jfc hair

you can call me monster
(날 그대로 받아들여)

2012!dan’s thoughts on 2016!dan.

disclaimer: obviously there is no way of knowing what 2012!dan’s actual thoughts would be on his present day self. these are my own views and interpretations.

okay this literally took me about 10 hours to finish (once i start a drawing i keep going until i’m done otherwise i lose motivation). i’m honestly really happy with it, despite how fucking hard it is to draw 2012!dan’s hair jfc.

i see a lot of people genuinely believing that 2012!dan would be angry over everything that 2016!dan does nowadays, but i really don’t think that’s true. what do you guys think?


Happy new year!!!

I’m so thankful for everthing what happend this year, so so so much changed and i’ve met so many amazing people which i’ll never forget about. I’ve made amazing memories and i’m hoping to make even more in 2017. 

Atm i’m just getting ready to go to my beautiful ladies Maddie and Anica, have a fun night!!

Hope everybody is having a lovely day/night, be safe and i’m wishing you all the best for 2017!

2016 you were amazing!!!!