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Every time I see a gifset or photo set of Katie McGrath I automatically assume it’s a jaw line and eyebrow appreciation post, but I think I’ve actually only seen one that was specifically captioned with it and I think that’s saying something tbh cuz like honestly just look at her??

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Like I literally just scrolled and clicked on three random gifs and no matter which ones I chose it would have worked? Like please can I just be you?? This is so unfair??

tfw you have many asks to attend to, but you have a thought that literally keeps you up at night due to the excitement of writing it the next day.

Bachelor/Bachelorettes during a zombie apocalypse!!! (made sure not to include gore btw!)

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Here's some food for thought: Jacob's abuser s/o is kidnapped by Templars, and when he tracks her down, he brutally kills them all, setting back their progress and and making and making her terrified of him

{Err, I hope I am reading this comment correctly, my dear. You’re just saying, in general, the S/O has been abused, so she has a fear of men of sorts? If so, I’d be writing from the heart with that one, really given my own experiences around men growing up.}

Jacob wasn’t in his right mind when he attacked the Blighters who so bravely tried to take away the woman he loved. He hadn’t thought of all the progress he had made with her when he had pulled the frightened woman from a horrible relationship she was in prior—a betrothal she didn’t desire or yearn for—with a drunkard of a man who raised his hand to her anytime he saw fit. The Assassin did everything in his power to keep his heritage a secret and keep all gang activities so as well.

But he couldn’t hide it…he couldn’t hide his fury when it came to the Blighters taking someone he cared so deeply for, and he unleashed his bloody rage by accident before her.

She was stunned…uncertain of how to even react to the sight. Watching the bodies fall lifeless to the floor, blood creeping from the once breathing beings to seep between the cracks in the ground, made her own run cold. Even she could tell Jacob thought nothing of it in that moment, and as he came to her quickly with his hand outstretched once all were dead, she recoiled with her hands to shield her face as though he were going to harm her next.

Jacob paused in his steps, a nervous laugh escaping him for a moment as he tried to figure out what was wrong with her. “Love, it’s me—why do you act this way?” the Assassin asked, but in that moment of asking, he felt his heart beat wildly at realizing he had done something that would only harm the development they made together in trying to heal her perspectives towards himself and men in general.

His fists clenched to his sides, he swallowed harshly with his head rolled back as if to find some excuse quickly or think of something that may calm her.

But nothing could…she just watched him murder five people, and even if they were the enemy in his eyes and her own, she trembled in worry of when that sort of anger may be unleashed on her.

LeFou: I’d really love to date someone. We’d have to keep it secret.
LeFou: Gaston is so great.
LeFou: But so is Adam…
LeFou: And Beau…
LeFou: And Stanley…
Le Fou: Schmendrick is really cute too…

and with @boorishbrute:
LeFou: If Gaston finds out I like this person, he’ll probably kill them and make me watch.

a kind of depressing update

me & chay are super busy with our personal lives atm and we’ll have to put this blog on hiatus until we have time to write for u guys again, bc u deserve quick requests and as of now its just pretty hard to keep this blog going strong AND dealing with our lives outside tumblr rip
i dont know how long we’ll be on hiatus but hopefully it wont be for long, thx so much for understanding!!