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If ur still doing the story thing; i was @ Camp this summer and i was talking with my friends and suddenly for some Reason i dont remember i started Play fighting with this guy and,,,,, i,,,,,, gave,,,,, him a boner,,,,,, i like felt it with my leg and he looked at me and he was freaking out and i almost died laughing ksbdbdkdkdb


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Top 5 David's hairstyles! :D

Hullo darling! Oooooh good one. I’m glad I have a tag for that hehehe. 

Well there’s the new one for Mad to be Normal, which reminds me a bit of this treasure

There’s the Dave Tiler 

(at least I think that’s Dave. That is Dave yeah? Either Dave or Will) 

It’s not a DT hair post without JF’s perm

(okay so you can’t see the perm that well in this but are you really complaining?)

Peter Vincent, just for this small moment here 

And the darling Campbell with his full fluffy hair 

I know this is more than five but I don’t care, you know I have to mention my boy, the golden-haired one <3

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