jfc fred

so whenever anyone asks what "my type of guy" is

it’s like

i have no clue

because so many different things attract me

i mean

sometimes it’s humor

sometimes it’s silence

occasionally i’m attracted to a total charmer

but usually it’s just someone awkward

i like some who are brawny

some who are brainy

some that pretend to be bad

and some that pretend to be good

some are very young

and eons old

sometimes the person i’m attracted to isn’t even a guy

i mean srsly

you feel me?



Fred, I still have my blazer on. That means I’m in work-mode. I need a second to decompress before I can start hearing about who’s High Priestess and who’s nearing the end of their fertility cycle. So, until this jacket comes off, I need you to be a big ol’ hushpuppy. That clear?