him, telling him about your biggest insecurities and he capped it all off by destroying your self-esteem completely, simply turning around and leaving you there. Like some toy, he never even wanted in the first place.

He had told you minutes before that argument how much he loved you, had caressed your face and body, showing his love to you. But one wrong word from you had turned the loving Jungkook into a cruel monster, you had never seen before.

You were laying on the floor, curling up into a ball and holding your hands close to your chest, sobbing and shaking, not being able to think straight. You loved him with every inch of your body and he had tossed you away.

Slowly, you grabbed your phone from your back pocket and dialed his number. Holding your phone in you shaky hands, you tried to calm yourself down while you were waiting for him to pick up.

After three times only reaching his voicemail, you decided to try it one last time before giving up. It was about to go back to his voicemail when you heard someone pick up. “Hello?”

You frowned. That wasn’t Jungkook’s voice. “Uhm- hi, it’s (Y/N). I-is Jungkook there?”, you asked hesitantly, trying to oppress your sobs.

“Oh hi (Y/N)! It’s Tae”, he giggled and you heard him shuffle. “No, actually he just came home, left his stuff and said he needed to go for a run. Wasn’t he supposed to sleep over at yours tonight?”

Your lips started trembling and you had to bite the inner side of your cheek so you wouldn’t cry in front of Taehyung. Jungkook didn’t even tell his best friend that he had just broken up with you. He had plainly left.

“Uhm no, we had a change of plans”, you whispered and crawled over to your couch. “Thanks for letting me know though”, you immediately hung up, tossed your phone away and screaming into your pillow, letting all your tears flow and sobs shake you. 

Later that night, you had hardly made it into bed, you decided that it was best to distract you with a new show. You had looked through social media, having your laptop on your lap, searching for a new show to watch that you didn’t know yet. On Twitter someone had recommended Bel Ami so you clicked on the first episode and started watching. 

That’s when you saw her. Stunning as always she appeared on the screen. With her angelic, yet sexy voice she made your heart cramp and tears well up in your heart. You quickly shut your laptop down and glanced at your reflection on the dark screen. Your face was puffy and your hair a complete mess. Sitting there in your worn out pajamas didn’t really help your appearance and you clenched your hands to fists after pushing your laptop off the bed.

Self-doubt and hatred was all you were feeling in that moment. Your broken heart pounded hard in your chest, feeling as if knifes dug into it with every beat. Pictures of you and Jungkook flashed back into your mind, followed by imaginary scenes you could see Jungkook and IU in, fitting together perfectly unlike you two.

That night you fell asleep on a completely soaked pillow, laying on your worn out tears, clenching onto the stuffed animal Jungkook had bought you for your first anniversary. He used to take it with him to the dorm whenever you didn’t need it and sleep with it, so you could cuddle with it and have his scent around you while he was gone. It still smelled like him.

It had been a month since Jungkook and IU were spending almost every day together for “We Got Married”. Even though you knew you shouldn’t, you had to watch every single episode. 

You hadn’t left the house ever since the show started. You had tried to call Jungkook the week that was left before he started filming but he hadn’t picked up once. The only thing that you had heard from him was a simple text, saying that you should stop contacting him. 

Speaking truthfully that wasn’t even the worst way he could have hurt you. The fact that him and IU were extremely close with each other as soon as the show started, hurt you way more. They kept flirting, randomly touching each other and sharing intimate glances. Everybody loved them, just like you predicted. And they seemed to like each other. Even after filming was over, they would upload pictures together on social media, commenting with heart emojis or sweet quotes. It was too much for you.

One day, Taehyung called out of nowhere, asking how you were doing. 

Putting the TV on silent you still glanced at the screen. “Fine what about you?”, you asked in return, the lie coming off your tongue easier than you thought.

There was a short silence on the other end before you heard him sigh. “(Y/N), what’s going on between you and Jungkook?”

You felt a lump form in your throat and swallowed hard. “Nothing Tae, we’re fine”, you fake chuckled to make him stop worrying. “Why do you keep insisting that something’s up?”

You wanted to know. No, you needed to know if he had told them. If he at least cared enough to tell his own best friends or if you had to do it, at last.

