jfc all these tags

  • Serbia: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Austria: Dreamworks logo tries for a career as a boy band singer
  • Macedonia: Classic pop song and/or political statement about fetuses not counting as people (at least in a ESC setting)
  • Malta: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Romania: Yodel, rap, giant cannons - peak Eurovision
  • Netherlands: Coming soon to your mom’s iPod/the end credits of a Diane Keaton movie
  • Hungary: Hungarian hipster rapping with traditional folk dancer backup
  • Denmark: woman in a RED!!!! dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Ireland: A Ballad From Ireland - this year a Disney number performed by a smol child
  • San Marino: Your dorky parents embarrassing you by grinding on the dance floor
  • Croatia: An opera singer and a Broadway singer fighting for control over the same body. Possibly homophobic, despite definitely pride-friendly scene decor. Might be a Brony.
  • Norway: Macklemore enslaving Zer0 from Borderlands to bang on a drum to his generic pop beat
  • Switzerland: The Beauty and the Beast live action remake looks great
  • Belarus: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad singing a happy cute folksong with her awkward brother on one of those Florida boats
  • Bulgaria: Another smol child because like most things Biebermania hasn’t reached Europe until now
  • Lithuania: Kill Bill - the Musical
  • Estonia: Generic Soap Opera - the Musical. Saw Love Love Peace Peace and mistook it for instructions.
  • Israel: Happy beefcake taking a dance break at the gym, who also watched Love Love Peace Peace

S t r a n g e L i t t l e G i r l s –> a Janstar fanmix

listen to it here (x)

(in case u can’t read the track list)

  1. Sleepover-Hayley Kiyoko
  2. Kiss Me-Sixpence None the Richer
  3. I Miss You-Blink 182
  4. Lovesong-Adele
  5. I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers
  6. Drove Me Wild-Tegan & Sara
  7. Strangle Little Girl-Tori Amos
  8. Us-Regina Spektor
  9. Girls Like Girls-Hayley Kiyoko
  10. Shooting Star-Owl City
  11. Who We Are-Allison Weiss
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand-T.V. Carpio

this one…took a while. glaives got no chill when it comes to their uniforms. a surprise for @hyperionknight​ x p.s. this isn’t Luche my guys x) 
   by maegraeth.
      coffee jar x


@bitchycollectionfury-78be5e8b here’s Hanzo, the Great Pining Loser

(and genji thought his suffering would be done just because the fic’s over. Ha! I say, Ha!)

from: Howitzer:

Bucky smiled as he bumped his shoulder with Steve’s as they stood in the locker rooms, grinning wider as Steve bumped him back. Though he was technically a rookie, Steve had made it quite clear that he wasn’t required by the weird hockey team bylaws to stay with, or be treated like, the actual first years.

“There’s a hazing thing,” He’d said, voice warm in Bucky’s ear in the way that the cold phone couldn’t destroy. “Which you kinda have to do, but the rest of it, don’t worry about it.”

“You sure?” Bucky had asked, looking at the desk critically before dropping to his knees, crawling under it to plug in his multiboard. “I ain’t gonna fuck with it if it’s one of those weird team traditions, Steve.”

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I’m just gonna sit in my corner and enjoy Bendy and the Ink Machine for what it is and completely ignore the porn.

Just.  Don’t even bring it in my direction.  Let me have this one thing

Ok but Chris’s handwriting is 👌 and so is Steph’s new haircut.