imagine first year party boy dave who is down to get down and third year karkat whos always been reserved about stuff but its his last year so what the hell right an dhe gets totally smashed and they end up macking hella throughout the party bc dave cant resist a tiny cutie like this (and damn the fact that hes older than dave makes it even better) but when dave spots him later and approaches him karkat ends up rlly flustered and dumb bc up to that point hed never even really kissed before so hes Super Mortified and a little upset and daves just like o man

my friend made this rainbow bench that said “love wins” on it for the outside of a neighbors house and this fucking ridiculous family went and complained about it and bc the neighbors don’t wanna start shit they’re changing the words, in this family the wife homeschools the boys up until the age of 18 bc according to them women aren’t allowed to teach men.. this morning me and the head lifeguard had to talk to the middle son bc he was wearing a fucking confederate flag towel and we asked him to not have that in the swimming area and to take it off he was like “I’ll think about it” and was so rude and like condescending before he left like how can you hate everybody in the world that much

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Just because somebody has a differing opinion to you and doesn't think it's as big of a deal as you think it is, doesn't make them racist.

it’s literally racist for white people to say the n word