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Gah, stupid answer thingy. They never dealt with anything Sam dealt with past the episode. Even IN the episode they don’t deal with stuff. Ugh, that was my biggest issue with SG1 from start to finish.

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this always bothered me. it seems like because that added the fight in at the end, everyone was like “well we showed that she is a strong character so that is all we need to do with Carter this episode.”

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Oh my god yes! I mean, it is one of the things that bothered me the most about early sg1. I…I…blargh. It’s covered so well in fanfiction, but never in any canon stargate! It almost takes away the message of that whole episode, about the strength of women, etc. because they don’t acknowledge that things like rape and abuse and slavery leave marks. they leave damage. and i feel cheated, they could have had a wonderful story arc about sam’s emotional healing as well as physical, and brought some attention to the invisible scars that traumatic events leave. but they didn’t. this is one of the cases where i really wish that the writers had gone deeper. or that fans had written the episode. the worst bit, for me, is that it would have been so easy just to at least mention it! and there are wonderful, heartwrenching realistic fanfictions about everything sam goes through and the aftermath. wow. ookkay. so long rant there. i’m done now!

answering you all down here.


and okay can we talk about how they save her and then they don’t want to go back for the girl. Like none of the guys get it and it FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. Like I’m in a love/hate relationship with early stargate and they SERIOUSLY missed the mark on this one.

and it was written by a woman??

AND it was aired on SHOWTIME. it’s not like they couldn’t talk about it because of content. Like sdjfhldsjhldj

I’m so filled with rage and confusion I can’t even express myself properly.

(nikkicarter if you can think of any superb fics I would LOVE for you to link me to them :3 pls and thank)