“You’re not fine. Something happened and we all know. I mean, we know that something happened but we don’t know what. Jungkook won’t talk to us about it”, he chuckled first and then huffed. “He told us after the meeting about “We Got Married” that he’d be sleeping over at your place during all filming time. He didn’t want you to feel neglected just because he took part in that show. He said he’d try to stay as untouchable for IU as possible because he’d know you would watch the show and would get hurt seeing him being touchy with her.”

When suddenly your neck started getting wet, you noticed how tears were dripping down your chin. Jungkook had cared. He wanted to be respectful towards you. Why did he change his mind then?

“So now tell me, why did he change his mind, sleeps here at the dorm every night and is all over IU?”, Taehyung asked with concern in his voice. “And you don’t even seem to be bothered?”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. They needed to know. The boys were also your family. They worried about you just like they worried about their maknae.

“So he didn’t tell you, huh?”, you sighed as your voice started trembling. The show was playing in the background and Jungkook had just pecked IU’s cheeks, making her giggle and lean onto him. 

“Tell us what?”, you heard Hoseok in the background. Everyone had been listening and you hadn’t even noticed. 

“H-he broke up with me”, you whispered. “About a week before the show started.”

You glanced at the TV screen and witnessed them both cuddling up together at a bonfire they had started. Sobs escaped your lips and you quickly covered your mouth.

“He did what? (Y/N) Are you crying?”, you heard Jin exclaim upset. “Gosh, you should have told us! I can’t believe Jungkook didn’t even mention it.”

“We’re coming over, you shouldn’t have to deal with this on your own”, Jimin said in the background. “Did he say why?”

You nodded, unable to respond. The memories were too painful.

“(Y/N)?”, Taehyung asked. “Maybe you misunderstood him…”, even he didn’t sound convinced by his own words. “He loved you so much, I don’t understand.”

“I didn’t misunderstand, Tae”, you sobbed and shook your head. “Apparently I’m not confident enough for him.”

“Okay that’s it, we’re coming over”, you heard Namjoon say before Taehyung hung up and your sobs took over your body.

 You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent and feeling goosebumps appear all over your body. His eyes were fixated on the screen in front of him but his one hand gently stroke your back, as he placed a soft kiss on your temple. 

“You should get some sleep jagi, it’s already 2am”, he whispered and looked away from his work for a second to glance at you concerned.

“Yah, I’m fine. I’d rather be here with you than alone at home”, you hummed back and wrapped your arms around his torso, making yourself more comfortable on his lap.

He chuckled slightly and lifted your chin up, so he could look into your eyes. “Do you still get nightmares?”, he asked softly, stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You nodded and looked down. “I know I shouldn’t, it’s been months now. But I can already ignore those insecurities during the day”, you started explaining, slight pride audible in your voice. “As soon as I’m alone though, especially during the night, it all comes back. His words dig like knifes into my heart and I can’t stop it.”

His eyes held your gaze and his hands wandered down to your waist. “I don’t understand how such a beautiful girl like you can think so less of herself. Jungkook is an idiot for even thinking that you’re not worth his attention, that you’re not worth being loved like you deserve”, pain flickered in his eyes and you cupped his face with your hands.

“Don’t”, you whispered. “You helped me regaining my strength. You helped me getting out of that hole of misery and self hatred. You helped me getting confident, even though I still have a long journey ahead”, you smirked a little. “You’re a genius but nobody can make one feel like a bomb ass bitch over night. It takes some time.”

He grinned at your words and pecked your lips. “Enough of that butt kissing, it’s alright, you can stay here”, he sheepishly said and reattached your lips, letting his tongue slide into your mouth. His grip tightened around your waist, pulling you closer and making you rub against his crotch. A soft moan escaped his lips and you instantly threw your hands up to mess with his hair, tugging at the ends. 

His hands wandered down to your butt, giving it a tight squeeze, making you moan into his mouth this time. He smirked and you let your hands glide down his chest, down to his jeans, stroking over his clothed crotch. He inhaled a sharp breath, hissing slightly and deepening the kiss.

As your hands were about to unbutton his jeans, one of his hands shot forward and stopped you. “What’s wrong?”, you asked, slightly out of breath from the makeout session.

“I can’t”, he shook his head, an irritated but determined look on his face. “We’ll wait until you’re fully over him (Y/N). I already feel bad enough for betraying Jungkook like that.”

