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I get you don't like destiel and your entitled to that but why don't you like misha he's the sweetest and most kind hearted person ever. J2 are like brothers and misha is their best friend he's not getting in the way of your ship and I'm not trying to be bitchy I'm just curious as to why anyone would hate misha

If you think I’m entitled to dislike Destiel, why the hell is it so terrible to not like an actor? Am I not entitled to that as well? Is it so hard for you to understand not everyone will think he farts rainbows? He comes off as very arrogant, shady, inappropriate, and attention seeking. He’s obnoxious.

Again, I don’t get why you people keep saying this. Neither he, nor J2 have ever identified him as their best friend. They spend little time outside of work if at all with him and even said they go months without seeing him during the hiatus.