jfc gerard

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why do ppl think gee has a big dick? especially in fanfic he always has a big dick? is there any proof of this or did everyone just go like 'yeah probably' and all agree to write him that way

because he just…….does. like i have NEVER in my life met anyone who has more trouble controlling their junk than gerard. this sparked the vintage mcr meme ‘starbuck’ who was the hamster living in the crotch of gerards pants. it probably came from a combination that he likes to stick his hand down his pants AND the fact that there’s literally always a bulge.

also: i once read a comment in response to a picture on an mcr message board in like 2008 that said ‘jfc is gerard packing the hand of god or what…’ and…that’s really stuck with me cause it’s fucking real. anyway. let’s have some examples:

it’s always absolutely baffled me that anyone felt the need to circle that since it can literally be seen from the moon

seriously is he smuggling a boa constrictor around in there i don’t undersTAND

can’t forget this iconic picture

and it was always visible on warped 2005 im pretty sure he just didnt wear underwear

anyway….gerard has something serious happening in his pants and he knows it cause he has literally always drawn attention to his crotch on stage. thank you for your time.

The fact that Dallon probably spent a good 10 minutes tryna find this pic after seeing a fucking typo makes me fall more in love with this man