Oh my freaking god.

Just look at Ciel! Being so goddamn adorable, falling asleep in his chair and shit. I swear, everything this boy does is frigging adorable. 

Even when he brutally murders innocent people, it’s automatically okay because he is so cute. 

anonymous asked:

Why are you wasting your writing talents on applying for a roleplay like wbs? The admins keep pushing back the acceptance date in hopes of gaining more interest from people they won't even accept in favor of their friends. Friends of friends will apply and the admins will accept them so they can add 2-3 new members instead of just one deserving member and the roleplay has already been drug out for almost four months. You all are being baited and it's just sad and ridiculous at this point.

Oh, motherfucker. You came to the wrong blog. You poor sweet little summer sausage of Angel fucking hair. You realize I can’t really be manipulated right? All your cute little ‘compliments’ and tossin’ shadow at the admins isn’t going to get you too far. Yeah, we have to wait another week. And? Yeah, they’ve been open since December and have posted 60 bios since then, it’s not like they were waitin’ around, posting skeleton bios and was like ‘haha fuck you all now wait six months’. Like is it really the fuckin’ end of the world? Has Tumblr rp really gotten so god damn delicate that any time an admin does something someone doesn’t like their option is to ruffle feathers like Big Bird on an all night drinking bender where he got too handsy with the bartender and they threw him out on his big yellow ass? Like, really? Calm. The. Fuck. Down. You don’t like that you have to wait another week…cool, get in fuckin’ line because I bet you aren’t the only one but you don’t see anyone else bitching and moaning and whining to their mommies about the special cupcake treatment that you think you deserve. 

If you’re so god damn upset about it, don’t apply. OH WOW OMG LOOK HOW EASY THAT WAS?!?! LIKE WHAT THE ASS WHO KNEW IT COULD BE THAT SIMPLE RIGHT??!! Absolute fuckin’ magic. You DON’T need to be a dick just to disagree with a sentiment. I know, big surprise. Also, if the admins end up favoring friends or whatever bullshit your peanut sized mind came up with then it’ll be glaringly obvious when the acceptances come around won’t it? The truth’ll come out if that ends up happening and they’ve said more than once that they don’t plan to do it that way and WHO KNOWS maybe the reason they pushed the dates back was to get more non-friends interested in the rp and let it circulate like a fuckin windmill on a hot sunny day in Holland. REGARDLESS, innocent until proven fucking guilty brah? They say they aren’t going to play like that…give them a god damn chance instead of hyping up mass hysteria and trying to create more problems for the WBS admins.

They don’t owe you shit. 

They don’t owe any of us shit and they’re doing what they can despite it all. Frankly? They’re far too nice and too sweet and clearly you fuck nuts are lucky to have them as the admins because if it were me? Oohh, the hell I would reign down on you whiny little bitches.

I’m so sick and tired of this community trying to shit on things that people love just because something doesn’t go their way. Grow the fuck up, nut the fuck up, and just be god damned grateful that you’re on anon.


first kiss; or in which kaneki’s new book has a kissing scene and he’s curious about it.. or something.