You glanced at him and were speechless. “Betray like what? He was the one who gave me up, you’re not betraying him. You’re taking your chance.”

He rubbed his neck, while playing with your fingers. “I love you (Y/N). I’ve loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. I never told anyone because it was so obvious that you only had eyes for Jungkook. Now that I have my chance with you, I don’t want to mess it up okay? I know that you’re partly over him but I don’t want you to regret anything. We’ll wait until you’re sure that you want to be with me, even though Jungkook is back.”

Your gaze turned soft and you placed both of your hands around his face, making him look at you. “You’re the best thing that could have ever happened to me Yoongi”, sealing those words with a kiss, you wondered how in earth you deserved to be loved by this beautiful men when your feelings were still not fully in control.


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did dany really laugh when viserys died? i think i can remember one of her maidens saying the last time she laughed was when he died and antidanys use it against her

The sound Viserys Targaryen made when that hideous iron helmet covered his face was like nothing human. His feet hammered a frantic beat against the dirt floor, slowed, stopped. Thick globs of molten gold dripped down onto his chest, setting the scarlet silk to smoldering… yet no drop of blood was spilled.

He was no dragon, Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill a dragon. –Daenerys V, AGoT

“Oh.” Dany felt disappointed, but Quaro liked his sausage so well he decided to have another one, and Rakharo had to outdo him and eat three more, belching loudly. Dany giggled.

“You have not laughed since your brother the Khal Rhaggat was crowned by Drogo,” said Irri. “It is good to see, Khaleesi.”

Dany smiled shyly. It was sweet to laugh. She felt half a girl again. –Daenerys VI, AGoT

they’re full of bullshit, as usual


Summary: “Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you.” One-sided Annalogia. From both faces of the coin.

Notes: Jfc. When will I stop? I thought I got over Annalogia last month.

Partly inspired by @blamedorange’s art but mostly inspired by the challenge that a certain someone implied me to take. (cough@boogey56cough)


“Gladly,” is what she tells him when he asks her to dance on that fateful night when they officially tie their destinies together.

That night, he breathes fire onto her lips and she tastes everything but the salt, death, and ash on his tongue.

At first she’s scared, but she thinks him sweet—his touch around her waist, the way his callused fingertips grazes slowly up the valley of her back, trailing shivers of goosebumps onto her before he hovers his hot wet mouth over her skin.

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Can I request RFA + Saeran reactions to playing Cards Against Humanity with MC?

thank you for the request, fae 🙂
iv'e never actually played cards against humanity, so i had to read trough the rules.
if i get something wrong, feel free to tell me 🙂


-honestly he would'nt really get why people would play this

-he loves every card that as to do with cats tho

-loses big time bc not many share his humour

-even after shuffling the cards everyone knows which card jumin played.

-“a romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without-”

-“elizabeth 3rd”



-knows this game bc he and his coworkers often play it in between practice

-“i drink to forget____”


-my childhood

-honestly he probabaly makes musical refs and acting refs that no one except jaehee and him understands

-childhood and parent cards are his fave

-“besides yodeling and dogs the most beautiful thing is_____”

-my face


-GamE references

-also animal puns

-the cinnamon roll doesen’t get the dirty jokes

-really really innocent

-“she’s up all night for good fun, i’m up all night for_____”

- my lolol guild

-“on the third day of christmas, my true love gave to me: three french hens, two turtle doves and______”

-a fully-dressed female videogame character

-blushes when he has to read something slighty sexual out loud


-“hey baby come back to my place and i’ll show you _____”

-my extensive collection of musical dvds

-“and the acedemy award for____ goes to____”

-“worst boss ever”

- “the heir of the C&R international company”

- ignores jumins offended expression

- vents all her frustrations about jumin and work trough the game

-roasts jumin every occasion she gets

-she is winning


-probably the one who suggested the game

-hacker and anime jokes lmfao

-“here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors, and there is______”

-“a crossdressing nun”

-probably really random answers

-inside jokes that only he and mc gets

-“what gets better with age?”

-dragon porn


-that one kid with really dark humour

-death jokes jfc

-stone faced

-when he thinks he did good or wins a round he does have a tiny smirk on his lips

-“what ended my last relastionship”

-violently beating your friends to death with a baseball bat.

