Oh man, I haven’t been able to draw for a LONG while due to work. Finally was able to make some EvexRaph drawings though! :’D 

Also on the last drawing is a new oc I made, little Piper! She’s Eve’s five year old cousin that she’s been taking care of. After Piper’s mother died from a tragic car accident years ago, Eve took the responsibility to help care and raise Piper on her own. (Sadly, Piper’s father was never really in the picture) 

Piper and her mother were the only real closest family that Eve’s ever had, especially since she was rejected by her own parents at 10 years old. After her aunt died, she made a promise to her in taking care of Piper since there wasn’t really any immediate family available to care of her. (her side of the family lives in Cuba). It hasn’t been easy for Eve working two jobs to help maintain a steady life for her and Piper, but she’s pulling through the best she can. Balancing that with dance classes is no easy thing to do either. Usually, she brings Piper to her dance classes which the little girl loves to watch. Sometimes Eve likes to call her Peep, since Piper loves birds and likes to mimic them by making “Peep!” sounds. >w< 

Nếu là tình yêu người ta sẽ ích kỷ níu kéo giành giật nhưng tình cảm ấy đã hơn cả một tình yêu mà là tình thương, vì thương nên lặng lẽ ra đi, lặng lẽ buông tay, lặng lẽ chúc người hạnh phúc.

pen-a-guin asked:

~Good Vibes~ Normally in dreams I misgender myself and anyone else in it misgenders me/calls me my birth name, but last night I had a dream where I was very obviously referred to as male and by my real name by both myself and the other creatures/people! Slightly odd, but it made me feel really good when I woke up!



Grant Gustin’s cover of Run Away with Me (x)