Final Set … ?

This makes 100 Undertale Tiny Transparents.  These sets have been a lot of fun, and I’ve learned a lot from them. However, for the time being I’m taking a break to work on other projects…some Undertale related, others not. So let’s have a round of applause for all the AU creators, both those I’ve featured and those I haven’t been able to. 

As for this set: 

Sans and Papyrus from Deadtale by @jf-madjesters1

Frisk Equipped with Toriel from the Soul Equip AU by @autumn-en

Boss Chara by @draikinator

Babyblaster Sans from @babyblasters by @spacegate and Bodied Blaster Papyrus from @askgasterfamily by @starlightshore

Frisk and Papyrus from Once Again by @mikoto-tsuki

Eratale by @artatetheartist

Juggler Sans and Mime Frisk from UT Circus by @literalnobody, @friskyhoot and @youngest-soup

Human Undyne and Alphys from Overtale by @chassdraws

Papyrus and Jim from Integritale (@ask-the-skele-household) by @arrt-jim-lad

Undyne from Monofell (@monofell-au) by @pc-doodle

Murder Sans and Ghost Papyrus from Dusttale (@ask-dusttale)

Sans, Flowey, and Gaster from Null/Void by @kriscantspeakgerman

Frisk and Echoflowers from Underbright by @noinaedamiiz

Chara Haven’s Founders, @sayhellochara, @notsafefromchara, @fallen-determination, @just-face-planted, and @ask-thehuman.

Once again, feel free to use these as icons, so long as you credit the source!

Since I don’t know when or if I’ll be doing any more sets, now woud be a good time to commission me!

Dust to Dust || The Cruelest One || Impossible Words || Echoes of Futures Past

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