-“what did van diesel eat for dinner?”

-“my will to live”

Adventures in Home Owning: that one time we almost got robbed.

So last Friday, while I was sitting in the office working away, some twat nozzle tried to break into my house through the backdoor. I refrained from telling too many people, or posting it on places where family members could be easily alarmed. But nevertheless, before our first mortgage payment even cleared out of the bank, someone, armed with a crowbar, tried to break into my house. With me in it.

There’s that little moment in situations like this where your brain gives you three choices A) flight B) fight or C) wet yourself. Operating on the basis that if I stopped him from getting into the house I could enjoy the luxury of all three, I opted initially for B), whilst curtailing the immediate desire for A) and fighting down the urge of C).

The nearest thing I had to hand was a cast iron curtain pole, which from experience leaves a big bruise if it hits you (it originally fell off the wall onto me whilst I was doing something to said wall, hence why it was handy, I did not in fact rip it off the wall Hulk style). I began shrieking bloody murder through the window, howling swear words in my native tongue, and brandishing my curtain pole like I was going to use it to perform human sacrifice. I should point out at this point that I seem to have an affinity for wall fixtures as weapons, which is why I’m going to start my own DYI class, which is a bit like DIY but stands for, Defend Yourself Immediately. I think it could work. Anyway.

The cretin never got into the house (thankfully), he fled, not expecting to find an angry Scottish woman in her pajamas, threatening to shove the curtain pole up his arse, decorated end first. After I watched him bolt over the fence and into a black car I realized just in time to stop swearing curses that my left hand, operating on the basis of “we should have picked A) you fucking lunatic” had been dialing 911 this whole time, and there was a woman on the other end of the line asking me if I needed assistance. I informed her rather breathlessly that a man had just tried to break into my brand new house, and I had screamed at him until he ran. She asked if I had a weapon, I told her I had a curtain pole. She told me she’d send a squad out immediately and asked if I needed her to stay on the line, I told her no thank you I’d like to call my husband and inform him of what had just happened, and she told me to call her if things changed, a bit like we had formed a last minute coffee date and I’d told her I may or may not be able to make it, owed to possibly being murdered in my own house.

When I called John I was still roaring high on rage and I was shouting angrily until eventually he managed to gleam the words “fucktard” “crowbar” and “hopped the fence.”

His dad informs me that mere minutes after this phone call took place, he’d gone looking for John in his cubicle, and found only his office chair spinning on it’s axis and the sound of a car skidding out of the car park. He got home (normally a 50 minute drive done in 15 owed in part to no traffic but mostly to outrageous speeding on his part) to find me sitting in the kitchen, still holding my curtain pole, and the policeman who helpfully told me to lock all my doors and think about getting an alarm system put in. He had no advice other than that, and informed me they’d make their presence felt in the area, and keep a look out for black SUVs left running on corner house lots. I hadn’t seen a face, or even a skin colour so I couldn’t give much help beyond “drove a black car, wore a black jacket with a grey hoody pulled up over his face and probably has an aversion to the idea of wall fixtures being bodily inserted*”.

Once he’d left, John sat down beside me and tried to pry the rod out of my hands, but by then my knuckles had turned white and I was starting to shake violently. I looked him right int he face and said “well at least I stayed brave for the coppers, eh?” and fell forward into him, crying my terrified little heart out. I had also, at some point during all of this noticed that only-in-movies was online on my phone and sent her a series of frantic messages. Reading them back now, I realise this was my way of going “I’m alive, I’m alive, so long as I’m talking to someone I am alive and no one is in my house trying to steal shit I don’t have hahahahahaaaaaa!”

I went to bed that night, with chairs jammed up against the backdoor, lights turned on in every room apart from our bedroom, and the curtain pole underneath my side of the bed. It’s still there in fact, and every time I stub my toe on it it makes me feel safe. The next morning, bright and bleary, a man came to fit a security system that as well as having all the bells and whistles on it also likes to beep at me and tell me when the smoke detector is about to go off, usually about ten seconds before it goes off and the toast pops up from the toaster. We’ve also stuck little stickers in all the windows that say “security provided by {company name}” and under one of them I’ve sharpied in “so fuck off”. John has yet to find it but I look forward to the day he does.

