SO IN “More than Survive”, JEREMY STARTS SINGING HIS LITTLE, “I don’t wanna be a hero” line, and the music is just piano, right?
When Michael makes an entrance, he sings about Bob Marley and the background music matches his style.


In More than Survive Reprise, Jeremy is singing a similar line and guess what? 
the background music is the same as Michael’s Bob Marley!!
Then, there’s a loud trumpet burst and the Marley music stops.

You can fucking hear squip optic nerve blocking Michael.

GotG and Flower Symbolism:

I’m a little pressed that no one else has done this because I think it’s relevant. And by that, I mean I actually took the time to do this so I’m gonna share a post that uses flowers to symbolize major characters in the MCU GotG lineup. Also, you might look at any or all of these flowers and disagree. Feel free to do so, I don’t claim to be a florist or flower expert. 

Drax – Star-Shaped Amaryllis:

A star-shaped or trumpet-shaped amaryllis symbolizes pride. Since the plants are so large, they seem to call attention to themselves by towering over other[s]. White amaryllis that resemble lilies also symbolize mourning for a loved one.

Peter Quill – Marigold:

Sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common garden flower. These are flowers which can symbolize remembering and celebrating a loved one from beyond the grave as well as the beauty and warmth of the rising sun. Marigolds are meant to convey the winning of affection through hard work and one’s creativity and promoting good cheer among relationships.

Gamora – Heather Flower:

A flower which symbolizes independence and self-sufficiency while it grows in rocky hills and moors. Heather flowers are also meant to convey good fortune, beauty worth admiration, and protection in the fulfillment of one’s dream.    

Rocket – Hydrangeas:

Can have multiple different meanings, including one bearing heartfelt and honest emotions, acknowledging a deeper understanding of others, frigidity, and boastfulness as well as bragging about (false) accomplishments.

Groot – Alstroemeria:

Flowers which come in a variety of colors and signify devotion and mutual support, between family members or friends, friendship on a broad scale from acquaintanceship to lifelong buds, and withstanding the trials of everyday life.

Mantis – Snowdrop Flower:

Snowdrop Flowers bloom under adversity as they grow through snow grounds. These flowers have several meanings, yet they’re associated with positivity, hope, and sympathy or consolation. Snowdrop flowers are historically used for religious and medicinal practices.

Nebula – Tulip:

Tulips have an unclear or nebulous history, but imply enduring love in relationships including those among family members, love which is undying even when rejected or spurned. Tulips are also a sign of supporting the less fortunate in life.

Yondu Udonta – Morning Glory:

A flower representing duality in a person, in terms of restraining one’s love and showing tenderness. Morning Glory flowers are known as blue stars or when red they symbolize a strong heart. It is believed that the morning glory relates to life’s finite nature, each single flower representing one life and life being represented by the daylight hours of the sun, withering and finally dying by nightfall.

Kraglin – Aster:

These flowers can have long-life spans and are typically associated with patience and acceptance as well as afterthought or the wish for things to have gone differently in the past.

Meredith Quill – Rosemary:

Rosemary or Statice flowers signify remembrance, charm, fantasy, compassion and motherly love when they come in shades of pink. These flowers can be used in memorial wreathes and are also known as Sea Foam or Marsh Rosemary.

Ego – Snapdragon:  

Snapdragons can symbolize grace and strength, but are just as easily related to deviousness, deception and falsehood.

anonymous asked:

To rile you up? You did that all on your own babe hahahaha and no, you don't know my intention. You make it whatever you want it to be, but it was genuinely a curious question. You ask a question, you want to know more why they answer this way. You say you don't find it necessary, that makes me wonder why that's so since there are plenty of reasons? You explore the whys, you ask, you deduce. So no, you don't know my intention.

You’re still going on about this???

And yes, you did ask those questions to rile me up, don’t play the part that you didn’t intend for that to happen. I answered your question the first time, when you said “do you and your boyfriend have important synastry aspects?” and I politely said “I dunno! I don’t look into it :-) no need since we both know each other really well” It should’ve been left at that….? I didn’t ask you to explain more. I wasn’t curious to hear more of your thoughts. Then you sent a question asking me if I’m scared or afraid (which is just plain dumb). After I had already said I don’t look into synastry, you sent me a question “Really?” Uh….. Yeah. Really. I already answered that. You kept this going and therefore you did intend to get a reaction out of me - I don’t know why you’re acting like it was innocent curiosity. It wasn’t. I know innocent curiosity when I see it or hear it. You were just being a dumbass. And don’t condescendingly call me “babe” either.

I’d like to see your point of views but I can’t stick my head that far up my ass.

like jfc

I have a serious problem. Whenever SMii7Y uploads or I get a notification from him on twitter or instagram, I fuckin scream “DADDY!” and it’s getting to the point where I’m getting concerned for myself. 😂😂

Wtf is wrong with me ??

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One thing I remember from the Shadowhunters book was that the Lightwoods and Hodge were the only people at the NY Institute? I'm so glad they changed that because how the hell would anything get done with like six Shadowhunters lmao

Oh my god, I’d completely forgotten about that until I got this message! The entire goddamn New York Institute was three teenagers, a cat, and a former Circle Member essentially serving a life sentence for war crimes. Like… How????? How could the Clave be okay with that?????? It’s NEW YORK, how can they survive with a practically non-functioning Institute?????

I mean, I get it. It’s harder to fill books with background characters than it is to fill a set with a bunch of extras. And cc clearly didn’t want to develop any characters beyond her main bunch. And maybe she thought it made them seem more Special if they’re like, the only ones there????? Idk but it’s ridiculous. Three underage shadowhunters in a decrepit old building and that’s New York’s final line of defense against the entire demon realm. Please.