Acting doesn’t do very much for me. I put off school for it, but its not like it was a sacrifice or anything. I didn’t really miss school until I went back. Or maybe I missed it and nobody believed that, not even me. The work of it and I have really great teachers, thats the stuff that adds up for me in a way that acting doesnt.

James Franco + Education


James Franco + Gucci
“I’m always excited to work with Gucci and the relationship has grown a lot. We are great collaborators and are on the same page." - James Franco
"James has an innate ability to fuse classic with contemporary style and interpret formalwear in an individual way, personifying the spirit of our Made to Measure man our clients relate to." - Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini


Happy Mother’s Day!

James Franco + Betsy Franco

“Painting was my passion, but I needed to make money. Then I had James and [his brother] Tom, and those two were so mischievous and curious they had to be distracted while I was working or else and they probably would have eaten the paints!  They were my top priority, but as a practical person I knew I couldn’t exist without being creative.  That’s why educational publishing was so appealing and eventually gave way to my own writing projects.”- Betsy Franco