It’s my little way of brightening the whole situation. This whole journal entry has been my way of brightening the situation. I mean it’s a good story right? Just moved in to a nice house after living in a horrible apartment with drug dealer neighbors and domestics every other night, and before our first mortgage payment clears, someone tries to break into our house, and I scared them off with a curtain pole. It’s like a poorly scripted drama, penned by someone who has just found out about irony. If you wrote it in a book no one would believe it. Or maybe they would. Probably the type of people that know that life does not imitate art, but rather art robs all the good ideas for life and then plays them down to make them believable. Which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue just as well, which is perhaps why people coined the term, “stranger than fiction.” Makes you think doesn’t it? Mostly it makes me think I need a rottweiler.

But you’ve got to make fun of these things after the fact, and after you’ve made sure your house is secure and you’ve taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. John did this by nailing all the fence doors shut and putting a deadbolt into the door. I, equally did my part, and went right for straight up superstitious revenge. I’ve buried iron sheers under my porch, the blades sharp and facing open so that anyone who even thinks of approaching my house with bad intent will get razor marks across their soul, there’s holly on all the doors and windows which is a festive FUCK YOU to anyone trying to get in another way, and in my head there’s a little black burning dot of hatred, reserved for the person, or peoples, who tried to break into my home, my SAFE SPACE, and made me so afraid I now sleep with a cast iron pole under my bed, my fingers cold and often numb in the morning as they dangle down, reaching awkwardly for what is a rather heavy safety blanket. I feed all my pain into that little pit of rage, every time my shoulders ache from holding myself so tensely, every time I try to move my fingers around the bone crushing bruise I created from trying to merge with the curtain pole, or I stub my toe, I feed it all the pain, all the anger and wish them a really, really, really Bad Day.

Because that’s where my desire for revenge ends. I can’t wish them bodily harm, though I’d commit it if they somehow managed to get into my house and I was unable to run. I can’t wish them death for simply scaring me half so. So instead I’ll wish them a lifetime of stubbed toes, and wrenched shoulders and hope he rethinks his life.

Talking with John about it last night I said, “I hope he finds out he’s really good at something, and goes on to do that, rather than robbing houses.”

John, who knows me so well by now, looked up, face expectant, knowing that my brain was on some mad tangent and said, “Oh? What do you think he’d be good at?”

“Interior design, specifically curtains. Wouldn’t that be funny.”

*That last part wasn’t said, it was however thought.

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yes!! i think the problem is when people don't get that characters who are well-written are different in different situations, just like real people. that's why backstory and how characters are shaped is important, because you need those contexts to understand them. but i always thought from auj that thorin was one of those characters who was definitely a softie once he trusted someone ;)

THORIN IS THE BIGGEST SOFTY!!! (well aside from dwalin)

No but seriously everything he’s gone through! The destruction of his home, exile, poverty, starvation, the death of most of his family, suddenly being the head of an entire people and barely old enough to be considered an adult in dwarven society, years of hardship accompanied by people sneering at him, insulting him, doubting him, manipulating him. He’d have had every right to be sullen and bitter about literally everything and everyone!

And yet

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omg you have to continue the high school AU with the hospital

*nervous laughter*

Title: The Abandoned Hospital

Chapter 1

Exploring a hospital that burned down years ago wasn’t how Jason imagined spending his Friday night, but it beat coming back to an empty house when his father was busy with work and his sister was enrolled in a boarding school quite a distance from the town he lived in.

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There Are A Lot Of Things I Appreciate From The Recent Photos Released

One: THIS 

(Jfc r u trying to kill me. “The lip bite, the hair, like wtf this isn’t fair" - a poem by me. kbearluna ty for existing)


(Honestly she could punch me in the face and I’d feel blessed)


(this has to be the cutest photo in the world)


(Also kudos to Annie for, once again, absolutely KILLING IT)


(The beard. The fwoop in his hair. The little elf hands; JP, proven 2 be cutie patootie)


(Carmilla looks so gay sitting like that. I love it. Also Sophia Walker pulled off this dress fantastically well)

Kudos to this whole god damn cast for being absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented

See the original photos here: (x) (x)